Moreno future ‘could be in doubt’ as Reds cast eye on £10m Hector

Date published: Tuesday 9th February 2016 1:52

Jonas Hector: Linked with move to Liverpool

Liverpool are reportedly preparing a £10million bid for highly-rated Cologne left-back Jonas Hector amid claims Alberto Moreno will be allowed to return to Spain in the summer.

The Reds are on the lookout for defensive options, and Jurgen Klopp is reportedly now ready to raid his homeland for Cologne’s Hector.

He’s valued at £10million by the Bundesliga club, and The Sun claim a move could be on the cards in the summer, with the Reds having sent scouts to watch him in action in last weekend’s 1-1 draw with Wolfsburg.

Hector mainly plays as a left-back but can also do a job in midfield.

The 25-year-old is a full German international, with 10 caps to his name.

Alberto Moreno: Linked with move to Real Madrid

Moreno joined Liverpool for £12million in the summer of 2014, but it’s probably not until this season that he can consider himself a regular at Anfield.

The player has made 33 appearances for the club this season, having fallen out of favour under previous manager Brendan Rodgers, but the player admitted in December that he’d find the lure of Real Madrid ‘hard to resist’ if the club followed up their reported interest in the three-times capped Spain international.

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    James Marshment

    Liverpool are reportedly preparing a £10million bid for Cologne left-back Jonas Hector amid claims Alberto Moreno will return to Spain.

    [See the full post at: Moreno future ‘could be in doubt’ as Reds cast eye on £10m Hector]



    I want defenders in who can defend first and everything else is secondary.
    If you are a great passer, really fast with loads of energy but can’t defend then I don’t want you.
    Fullbacks need to be able to cut out crosses and not get beat 1v1. They need to be able to defend. I don’t care how many goal opportunities they create if they are making stupid mistakes and leaking goals at the back.



    Convert him into a winger if there are doubts about his defensive prowess. He’s rapid and has great skill. Looks a real threat going forward. I don’t think his defending is that bad though and I’d still think his future lies at left back. Let’s not forget he’s only 23, many years away from his peak. Let him learn and develop under good coaching, than tearing it up and starting again. He has a lot of potential IMO.

    I honestly think Liverpool’s fullbacks are the least of their concerns. Clyne, Flanagan, Gomez and Moreno is a very good selection with immense potential collectively. The centre backs and goalkeeper are a much bigger concern.



    gignerlfc – but then when you get that…you’ll want a defender who can do the rest. It’s inevitable. There was a poster on the old Your Say LFC page who I shall not name who absolutely did not rate JC because he couldn’t do ‘the rest’. Ideally, you want both…but since we never seem to find hidden gems in the way, say Southampton do…or have the money to buy a a defender that is a genuine goal threat too…we’re probably only capable of picking up the type of players who can only do one or the other – in which case, I agree, we need ones that can defend first. God, I miss Hyppia.



    Brilliant can’t wait to start clearing out Rodgers dross and replacing each with Klopp class. Why wasn’t this started years ago FSG you idiots? The sooner the revolution starts the better, top 4 next season then the title a year after.cheers Jurgen, get better soon fella



    Riz- of course ideally you want both but if your defence can’t defend then you’re fucked, plain and simple. They can be fantastic passers and confident with the ball at their feet but if they can’t defend then all the rest is completely meaningless.
    Think of all the best centrebacks of the last 15/20 yrs…the likes of Carra, Terry, Hyypia, Vidic, Stam, Adams, Keown etc etc. They’re all no nonsense central defenders where what comes first and foremost is their ability to defend. Doesn’t mean they can’t have other attributes but first and foremost they were great at the defending.
    Look at Leicester this season. Huth and Morgan are good no nonsense defenders.
    Finnan was MrReliable who would give you a 7 or 8 outta 10 week in week out. He’s didn’t stand out but he done his job consistently very well.

    What happens when you have 4 good defenders who can actually defend is that it gives you the base to go on and win the match or at the very least draw it.
    Flanno reminds me of a no nonsense full back who actually enjoys the art of defending.



    Never understood why we let Manquillo go so easily, believe he had a blinder for Marseille the other night.



