‘Man Utd stint is Jose Mourinho’s last chance at a big club’

Date published: Monday 6th February 2017 12:14

Jose Mourinho’s fragility is exposed, plus Liverpool’s post-mortem, Chelsea’s mentality issue and yet more Wenger criticism.

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Mourinho insecurities

I actually think Mourinho is possibly one of the most insecure human beings on the planet. Constantly having to prove himself all the time with completely pointless digs and comments comparing himself to other managers, how hard done by he is, the press / FA / refs / world has it in for him, etc.

Well the reality is Jose old chap, the football Chelsea play under Conte is a world away from the dirge you served us up in the last couple of years.

For a start, it doesn’t take us three minutes to move the ball forward when counter-attacking, our fullbacks are allowed to cross the halfway line, our creative players like Hazard, Pedro, Willian, etc are allowed to express themselves on the pitch and lastly, our players look happy, united and eager to play for a manager that respects them and is not constantly looking for a fight with someone.

The master of deflection, you can make all the excuses and jibes you want but the fact is you’re finished. One last hurrah with Man United, the hundreds of millions you can spend there might allow you to scrape to win a league cup or two.

But within the next four or five seasons we’ll find you managing a mid-table spanish or italian club because no one else will touch you with a barge pole.


Klopp not the only problem at Liverpool

Transfer woes are not the problem. To win the EPL you need a solid dependable back 5. We have not had a top GK for almost 30 years. Clemente was debatably the best in the league. Grobelaar was eccentric but brilliant.

In front of both we had Neale, Hansen, Lawrenson and Kennedy. If our current back 5 were in that squad they would not get a look in. We need another CB who is a leader but can play in harmony with Matip, TAA deserves a chance at RB for more than the odd game or so (was Rob Jones too young?) and we need an actual LB.

According to reports Juanma is doing really well for U23s, is Klopp waiting for him? And then we need an actual DCM. Kante would have been ideal. Did we even try and bid for him? So in summary our transfer woes are to blame because we continue to buy players that do not meet the standards required to win the EPL and we continue to have a coach who cannot sort out the defence.

There are so many faults, in so many areas it is hard to blame just one person. the club need to wise up, or we will remain just outside the top 4 season after season. Or maybe accept that this is our level?

St Etienne

I totally get emotions from supporters on the back of a bad defeat and everything else coming with it. Some out there have called for his head, however, that’s not from these particular message boards, but other mediums.

I recognise like any other manager, he’s not immuned to criticism, but as far as everything else goes, I for one have no regrets so far that he’s managing us. I’d hope it’s not 6 years, but a very long time that he’s with us.

Just love the guy – hope get’s some new players in this summer and improve us.

I still believe we’ll be winning silverware sooner rather than later under this man.


I think Klopp has underestimated the Premier League. He’s already bemoaned the defensive nature of teams, and also the way these teams treat set plays with the more physical players they have.

At the end of the summer he bemoaned the fans for being obsessed about the transfer window. I suspect he’s now realising why. Just one final point: the long contract extension Klopp penned last summer – has that made him feel like there’s now less rush to get on with the job & he can now be more patient & take his time? Not normally a big fan of Didi as a pundit, but this got me thinking:


Martial rumours continue to circulate

Would be a big mistake letting Martial go – at 21 he’s already shown that he is going to be a top class player. If we sell him now we will need to sign someone of his caliber in future, which means we’ll probably make a hefty loss on remaining in pretty much the same spot.

Sympathy for the Devils

I might be proved wrong but PSG have already got Moura,Di Maria and Ben Arfa in their squad and have just bought Draxler and Guedes as well.

Just don’t see where Martial is going to fit in there myself because he is a winger not a striker,just a case of lazy journalism linking a French player who’s out of the team with a French team who’ve got the money to buy him.


Chelsea must focus

Great to see Hazard back to his best and what a goal. Kante was all over the place and totally commanded the middle of the park

However, we still gave up enough chances and sat back for too long at the end and conceded a silly goal which is why I can see where Conte is coming from. We need to play for the full 90 minutes and if we had then who knows what the score line might have been

The way I look at it is now Arsenal, Liverpool and ManU are effectively out of the title race leaving just Spurs and City as the only real contenders.

Therefore, it looks like CL has virtually been achieved if not quite mathematically just yet. Still need to remain focused but like I said previously in a different mail thread – if we are top after the Arsenal game and with any kind of points advantage then the league is ours to lose?


Wenger out!

Is there any self-respecting Arsenal fan out there who now can’t see that Wenger needs to go?

Seriously, we are now into a second decade of the same old excuses, the same old soundbites, the same old spineless performances and the same old results, regardless of who is wearing the red and white shirt.

The man is a fraud and he should have gone more than a decade ago. Wenger Out.

Gooner Pip

I genuinely think there are atleast 90 % of fans that want wenger gone. They’re just not passionate enough to force him to leave.

Put banners up and it is apparently a sign of disrespect according to a few fans. I think the only one who’s disrespecting us is the manager by providing the same utter crap season after season.

I have to say,I thought Arsenal’s future would be bright when we moved into the new stadium, but the problem stems from the board and runs all the way to the manager and the fans.Get ready for no Champions league football in the years now.


Scary City

Jesus! Looks like you have potentially one of the most potent attacking lineups in Europe. with Sane really starting to fulfill his promise, Sterling incrementally improving his game to include that vital end-product, and also the prospect of Gundogan coming back at some point, you are looking like you have it made up front.

Defence a different matter of course; Pep still needs to find his Pique and his Busquets, but I think his name will attract the right people. Saw a Carvajal (RM) rumour yesterday, for example. And of course GK. Good luck on that one, but could I suggest the Sunderland kid?


Should Leicester sack Ranieri?

Always thought it was a bit of a clash when you can sack a manager but can’t sack a player.

The lose of Kante was/has been huge, but it show’s how limited the rest were/are. It’s a crying shame for Ranieri that the players he lead to glory beyond their dreams have now let him down badly and likely to get him the sack. Now the players are just cashing checks and pointing fingers…

Banjo Chuckers

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