‘Man City outcast perfect fit for Chelsea this summer’

Date published: Friday 24th February 2017 1:24

Who’s really to blame at Arsenal? Were Leicester right to sack Claudio Ranieri? Has Adam Lallana been mismanaged at Liverpool? You tell us.

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Leicester right to axe Ranieri

Typical media! Typical fans! Think its the right move. There’s absolutely no sentiments in football now. Cut throat. Last year was last year. They have been so bad u just need tOo ask any real Leicester fan! I applaud u the owners of LCFC. Don’t listen to the majority. They don’t know the consequences of relegation. simple!!!!


I think Ranieri would have got them out of there, and I think he has earned the chance to prove that, the players need to hang their heads in shame, they have put in hardly any effort in the Premier League this season, how can performances in the CL and the PL be so different. Rumour has it that the players thought Ranieri got too much credit for last season and they didn’t get enough, wouldn’t surprise me, spoilt brats. Ring leader was apparently Kasper.

As someone else said I think they have gone from every neutral wanting them to stay up to every neutral wanting them to go down.


Have to say that I have little sympathy and feel if anything the owners have acted late

Ranieri is a nice bloke (so what…?) but if you look at his results wherever he has been he is simply not a consistent winner and is often sacked. He was very lucky last year with a perfect storm – most top teams underperforming and his team playing out of their skins.

Make no mistake, that was a great achievement and can never be taken away from him but for most of this season he has not been able to replicate any of that form, the players look as though they do not know each other and there has been no response. Leicester have been slipping down the table slowly but surely and I do not see any logic to claim that he would have got them out of trouble when clubs like Hull and Swansea have reacted, have the momentum and are reaping the benefits

Sorry, but I think the decision was correct, just late, and I am not sure whether the new man will have enough time to turn it around…?


Moaning Mourinho

Jose Mourinho: Chelsea have won the title

I don’t need understand why any manager would moan about fixture congestion. It’s Utds fault for wanting to win the Europa as well as the league cup, on top of the FA Cup. Get over it (this goes for any manager that moans).


AMZ – Jose is not moaning about fixture congestion. He said something along the lines of why couldn’t the FA Cup scheduling have occurred after the draw for the european matches had been known as there might be teams who needed to travel to Russia or eastern europe and if that was the case then the extra day would have been beneficial to them.

We might find later that Utd have a home match, or an away match that is not that far to travel and it won’t be a problem at all.

So far this season the only manager I can recall moaning about fixture pile up is Klopp (he complained about fixtures over xmas) and I don’t seem to remember a fuss being made then, especially when it was pointed out to him that had he stayed in Germany Dortmund would have played only one game less than Liverpool at the same stage.


In the interests of balance Mourinho complained about the scheduling of the crucial Liverpool PL game at Anfield in April 2014 which was live on Sky just a couple of days before the second leg of the Champions League Semi Final at the Bridge when the tie was in the balance at 0-0 and was widely criticised by all for doing so.

He probably had a point then just as he probably has a point now, it wouldn’t have been too much of a problem to hold back on the TV scheduling of the live FA Cup games until the EL draw had been done at lunchtime today and there would have been a bit more leeway now too given Spurs elimination.

Nine Nine Nine

Blame the board, not Arsene Wenger

There seems to be some particular people around here that want to remove as much blame as possible from the board and put it on wenger.

Last I checked,the board have offered him a 2 year contract extension recently.Why does he deserve a contract extension?What has he achieved to deserve that extension?So not only are the board guilty of not sacking him years ago, they’ve now gone on and taken a piss over all those who are anti-winger(which safe to assume has become the majority),by doing what they’ve done.As a fan,I simply have to presume that with the fact they’ve offered him a contract extension, based on him not winning a trophy, the target set by the board has simply been top four and nothing more.In other words,an employee is simply achieving the target set by his bosses.

A half intelligent fan would be able to make out who the real culprits are, but again there will be some particular people trying to pin this one on wenger too…


I am not sure who would blame Wenger for staying. There is an element of him being honest with himself and accepting that he can’t take the team forwards anymore. But its obvious that the board are to blame by offering him a new contract.

At the moment I am quite worried by the reports of our players possibly leaving if Wenger goes. However if that is the case and they are worried of losing their easy ride then they are welcome to go.

The players that are truly here to win things will remain if the right manager comes in.
I couldn’t handle another two years of Wenger here, it’s already been a waste of 5-6 years.


Joe Hart can fill Courtois boots

It’s come around again. I say cut our loses and sell. Bring in the Milan keeper or Joe Hart. I’m so fed up with him. I know it’s a rumour but it’s been going on for a year. We should concentrate on keeping Hazard and Costa over Courtois.


I agree Lee if Courtois doesn’t want to be here and that probably means signing an extended contract in the summer then we need to sell him.

I would also add Kaspar Schmeichel to your list.

Nine Nine Nine

Too early to reward Lallana form?

Adam Lallana: Set to sign up

There is no doubt lalanna has improved but he has been only playing really good for 5 months. like everyone else he is gone off the boil a bit. I’m still to be fully convinced. If he is playing like that for 18 months thrn give him a big contract but not after 5 months. I hope he keeps this up but Its crazy players are rewarded so highly after a few good months. Klopp has found his position. The lad has two great feet and gives everything for the team but I still want to see more goals.

Sean the sailor

Lallana has improved and is delivering from midfield. Being moved back into the midfield has done wonders for him after being mismanaged as a forward or a winger for a couple of seasons. A great example to follow and as a senior player that delivers is well worth a new contract.


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