Majority of Man Utd fans prepared to stay patient with Rooney

Date published: Tuesday 4th October 2016 11:52

Wayne Rooney: Left on the bench by Manchester United

Wayne Rooney: Left on the bench by Manchester United

Manchester United fans remain, just about, in favour of keeping Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford, despite some indifferent performances for the club this season.

Rooney has never faced more criticism or as much intense scrutiny with regard to his future as he does right now after a sub-par few months, with manager Jose Mourinho forced to defend his captain.

Mourinho feels Rooney “cannot afford” a bad game at the moment, such is the scrutiny on the player and he said ahead of a recent Europa League clash: “I was completely convinced of playing him tomorrow.

“I’m not sure if I do that because with the situation that you create to him I think he really can’t afford to have a performance that is not really good and I am here to protect him and have to analyse the best thing for him.

“If he is not totally ready for it, I will discuss that with the medical staff.”

But despite all the calls for Rooney to be dropped and ultimately moved on, the majority of United supporter seem prepared to give the 30-year-old the benefit of the doubt.

Wayne Rooney:  Still has the backing of Man Utd fans

Responding to a 90min poll, just shy of 50,000 fans gave their opinion on what the future should hold for Rooney, a player just four goals shy of becoming the club’s all-time leading scorer.

Only 24% of those who voted consider Rooney to be already ‘finished’ and want to see him shipped out at the next available opportunity in January.

But the remaining 76% have more faith in the former teenage prodigy than that.

It’s a 50/50 split between the fans who want to give Rooney until the end of the season before assessing the situation properly (38%), and those who are adamant that he should stay a United player regardless until the day he decides to retire (38%).


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Rooney has already given 12 years to United after moving to Old Trafford as the most expensive teenager in the world after breaking out for England on the international stage at Euro 2004.

He proceeded to score a hat-trick on his United debut and has since gone on to make well over 500 appearances for the club in all competitions. He has five Premier League titles to his name, an FA Cup, multiple League Cups, as well as Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup honours.

Rooney has seen his goal return diminish over the last 12 months. He scored just eight times in 28 Premier League appearances last season, his lowest tally since moving to Old Trafford.


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    James Marshment

    Manchester United fans remain, just about, in favour of keeping Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford, despite some indifferent performances.

    [See the full post at: Majority of Man Utd fans prepared to stay patient with Rooney]


    Big K

    Disagree with the headline. It is four years since Rooney displayed the form which ‘won’ him his enormous and subsequently unjustified contract and my patience ran out long ago. James Marshment must not read the views expressed on this site and many others of similar ilk. We all might hope that the miracle happens but don’t hold your breath.






    ..and on what basis the ‘majority total’ is being pronounced ?

    Big K you are wrong my friend,James Marshment not only does not read this forum but he surely never seen a game the last 4 years.



    Poor deluded fools, Rooney is a shadow of the player he once was, albeit a slightly fatter, slower shadow with more hair. Perhaps he’s a reverse of Samson, the more hair he has the more shit he is….. he should go bald again perhaps 😉



    I think it just means that the majority of fans actually appreciate what he has done for the club and, as a result, will stay patient with him whilst he tries to find his way out of this bad form he is in. If he gets back to the form of early last year then I think most fans would be happy. Let’s take a look shall we;

    Rooney as of January 2nd last year. Scored the winner against Swansea, scored the winner against Sheffield United, scored twice against Newcastle, scored the winner at Anfield, scored against Derby, scored against Stoke. Then he got injured and when he came back he played in Midfield.
    So that’s 7 goals in 7 games.
    Not too bad for someone who’s been shit for 4 years is it?



    Last calendar year or last season? January 2015 was the season before last, if it was last season then that’s not a bad run of form but it’s the exception not the rule when it comes to his recent goalscoring exploits unfortunately.
    I appreciate he’s been brilliant for Man U in the past, but he’s being paid about £300k a week to put the ball in the net and he’s patently not doing it at the moment, and where he is playing he is poor, ineffective and slowing down play.



    Yeah, agree he is in poor form and that’s why he has been dropped. If he gets back to that form people will be happy that’s the point I was making. And he’s gone through form like that several times over the past 4 years, people seem to forget that very quickly. Not sure why people want him to fail so much. Anyway his salary is irrelevant for me. If you get promoted year after year for excellent service then you end up on big money – simple as that.



