‘If Chelsea scrape £45m for Costa, they’ve done well’

Date published: Monday 19th June 2017 9:04

Manchester United fans disagree over their rumoured interest in Cristiano Ronaldo, while Chelsea’s potential transfer dealings, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Liverpool and inflated price tags are also discussed.

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United fans have different opinions on Ronaldo

If Manchester United ‘explore’ the Ronaldo possibility for a single second we are wasting valuable time that should be spent getting our real targets in.

We’ve squandered other summers chasing rainbows and cannot afford to do it again.

Crisitano Ronaldo is going nowhere and the media are fuelling the bandwagon because its in their own interest to do so. It’s total and utter rubbish. People are like Charley Brown and quite happy to try to kick the football that will be whipped away at the end of the summer when Ronaldo’s tax problems mysteriously disappear.



Ronaldo will retire at Madrid, I’m very sure of that. What surprises me, though, is the commentary on this thread where there appears to be a lack of appreciation for how good he really is.

This is a player in the stratosphere compared to any other options and he would have maybe double the impact Zlatan had last season. Ronaldo at his age is a far superior player to anyone on the planet bar Messi and will stay at that level for at least the rest of Mourinho’s current contract.

We just had a season where we missed 50 “big chances” in the league, that’s why we finished 6th. Ronaldo just scored 5 goals against Bayern Munich, 3 against Atletico Madrid, a double against Juventus, and he scored countless crucial goals for them to wrap up La Liga.

Ronaldo could do more for us in 3 seasons than what Lukaku could do in 10 but I still grasp the point theMartialArt is making – focus should be placed on younger players like Dybala, Mbappe, or Morata.

The money is negligible in my view – whether it’s Morata, Ronaldo, or Lukaku we will pay out of our a***’s for any half decent attacking players in this market.

Anyways the whole discussion is moot because it’s just another one of his tantrums really. Ronaldo is going nowhere but if there is any chance he is actually available he should be signed at any cost.


Palace need a new manager sooner rather than later














I have been thinking about the next manager and after reading forums about who we should get and when I have now come to the view that it really makes no difference.

At the end of the day we will be looking at someone who has credentials, I have never heard of a manager being appointed without any.

Besides, they either leave or we sack them depending. So to add to the debate, I think we should just get someone in sooner rather than later.

I agree with you Jeano we need someone now to sign a few more players (we definitely need some new signings). If it is the wrong decision we can get rid of them, easy.


Signing Lejeune could spell the end for Mbemba

Florian Lejeune is a 26 year old centre back who has been heavily linked with us. I think it spells the end of the road for Mbemba, unfortunately.

Will Ciaran Clark be man to fashion Jamaal Lascelles and Lejeune towards being genuine Premier League performers? I have some doubts. But if we’re losing two centre backs, getting one like Lejeune is a good move.


Chelsea’s signings would be offset by sales











I think the one thing we can all agree on with regards to Chelsea at the moment is that there are currently more questions than answers.

I suspect your article is right and that Antonio Conte was told that a spending spree by him this summer would have to beat least partly underwritten by player sales. That has been a consistent Chelsea strategy for quite some time now.

Equally Chelsea are sitting on almost £100m of sales already in Oscar, Bamford, Cuadrado and Begovic as well as an additional £38m for winning the PL so that’s a good start.

If we are to buy a Lukaku or a Morata, Costa will be an unnecessary disruption. If we buy Bakayoko, that seemingly makes Matic’s position redundant, so new buys are likely to beget sales out and that’s before we have to worry about FFP. ?

The potential transfer that excites me the most is Alex Sandro a clear Conte target, because vigorously pursuing him suggests much greater support for Conte by the club than the media currently suggest.

But perhaps our three most important potential signings this summer would be signing Conte, Hazard and Courtois up to new longer term contracts. Here’s hoping so anyway.

nine nine nine


Diego Costa: Has not been at his best since January












Chaps, Re Diego Costa, I reckon we could scrape 45 million out of a deal which wouldn’t be so bad. It might also help if we get first refusal on a couple of other Atletico players… Antoine Griezmann springs to mind.

The blame is put squarely on Costa’s shoulders. Going public with a club matter.. The guy is a piece of s**t for the way he’s treated the club since signing, on the other hand, he’s scored goals which helped us win two titles.

If we get what we paid for him, and I’d insert a sell on clause of 50 percent, he’s effectively not cost Chelsea very much other than wages. Cant wait to see the back of him.

Sandro, if true, he’d fill up a big hole on the left we’ve struggled to fill since Cole left us… would be great competition for Alonso who excelled last season.

Makes me think what has Conte got for the right side? Azpilicueta with Christensen and one other defender to come in and bolster the back line? Boateng and or Bonucci would do that for me.


Aubameyang would help Liverpool win the Premier League

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang: Target for Man United











I would LOVE Liverpool to sign Aubameyang, although I was shocked to see that he’s actually 27, so the owners would be going in the exact opposite direction to their core values and strategies.

Now, that’s not to say that they won’t make rather severe exceptions from time to time but when you consider that a 27 year old striker at the top of his game, would be at the peak of his value too, with even just 2 years seeing maybe half of his current value stripped, in most cases.

Now, if you look at the climate of the footballing world and the type of player that Aubameyang is, maybe he could hold his value due to an inflation of player prices, demand for world class strikers and the fact that some players tend to hold onto their abilities into their 30’s if they’ve looked after themselves and have the right make-up.

No matter how much I’d love to cling at all of the little “possibilities” though, he’s being linked to us because he’s a Dortmund player who we could use, could afford and has recently had a deal to move collapse.

For the news to be hyped up on the weekend maybe says more about the needs of certain media types rather than developments in any potential deal.

He is the kind of player we should be going after if we want to win the league any time soon though. I think he’s well worth 70m Euros.



Aubameyang is the best player I’ve seen against us recently (in the Rodgers/Klopp years!) He would cut opposition defences to shreds and provide the goals we’ve been missing! He’d have no problem fitting into a Klopp formation.

Matip Virgil Lovren
Rwb?? Can Lwb?
Mane Firmino Salah

Sturridge Solanke

Woodburn and a few others could go on loan to other Premier League clubs such as Huddersfield and Newcastle?


Nobody is worth their price tag anymore

No player is actually worth anything like the money you have to pay. There really is no point to this thread.

The only player who is actually worth the money you pay is the player who you pick from a lower league who turns into a diamond. None of us no who that is so I wouldn’t worry about it…


Surely we could’ve payed a few million less for Salah!















£39m for Salah. So we just gave Roma what they wanted? Look, I’ll be as happy as most on here to sign Salah now, even though I have my own reservations.

But I feel we could have knocked a few million off it surely. I’m not going to get dramatic at all now but it does make us look a little silly to be in this position on this deal and to not get a good few million off it.

I hope FSG (the owners) have plenty of money to spare and that this doesn’t affect other deals too much and reservations aside, I trust Jurgen Klopp’s ability to know what to get.

If he’s willing to ok this deal for that much, then Salah will hopefully be a star for us. Thanks for that Reds, it’s good to hear something positive, even if it isn’t quite over the line yet.


Liverpool fans disappointed that they might not replace Lovren

Defender De Vrij will sign a new deal with Lazio. We should not worry at all as Liverpool fans since we have Dejan Lovren for our defence who was the best player of the opponents last season…


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