Man Utd have ‘almost an entire team that needs selling/moving on’

Date published: Friday 7th April 2017 4:34

Readers are concerned that Man United’s team needs a major overhaul this summer, while Romelu Lukaku is not deemed good enough for Chelsea. Our readers debate these and many more issues.

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Wenger has again stated today that Sanchez has 18months left on his contract and that he wants to stay. He failed to explain in that case why the Chilian has not signed a new contract and he keeps claiming he has 18months left when he actually has far less, no wonder contracts get run down close to renewal at Arsenal when the man in charge doesn’t know when they expire. Asked about his own future he seemed confused by the question, what a farce.

The Oracle

The word “soon” is something he also don´t understand regarding his future at the club.


Stories surfacing last night and this morning that Gazidis is getting tough with Wenger. Yes, it’s pathetic that our club is in such a state that the chief exec acting like a chief exec makes the news. Then again, our manager thinks that doing the job he gets paid for makes him special, so perhaps it’s just me.

The stories vary from Gazidis doing little more than frowning and shaking his finger at Wenger, to Gazidis threatening to clear out all of Wenger’s backroom staff and Wenger threatening to walk if he does.

My guess is that it’s somewhere in the middle. As infuriating as the board’s loyalty to Wenger is, their loyalty to their bank accounts is greater and even if we somehow scrape 4th this season, it won’t have gone unnoticed that our top four finish last season was, in no small part, down to the Manchesters and Chelski all having poor seasons and at the same time too.

In addition, Leicester made it clear that money is far from the only requirement needed to challenge, while they watch Wenger spend more and more, yet somehow manage to take the team backwards.

The very public support he was getting from the board earlier in the season seems to have dampened a bit too and I’m left thinking (hoping) that finally the board are getting a bit concerned themselves.

Either way, if there’s any truth to the fact that Gazidis is getting tough, while it’s not everything that most Gooners want, it’s better than nothing.

Al The Gooner


I think aresnal will finish in the top 4. Liverpool will bottle it like we always do. Arsenal went on a good run last year and finished 2nd. They have a decent run in so do liverpool but they are againest teams that cause them huge probelms. We saw that on wednsday. We havent won a game without mane either

Sean the sailor


Sturridge and Origi just might cause havoc and deliver the results. Also TAA could have a significant impact.

But Klopp and the boys must work intensely on cutting out silly mistakes at the back, as these have cost us several points this season. If in doubt, the defenders should just clear the ball or boot it into the stands like Carra used to do


Goals is not an issue. Its keeping them out and going to two up top is not going to help that. I see what you mean but creating chances and gaols was not the issue the other night and at the moment. The probelm ois we cannt defend. We have dropped 15 points from winning positions.The problem was klopp going so negative with over 25 mins to play and sitting back. It backfired bigtime.

the p****** around at the back has to stop. Suicidal balls at the back and then mignolet messing around with the ball aswell.

Sean the sailor


I’m not convinced that Chelsea should be buying back Lukaku for the kind of money that it will take to make a deal happen and it was rank foolishness by the club not to insert a buy back clause into the deal with Everton when they bought him.

However Lukaku has scored goals at both WBA and Everton and scored a hat trick v United at WBA he won’t score the same amount of goals v the top sides few players do even Kane because against the top sides Everton will have much less of the ball but given the number of goals he is scoring at so called lesser sides in a better team with better players and a top Coach it would be interesting to see where that might take Lukaku.

nine nine nine

I would only accept having Lukaku back at SB as long as he costs no more than £50m and we have another top draw striker such as Belotti or Morata.

Lukaku is currently not good enough to lead the line for a world class team like Chelsea.


Well if Lukaku is a flat track bully maybe Liverpool should buy him and just play him against bottom half sides, we would probably be top now ?

As for the amount of money being talked about, too much for me, he doesn’t have enough of an all round game, great in the air, and fast and strong when the ball is played in behind, but apart from that offers very little else, from what I have seen, poor link up play, poor first touch, and no flair.

Bear in mind this is only from what I have seen, so mainly in big games (top 6) and highlights, so others might have more comprehensive knowledge of him.



I wont argue about Lingard being half decent or him being a second stringer. My point is generic. If 90% of the squad are second stringers the first team becomes a second team.

And….. if the wages are too high we cannot sell the players. The solution for me is to keep second stringers on a salary 10% higher than they could get from another club. That induces them to stay (as if the United name wasn’t enough) but allows them to be easily sold.

To be honest, I dont know what players at the likes of Everton, Villa, Boro are on but I guess its not 100k. We should do with Lingard what we did with Nani. Take it or leave it modest pay rise.

PS – I think the club should offer a re-signing on bonus – related to the cost of replacing the player – and keep the wage realistic in line with PL clubs.


But is not just Lingard as an mediocre player on very high wages @ United,we have Blind,Rojo,Jones,Valencia,Young,Fellaini,plus geriatrics like Carrick,Rooney who should have been replaced years ago.Add Ibra to the mix and you have almost an entire team that needs selling/moving on,with not many teams willing/able to take them.


I got up this morning just randomly wondering to myself and I touched on it the other night, where the hell was this club when AGUERO AND HIGUAIN were being sold ? veering off the lingard discussion for a moment.

Aguero 38m and higuain when he went to Napoli 35m, 73million for two top strikers at the time in their early-mid 20″s. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could outscore them in world football bar the Barca trio.

We sold wellbeck rvp chico ended up with martial and a 35 year old in Zlatan, ok you can argue we brought rvp but he was 28 no long term build. wtf what planning was that? Two things either shit at scouting or plain n simple the glazers held back monies and here we are today with limited goals scored and getting raped in the transfer market And paying for the previous embracing of mediocrity!!!



I have no problem with Zlatan’s arrogance. He’s a character. The comment about comparing lions to humans was brilliant. It’s all good fun at the end of the day.

And to be fair to him he hasn’t not won the league since his Inter days I believe, so he has every good reason to be a bit cocky.

When people “say where would we be without his goals” I think they’re being a bit naive. Do you think without Zlatan the goals for column would be 27 goals lighter or do you not think someone else would have stepped up? It’s impossible to know how we would have done without him. We win 59% of the time with him and 58% without him (although it’s mainly the EL and cup competitions that he’s missed).

We’re linked with Belotti who certainly knows where the back of the net is.



LB is a tough one, Shaw has the ability but not the drive. He is a young lad who cost a fortune, we can’t rely on him so we either buy someone for the first team and ship Shaw out, or buy a back up (or keep one that is there already) and give Shaw a run of games to see what’s what.

If Mourinho wanted Shaw then he would have given him that run of games by now.


I think our best option is to just give Shaw a run of games. Let him prove himself on the pitch. If he’s poor then Mourinho can get rid. If he plays well problem solved. There’s a decent left back in there and it’s be a position solved for the next decade if it works out.


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