Liverpool’s current crop ‘not good enough for next season’

Date published: Thursday 18th May 2017 12:21

Arsenal fans debate who they need to buy and who should go in the summer, while the attendance against Sunderland “was closer to 45,000”, while Man Utd fans discuss who they should sign, in our forum.

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‘Xhaka was a mistake’

I put Lacazette up there with best, people praise and laud cavani to be world class yet lacazette has consistently put scored him, this maybe the only season he hasn’t. I really like lacazette he has all the qualities to be a success in the prem. fees are irrelivent these days I have to agree but 50 million would be a good price for someone with his record, his quality and his age. That would represent good business all round.

Xhaka was a mistake from the get go, we simply didn’t need a player is his ilk. We were, have been and still our screaming out for a physical holding midfielder. I’ve said numerous time now. We missed a trick with wanyama. He was everything we have needed for 10 years now. Hope I’m wrong about him but just don’t think it will work out for him with us. It now and not ever. Just don’t see it, if Sunderland can make him look shit then there isn’t much hope.

CB wise I couldn’t agree more. Move per on along with Gabriel and go all out for someone like tah, bastuber, rudiger, verane.I would even be tempted to try ake or zouma from Chelsea as it looks like 1 of them will be moved on. I would love vandjik and would say he is the perfect cb for us, but he will be at either Chelsea or city next season.

The Hulk

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Welbeck or Giroud?

Danny Welbeck: Setback is likely to mean more game time for Olivier Giroud

If I had to choose between Welbeck and Giroud, it’d be Welbeck every time. The one thing that Giroud always had going for him was his work-rate – he’s certainly never been a prolific goalscorer – but this season, we haven’t seen much of the work-rate either.

I agree with you Andy, in that he’s a good plan B, but only from the bench. He has an excellent record of coming on as a sub and scoring this season, but whenever he’s started, we’ve looked completely toothless. Welbeck, on the other hand, gives us more bite and gets involved a lot more, even if he doesn’t score. I still think that if Danny gets a good, injury-free run, we’ll see a different player altogether, but even when he is fit, Wenger never seems to want to play him for more than a couple of games at a time.

On Sanchez, I think we all agree he won’t be here next season but that’s the striker we need right there. He’s on 23 PL goals this season (Giroud has never got more than 16 in a season) and has played at least half the season out wide – that’s phenomenal if you ask me. I’d be a lot more inclined to bring in a top wide player and put Alexis up front all the time.

On a side note, I put a bet on Sanchez being top scorer at the start of the season – got 20-1! As it stands, Lukaku is on 24, Alexis is on 23 and Kane is on 22.

Al The Gooner


Sanchez going or staying

Good work Al. 20-1 is a great price for him.

He was patting the badge on his shirt last week and lots of people seemed to interpret that as him saying he wanted to stay. I simply cannot see a player of his quality and attitude playing Thursday night football. Not at the age of 28. Nor would I expect him to.

He said recently that he came to this club to win and he was surprised by how often we have been found struggling this season. All he cares about is winning and its a shame more people at the club don’t feel the same. If he goes the its with my blessing because he has dragged this club along most of the season.

Did you see the comments from Hulk yesterday?! Talking about how he has always wanted to play in the PL and has always supported Arsenal!……no thanks



‘It’s fairly obvious that Sanchez will leave’

It’s fairly obvious that Sanchez will leave, especially if Clouseau stays.

You’re right we need a top quality striker because neither Giroud or Welbeck are good enough. I sincerely hope that Wenger doesn’t go for Lacazette as he is nowhere near good enough, he can’t make the French squad where Giroud often starts and I have seen him play many times, the PL would be too much for him.

There are several weaknesses in the squad and we need to spend millions on just about every position. The problem is with Wenger doing the spending it will only get worse as he overpays for poor players.

The Oracle


Attendance closer to ‘45,000’

Official attendance was 59,000. Yes we all know that it was much closer to 45,000 but the empty seats were brought about by a collection of events including the latest boycott.

I doubt the BofD would be bothered in the least about season ticket holders who haven’t turned up given they have already paid.

The Oracle

Kyle Walker ‘isn’t too bright’

Please no! Whilst physically he is impressive and he is talented, I just don’t think he is too bright, which is why he gets caught out of position defensively.

It worries me that someone who could cost us a LOT of money is so reliant on his physicality, and if he gets a nasty injury and loses some of that, he is not bright enough to adapt his game and we have an expensive dud on our hands.

I really would have thought Conte would be more interested in players who read the game better than Walker does, but if he says sign him, then I guess I have to accept he has done his homework, and I have got it wrong.



Walker signing a ‘no brainer’

It’s a no brainer if you ask me. I rate him as one of the best right backs in the league if not in Europe.

He is fast as lightning, offers a lot going forward, and he is English and knows the PL. With him, Moses, Alonso, Azpiliqueta, and Ake, I would say we are well covered on the wingback department.

Hey 999 can’t tell how jealous I am of your 7 Chelsea FA Cup Finals on Wembley ? and your many years as a season ticket holder ?



Kyle Walker’s testosterone levels are too high!’

If we are talking about replacing Moses with Kyle Walker then I disagree.

Kyle Walker was terrible for years until the season before this one so I say give Moses another season because I think Moses will be a better player than him in the RWB position given another season.

Kyle Walker’s testosterone levels are too high and this affects his ability to make clear decisions.

What attacking edge does Walker have over Moses?

Walker: 4 goals in 222 games (all comps) for Tottenham.
Moses: 4 goals in 34 games (all comps) in this season alone.

Walker has 5 assists Moses has 2 this season.

I really don’t understand where we are making out that Walker is better!?