    I find it funny that you choose to pick out 5 weeks out of around 200 to put across your arguement. It’s as ridiculous as lvg saying during the same time that we were in a championship winning form. Let’s just erase what happened before and after these five weeks shall we? Even donkey caroll has few good weeks in a year and he spends most if his time in the treatment room



    As I said, it’s the exception rather than the rule with his form at present. To be honest I don’t think anyone wants to see him fail, everyone would love to see the old Wayne back again, terrorising defences, bullying centre backs and scoring 20+ a season. The issue is, most people just can’t see it happening. He seems to have lost a few yards of pace and his control which seemed to rely on his pace and brute strength has faltered as well. I, for one, can’t see him pulling off a repeat of that amazing counter attack he and Cristiano scored against Arsenal, and I mean pace-wise. I just can’t see him getting box to box with say Martial, Memphis or Mkhitaryan alongside him, they’d leave him for dead.
    Much as I would love to say otherwise, I firmly believe it’s going to be next to impossible for him to regain his form.
    As for the comment about progressing year on year and being on big money, in business if your performances slipped as much as Rooney’s have, you’d be shown the door, no fear of that for Wayne.



    Should have been moved on a couple of years ago.



    Killyboye – Of course he’s not going to score a goal like that again, it was in 2007! That’s 9 years ago, can you run as fast as you could 9 years ago? Think you mean the goal against Bolton too? Rooney is most certainly not going to get back to that form. Who else in football at 30 can run as fast as they did when they were 21? No, the form i’m talking about is scoring 7 goals in 7 games and it was only last year, which proves people are wrong to say he’s been crap for 4 years – he hasn’t.

    Box to box with Martial and Memphis? Is that a joke? When has Memphis ever gone from box to box? I specifically remember a game last season where Memphis lost the ball and, as he was jogging back towards his own goal, Rooney sprinted past him to try to get the ball back. You’ll never see Memphis putting in even half the effort Rooney does on a football pitch!
    And what about Martial? Was he a one season wonder? Is he ever going to get back to the player we saw last season? Even he’s not as fast as he was last season!!

    In business you don’t get shown the door if you’ve worked your way up through the ranks and have been an excellent servant. If you’re not successful in that particular role any more then typically a different role is recommended or created for you. I’ve said it a million times, footballers are on stupid money. It’s ridiculous. There’s no point in even discussing it, it’s all just madness. But they only have careers at the top level for 10-15 years so fair play to them for making as much as they can in that time.



    At thirty he should be in the prime of his career as a striker, most olympic sprinters run faster in their late twenties (28,29,30) than they did at (19,20,21). So, in theory, Rooney should be more than capable of repeating that gut busting run now, in fact he should be able to do it quicker. Wayne’s body should, relative to his sport, be as finely tuned as any of theirs.
    When I said Memphis, I didn’t use him as an example of work rate, I used him as an example of speed. He’s a lazy shite, but put head to head in a sprint with Wayne at the moment and there’d be no contest. The only thing saving Wayne at the moment is his willingness to work, that and nothing else.
    In a company if Wayne had been top salesman for years, raking in the cash and it suddenly dried up? You say he’d be moved around to accommodate him, find a new role? He has been moved around to accommodate him, to the wing, to the 10 role, to the midfield, none of it is working. In that case, in a business, you’re generally shown the door, there is no room for sentiment at the top, and the room for Wayne is getting smaller and smaller.



    HH-Mate,stop using Rooney and Depay in the same sentence,hell,even in the same year,decade,century.All we are saying about Rooney,is that his best days are behind him.Depay is a waste.



    @happyhurling – Your posts highlight the cause of the difference between fans when it comes to Rooney.

    You rightly say that support for Rooney from many comes about out of feeling of appreciation for what he has done (in the past) for the club. The key word here is HAS rather than IS DOING. You and others see a place in the team as a reward for services rendered. Others think a place should be on merit and current form.

    You and others seem to think Rooney form is a blip and if you are patient with him he will return to the form of yesteryear. This view totally ignores age, fitness, the jadedness that comes from being in the same job for a long time and how long Rooney has been turning in substandard performances. Others think Rooney present form is not a blip, it’s the rule for the 30 year old Rooney not the exception.