    Moreno is an excellent player and should not be let go…most chances created by a defender in the league so far is not something to sneeze at, he hasn’t been good defensively but I think he’s coachable in that aspect…he’s never going to be perfect and anyone we get isn’t going to be either…as far as transfer priority is concerned I think we have to bring in a keeper(sell mignolet), a dm, a winger(unless we are giving Markhovic a shot) and a striker(of the right mould) and no more…so that we can work towards having a stable side



    OUr squad is not overflowing with talented LBs would like to add and let them fight for a place of convert Moreno as LW has the pace can shoot and run all day…



    Ginger, very much with you on that. If a full back can’t defend, he ain’t a full back. I accept the modern day game is increasingly set up for full backs to get forward, and their assessment is measured increasingly on their attacking credentials. But I see it as a bonus if they’re useful up top. With Moreno, we seem to think it’s a bonus if he can defend – it seems the wrong way round to me. We lack natural wingers which is why we’ve been using Moreno so much.

    Nocturnal, I accept players can improve, but Moreno will be 24 in the summer. He is awful at the back. He is slapdash and clumsy. It’s almost like he’s still in youth development and has been assessed as a failed winger who may be useful as a LB. There has to be a degree of natural ability there – this is why you spend money on players – you are buying that inherent ability that needs polishing. If we are having to coach such fundamentals to players, why are we spending such money on them? Why not play the youngsters instead and coach them?? *Also, how long will it take for Moreno to improve? And will it be good enough?


    Peroz Zayee

    i never rated moreno since his first game, and i don’t understand why we let maquillo go rather than moreno.. i liked him much better and thought rodgers didn’t give him a decent run



    I’ll say this once again, the club will never get any better if they continue to sell their players. If we are going to upgrade the squad we need to find a player that can oust another player from the first team, who then can be sold. Otherwise we will remain the same!



    I remember when we were haggling over the fee for Moreno and just about everyone on here was going mad saying we should just pay the fee and get him in as he is an excellent player, and how he was going to be one of the best left backs in Europe. Egg on a few faces.



    Get this done ASAP…. Moreno is our weakest link and Klopp should use Flannagan until a new signing arrive to provide competition for Flanaggan….. Flock out Moreno…he is simply rubbish…for those who thinks he is better going forward, please analyse games and see how many successfully crosses he puts in..I am sick of watching Moreno…



    Our entire defense is making mistakes and are struggling to maintain focus throughout the 90 mins it’s not just Moreno… and yes Moreno is 23 and still isn’t the finished article but he is only in his second year in the pl and considering the first one was with BR I am inclined to give him more time… defenders coming in almost always have a tough time here butif we are going to replace him I’d prefer Cresswell,



    Same issue I have with Moreno is the one I had with Johnson, he should have been converted to a winger. Don’t know why some managers are against that especially when you got a fullback that can’t defend that well.



    If we buy Hector and sell Moreno, then as soon as Hector goes through a bad patch the same voices will start screaming from the rooftops that we should sell him for the next leftback rumored to be on his way.
    The team will be exactly the same and those that are moaning right now will vent their frustration at FSG.



    Nocturnal- Moreno is a failed left winger mate. He’s not very good at the defending so for a left back that’s worrying. He hasn’t improved much at it either. Take the peno he gave away the other week there, it was simply madness how he gave that away. He’s frequently caught out of position, rarely stops crosses coming in, I’ve seen him turn his back on his man. These are basic defensive skills he can’t do.
    I really don’t care if he provides x amount of goal scoring opportunities because he’s a defender mate, his job in the team first and foremost is to defend particularly against the right winger/sided attacker. If he cannot carry out his primary duties in the team then he has to be replaced. If he improves on those skills then fair enough but I havnt seen anywhere near enough improvement in his 18+ months at the club.



    I have faith that Moreno will come good and like NB said, we shouldnt sell everyone and their moms. Remember that Moreno is still very young and rather inexperianced but with age and experiance Im sure, actually I KNOW he will be one of the best LB or LW in Europe. Specially if he is coached right.

    Im sure if we will sell him, he will within 2 years become one of the best in his position, it always happens with us!



    I’d agree with you Behemoth if he showed any signs of improvement but that doesn’t seem forthcoming. He does sometimes look like he has something but never just seems to produce results.

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