‘Lacazette has brilliant stats – he’d be worth every penny’

Date published: Friday 30th June 2017 11:30

Man Utd fans discuss their transfer policy, Liverpool fans can’t see Jurgen Klopp spending £70million on one player and could Antonio Conte walk away at Chelsea? All in our forum…


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I can’t see Liverpool playing £70m for one player

I believe we have money but can anyone really seeing us paying 70m for a player?

So are we going to pay 140m for vvd and keita? I just cant see it happening.

We will need another 3 players aswell.

I can see us smashing the record again but i dont believe we will go to 70m ffor anyone

we need at least 5 more players, are we really going to spend 150 even with sales

Sean the Sailor


Four more needed at Liverpool

Sean now we’ve signed Salah I think we need 4 more players. Milner was great most of last season but it’s an area we need to address.

Don’t mind having Milner as a back up for either the left back, or midfield positions. Klopp’s obviously after a centre back to partner Matip.

Lovren and Klavan can be back up. We might be fine at right back with Clyne and Alexander-Arnold. We need a defensive midfielder.

Rumours that we will try and get Keita. We need a striker that will bang in 20-30 goals a season. I think Klopp may play Salah upfront though rotating with Firminho.

Lee Simpson


‘Why do you think Liverpool need another striker?’

Firmino: Gave Liverpool the lead at West Brom

@lee simpson why do you think we need another striker? We already have Firmino, Origi, Sturridge, Ings, Solanke for that 1 position so how does getting a 20-30 goals a season striker supposed to fit in, someone will have to drop to warming the bench or to a deeper role.

So unless one of our forward is leaving the club or Klopp is thinking of changing the formation (Dont see that happening) to playing 2 upfront. Why continue to invest at the front when the same amount of money can be use to improve other position like centre-back, left-back or a defensive midfielder which clearly need some reinforcement.

I feel that we are only 3 players away from completing the first team; a first team centre-back, a first team/backup left-back and a defensive midfielder.



Lacazette has ‘incredible stats’

I’d love Aubamayang but its just not going to happen. His fee alone is more than we would ever pay for a player at the age of 28. We should but we won’t.

Lacazette is a brilliant option. My guess is those that doubt him only ever see him play against us the Emirates cup.

Skysports had this up the other day about lacazette and it makes positive reading. I’m not a big stat fan at all for most positions on the pitch especially midfielder stats, 2 positions i think you can judge a player is goalkeepers and strikers.

Lacazette has terrible GK stats but incredible stats for a forward. Have a read….




‘If Wenger wants him he knows what the price is’

Regarding Lacazette there is already a price agreed with Madrid that means that they wont let him leave for less than that.

They could wait intill January when Madrid’s ban is lifted and sell him then. If Wenger wants him he knows what the price is but I’m pretty sure that he will bid lower than that if he even wants him.

So no I do not think we will see any of them in our team.



Chelsea to announce Bakayoko and Alex Sandro on Saturday…

Rumour is that Chelsea will announce Bakayoko and Alex Sandro on Saturday? We shall see.

The latest I read is that Conte is not happy that the club pursues Lukaku for our main striker instead of Belotti of Torino. For me it’s worrying that we still don’t have any light on strikers.

bort: I read about Nike deal (July 1st) on several articles, good shout. There would be no announcement before Saturday. And it seems that van Dijk is out as Sot’on don’t want to sell?



Conte could ‘walk’ or ‘at the very least not sign the new contract’

Aindro,that’s the current rumour and if true I would be disgusted with the club.

However, apart from the fact that it would reflect much better on the club to buy Belotti rather than Lukaku at circa 4 times what we sold him for 3 years ago after foolishly not including a buy back clause if it were true.

I believe Conte will walk or at the very least not sign the new contract that is currently on the table which will result in the same outcome and rightly so because when push comes to shove the Manager must have the final say on who is signed.

Lets see what the next few weeks really tell us about this rumour.

nine nine nine


Buying potential is the way forward for United

I have to agree with Mac’s view that I would rather concentrate on trying to build a squad that will go on to dominate for years to come rather than buy a ready made player at the peak of his game, scrape the title then have a year of rebuilding, move an older player and replace with another peak player.

We shouldn’t be buying any players over the age of 25. If you have a mix of players ranging from 18 to say 32 and you replace your 32 year old with a new younger model you will always maintain that mixture of youth and experience, your turnover of players will be relatively small and you’ll benefit from the longevity of the squad.

If you replace a 32 year old with a say 28 year old he’ll need replacing in 3-4 years time which ends up with a high turnover of players resulting in no longevity of squad and constant periods of rebuilding.


United ‘simply cannot afford to buy the best young players’

Paulo Dybala: Real Madrid offer two men for youngster

@MacGuffine & Manthistle.

I agree with both of you that we shouldn’t be buying players over 25 because if the constant rebuilding that will be required as the two of you mentioned. The two of you are proposing what I think should happen ideally but the reality is very different my friends.

For us to make sure that a complete squad overhaul is done, we have to buy the very hottest prospects around the ages of 20-24.

The problem with buying these players is that there are many other clubs out there that we will have to fend off.

Clubs that can pay the same money and still offer better lifestyle and better team-mates. We also aren’t working with an unlimited budget as I mentioned before.

The cost of the best young players in the world is about 60 million and above. Pogba cost us 89 million. Morata is quoted at 70 million, Lukaku at 70 odd million. If we assume for a moment that the best young players in the world will forego an opportunity to join Real Madrid, PSG, or Barcelona the my shopping list would look something like this:

– Dybala (80 million)
– Varane (70 million)
– Fabinho (50 million)
– Ousemane Dembele (80 million)
– Mbappe (100 million)

Even ignoring the fact that these players would have better options, we simply cannot afford to buy the best young players for a dynasty. We are no longer a force in this market – we are a big player but not a force. The playing ground is more level.

Basically what I am saying is that your proposition is impossible in my view. This is why we are having to scout better for players like Lindelof and Bailly. We are having to cut corners and target players like Perisic instead of going on a wild goose chase after Dembele.

We have to box clever here.



Good investment remains key

@hatters – That there is competition for top young players is to be expected. Others can offer the same money and lifestyle but then it comes down to gametime, role and the “project”.

Nobody is suggesting its easy. BUT that should be the primary target and none of the “no value” bullsh*t which caused us to miss out on Hazard when we were in for him. AND with better scouting (ie eye for a player) we could get them before they become hot prospects.

Regarding money, in the long term a record breaking Rio or Rooney turns out to be cheap. I’m sure Pogba will turn out the same. Yes we need the cheaper buys like Bailly and Lindelof. I’ve no problem with that. BUT 40m on a 29 year old is another kettle of fish.

Yes we have to box clever but for me clever means making a good investment.


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