    You ignore that having a poor player in the team denies a better player the place and can actually hinder not help the team.

    But there is conflict within you. Your heart speaks out of loyalty (some would call that fantasy) but your head knows the reality. This is why you say things like “IF he gets back to the form”. You know its far from probably which is why you had the IF.

    Your head knows that accepting another challenge from Blacky is likely to result in more embarassment so you evade the challenge.



    @HH I have to agree with Mac here to a point, and I’ve stated that I’d love to see a return to form for Wayne, my heart supports him but my head is telling me that he just isn’t going to be able to cut it anymore.
    Where I would disagree is fitness, Wayne should be in the best years of life physically, although he has been doing at the top level for three or four more years than most professionals his age so there’s more miles under the bonnet. That may be an issue also.
    Whatever the reasons, and we can speculate all we want, the fact is, and the stats show, that apart from the odd exceptional period, Wayne hasn’t been performing at the highest level for a while. Given that, I’m not saying he should be carted off and put out to pasture, or exiled to the MLS or China, but he should be on the bench and not an automatic starter. He should get his place in the team when, and only when, his current performance deserves it. Sadly, presently, he doesn’t warrant a place in the starting XI.



    @killyboye – I said fitness as a word to encompass many related factors. You highlight one, the number of miles on his clock.

    Another is body structure and lifestyle. Wayne’s chunky body style is more prone to weight issues than a lean type eg Ryan Giggs. I don’t know how true the jokes are but does Wayne scoff up the meat pies, smoke the fags and down the beers?

    If his form is a blip then how does that explain loss of pace. Does form effect speed. I’d think it is just ball skills and speed of thought.

    My point really is you cannot turn back the clock. Most should agree Rooney is past his prime, which means by definition he is on the downhill slope. The most probable future therefore is that he will get worse not better.



    Killyboye – I do agree to an extent. And I presume that is exactly why Mourinho as dropped him from the team. Maybe we’re getting to the stage like we did with Giggs and Scholes where they could only play 30 games a season. Who knows, time will tell. But yes, he won’t get back to that form. Question is what form can he get back to and is that good enough form?

    Mac – My “gut” feeling is that Wayne will work to get back into this United side. He’s been questioned throughout his career and normally comes back with a good run of form. If he doesn’t or if he is unable to then, yes, that’s him done. I’d still say the judgement of LVG, Hodgson, Mourinho, Allardyce (ok not so much!) and Southgate (probably not at all!) is something to go by when it comes to the importance of Wayne Rooney. Ok, so he’s not going to run from his own penalty box and score an amazing goal like yesteryear – but does that mean he has no value, no influence? Why do the managers keep playing him if he has become so bad? Is it because the positive effect he has on the team far outweighs his waning abilities?
    Finally, who else in the current squad would walk in and replace him? Mata looked like he could with that performance against Leicester. Stoke – not so much! Depay? No! Micki? Possibly, but so far he’s been a flop and an absolutely terrible choice between him and Mane.



    £300k for sitting on the bench and jump in for the last 30 minutes and playing like a donkey? Taxi for Rooney.



    @happyhurling – Forget Hodgson and Allardyce. If they could go out and buy a world class foreigner to replace Rooney in the national side would they stick with him? Similarly LvG needed an ally in the dressing room so his decision was largely political. SAF on the other hand was quite willing to sell Rooney or even push him out the door. Did SAF know he was on the slide.

    Your post once again shows how you are hedging your bets. Your former certainty in Rooney is replaced with caution and “ifs”. If you were manager, you have to follow your head, not heart or gut. Your heart makes you cavalier with “ifs” but should the team bet points on your ifs. A manager has to go with what is probable not what is possible.

    This is what happened with you and Blacky. Your heart would make you accept any challenge but then your head tells you it is foolhardy. The heart dictate your actions las season so you took Blacky’s bet. This season you have wised up and followed your head which is why you declined a challenge.

    The who replaces him is another point. The first point is that Rooney should not be guaranteed a starting place. The second is he is sellable and replaceable come summer. Before you disagreed on both those points but since JM has dropped him you have modified your position.

    My gut tells me he will be a bit player this season and off to America in the summer.

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