In fact on Moses average rating is 7.21 in all comps and Walker 7.18.

Anyway the chances of Tottenham selling to Chelsea is 0% I don’t remember them once ever selling to us in the premier league era. Also Walker is infected with a massive case of spurs.



Most improved, least improved Liverpool players are…

Most improved: Firmino. I’ve always liked him but in his first season, there were genuine question marks about him warranting a start in a strongest XI; whereas I think that 99% of fans would now have him as an automatic starter. Good skill level, fantastic energy levels, always pressing and not too shabby a goal return for a false number 9.

Least improved: Origi. 12 months on and we’re no nearer believing whether he has much of a future at LFC or not. It could be argued that he is being hamstrung by not enough opportunities, but he has made 43 appearances this season (OK, many of these will have been subbed on/off), which I think is ample opportunity to start kicking-on as a 22 year old, if he’d got it in him – which I now seriously doubt.

I didn’t put Mignolet in the most improved category because, unlike most on here, I’ve always rated him and think he has been harshly criticised in previous seasons. Has this been his best season? Yes, but for me, coming from a baseline that wasn’t much below this year’s performance levels.

Red Herring


High hopes for Joe Gomez

I’m with you mak, I have really high hopes for Gomez and want to see him used as backup next season. He played very well before his injury in the first team, hopefully he can get a good pre season behind him and kick on next season.

Which leaves klaven, I think he has done ok but was never meant to play as much as he did last season. He is an ok backup, I guess we would need to offload him to make space or send Gomez out on loan to a pl team that will agree to start him when available. Unless klopp decides to go for a 3 at the back system next season in which case he may need another cb.



Spurs get by with two…

I might be wrong but Spurs seems to get by with only 2 top centre backs Alderweireld and Vertonghen.

Wimmer is their 3rd centre back, and who else? I won’t be surprised if Klopp thinks 2 top centre backs out of 4 is sufficient.



‘We have a problem fitness wise’

Gabara they have also had Dier as well. Their CBs tend to stay fit. It’s obvious we have a problem fitness wise.

If consensus is that a club had 4 cbs on books, and we are looking at Van Dijk then surely we need to lose one. If Gomez goes on loan then Klavan is 4th choice.

Since he only came in last year it doesn’t look like we would move him on so quickly. I’m assuming Sakho leaves and Lucas as well. I can’t see how our current crop can be good enough for all the games next season. Gomez is too raw and needs time.



Romero or De Gea?

On one hand we have one of the best goalkeepers in the world and the other, a number 2 who is too good to be a number 2.

The big question is who should play the final? personally if Rojo and Bailly were available i’d play Romero as he deserves to play that final because he came all the way and is also undefeated this season with so many clean sheets but knowing that Blind and Jones/Smalling (Lord have mercy) will be starting i think we’ll need more than a miracle to keep that defence tight and it could be a game where De Gea might be needed more than we have this season…what do you guys think?



What United require this summer

We can’t buy “everything” this summer. We can’t buy 8 new players, though it would be ideal. So what do we need? How can we make a team capable of winning the Premier league? What do we have to sign? And what can we make due with?

What we “have to” sign:
CB: Bailly we all rate. Rojo has done very well this season. But both Smalling and Jones are forever injured – and Rojo is currently badly injured. So we have to sign a CB – no way around it.

LB: Shaw is our only capable lb, and he is also injured and uncertain. We have to sign someone here, as all of Darmian and Blind can’t offer much going forward. Not even defensively! Mendy looks a very good prospect! You can just see the potential. Rodriguez from Wolfsburg also a consistent performer (and they have done poorly this season).

CM: We have Pogba and Herrera. Pogba as good as they come. But that is it! No one is capable of stepping in when anyone of those are out! And I only see Fosu-Mensah as capable for the future. We need someone here. Ideally two: 1 creator and 1 destroyer, but we have to be realistic and smart. This is a tough one, as we are too reliant on Pogba but we also need a destroyer – a boss. In an ideal world I would want Nainggolan and Verratti – but that won’t happen. Realistically, we need to find a capable, reasonably priced defensive midfielder who can cover for either of these two.

Winger: We currently have ZERO wingers in the club. I hear talk about Micky on the right wing and Martial/Rashford on the left. But neither are wingers. Especially Martial is very bad in movements off the ball and neither can cross well. We need someone capable of NOT drifting inwards, but staying out wide and deliver crosses. He does not have to be first choice, but we need a winger to bring an alternative to us! Our crosses have been abysmal for years, we need a winger!

Striker: We only have Rashford. We need more of a target up front, someone physical. As most teams will sit deep and counter us, we need that all rounded striker. I have a hard time finding a better alternative than Lukaku. Yes, expensive. Yes, not proven in the big games. But we need goals, and he will bring it. And it is not like Everton is “making him good”. Unlike so many others we are linked to, players performing well because their teams are built around them. Like Griezmann.



United need two ‘proper full-backs’

Ricardo Rodriguez: Emerges on Chelsea radar

Agree on most everything Lansky. We need two new proper fullbacks,a right winger,two cmf,a cb,a striker and a gk. Thats 8 players happy!

As i said in an earlier post the change of formation can save us some money.
Playing three cb and two wingbacks can save Shaw´s career but i wouldnt count on it depending his fitness.

Otherwise i would go for:
LB-Ricardo Rodriguez
RB-Kyle Walker
CB-Lots of options but as many have said,Varane in exchange for DeGea would be good.Alaba
CM-Veratti and Alaba(can be used as CB and LB)
Right winger-Bellarabi was good last year but i dont know by now.Hard to find.
Striker-Lewandowsky.Yeah i know a wet dream.

Eight players and a new manager,thats my opinion.


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