Man Utd told to consider Giggs/Mourinho alternatives

Date published: Sunday 21st February 2016 12:16

Ryan Giggs: Exit discussed by Mourinho on Tuesday

Manchester United should consider candidates other than Ryan Giggs and Jose Mourinho to replace Louis van Gaal, says Daily Telegraph journalist Matt Law.

There are conflicting reports in Sunday’s newspapers regarding United’s plan for their next manager, but Law finds it strange that their choice seems to be between only two men.

“It surprises me slightly that it seems to be Mourinho or Giggs,” Law told Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports.

“[Diego] Simeone has a release contract at Atletico Madrid, I think they had a look at him before Van Gaal. I can’t quite understand why he hasn’t come into the picture.

“[Massimiliano] Allegri at Juventus is doing a great job, I can’t quite understand why everything is concentrated so much on [Giggs and Mourinho].

“For me, Manchester United used to be the club who could go out and look at all the top candidates and it says a lot that they didn’t even feel they could go for [Pep] Guardiola because he was so far down the line for Man City.

“Traditionally, you’d have thought United would be right in there for Guardiola.”

Giggs ‘not a popular choice’ among fans

Mourinho is an appointment that would likely split fans given his regular controversies while at Chelsea, but Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail pointed out that support for Giggs is also far from universal.

“You would think he would be the popular choice, Ryan Giggs,” Samuel said.

“Manchester United, instead of importing a Guardiola type, should be creating their own Guardiola. I looked at that and thought, ‘That’ll strike a nerve with United fans, they’ll all be behind this’, but the reaction wasn’t there.

“The great love and faith in Ryan Giggs I thought there would be wasn’t there.

“It’s almost as if he has been damaged in some way – in terms of being seen as the guy who can take the club forward – by sitting beside Louis van Gaal and David Moyes as it’s all gone wrong.

“That might be very, very unfair on Giggs, he might have brilliant ideas that are completely at odds with Van Gaal’s but it is very hard to sit alongside a guy for all this time and for people not to think, ‘Well, what’s he doing?'”

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