‘Concerned’ Mourinho says Chelsea’s top-four hopes are fading

Date published: Saturday 5th December 2015 8:00

Jose Mourinho: Insists Chelsea won't be fighting relegation

Jose Mourinho: Insists Chelsea won't be fighting relegation

Under-pressure Jose Mourinho insisted Chelsea did not deserve to lose to Bournemouth – and now feels the club’s realistic target this season is to finish in the top six.

The Premier League champions have endured the most dramatic of collapses this season, with Saturday evening’s 1-0 defeat to the Cherries their eighth of the season so far – and fourth at home.

And speaking to Sky Sports after the game, a downbeat Mourinho said: “We didn’t deserve to lose. Our opponent – in the period that they thought only of defence – managed to get a goal and there was a clear mistake from the referee.

Chelsea: Protest to referee Mike Jones

“I think it is a clear handball and penalty with the score at 0-0. In the first half we were not aggressive enough, in the second half we arrived in dangerous positions a lot of time with a lot of crosses from the right hand side from Ivanovic.

“They played in a way that some call intelligent, some say is not fair play. They were taking time, calling for the medical department and drinking water like it is basketball time out.”

Mourinho added: “I am concerned of course. There is no chance that Chelsea will be fighting relegation. That is not the problem. It is that our objective is to finish top four. Before this game it was realistic to think that our quality would take us out of this position, but maybe now we have to think about top six.

“If our players are not able to give the maximum every day that is a problem. If you analysis match after match there are a few layers where it is difficult to be consistent. You think there is evolution, but maybe it is just one moment in which they are good.”

Speaking to BBC Sport, Mourinho added: “The result is not fair. In the first half we were soft and did not press and were not aggressive and were not intense. In the second half everything changed. We were aggressive, created chances and had crosses and a clear penalty that the referee did not see. That is the game. In the moment when our opponent were thinking just about defending a clean sheet they cross the halfway line for the first time and scored.

“If it was offside it is another episode that goes against us, but I did not see it.

“Even in the last few minutes, we had two strikers on the pitch and not one got close to touching the cross.

“It is really disappointing because the team was playing better and more confident and we did not expect to lose. But there is no time to be crying – in three days time we have an important game (vs Porto) in the Champions League.”

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    James Marshment

    Jose Mourinho claims Chelsea did not deserve to lose to Bournemouth – and now feels the club’s realistic target this season is the top six.

    [See the full post at: Mourinho ‘concerned’, admits top four-hopes are fading for Chelsea]


    Rajiv Sobhee

    Top 4??! Should be kidding me… More like avoiding relegation! POOOR tactics!!! It was JM’s fault.. the players did their best.. it is this manager who has no clue anymore with what he is doing..



    and I’m interested to know who he is blaming on this one? because he is paid millions to do this. hilarious isn’t it? i said before that Relegation is a possibility, and on the evidence of today we are on course. how we could start. a game without a recognised striker? and against a newly promoted team and even so at home? all of this happened because of one man’s ego. to him destroying this club means nothing to him unlike us fans. after this i dont know how anyone could defend Mourinho and his tactics. this team is bound to be relegated if Mourinho is still in charge in the new year eve.


    nine nine nine

    Me too James.

    I am not sure where we go from here currently it looks like we should be more concerned about the bottom 3 rather than the top 4 which was already a difficult task but is now almost Mission Impossible.

    We currently have no cutting edge with or without Costa although not starting him was a mistake imo if you don’t score goals no matter what the possession and you are vulnerable to the counter attack as we are then you won’t win games, sadly though even had Costa played the full 90 minutes on current form there was no guarantee of goals.

    Doesn’t matter who the Manager is this team needs some significant surgery and it is going to take time and patience to start again. This season is a write off bar ensuring a safe position in the PL and 3 points off of the bottom 3 is embarrasing and everybody from Roman down needs to take a very close look at themselves!



    999, as you’ve pointed out before, this is the team that won the league last season, now we’re struggling to win a game. Something is seriously wrong in the camp, good players don’t become poor overnight, and the same can be said of managers. Having said that, to continually motivate players you can’t be a one trick pony, otherwise it’s just the same old speech week in week out, as I’ve said before, Jose is a new broom, that sweeps clean to start but eventually becomes an old one, to be successful over a longer period you need to be “Trigger’s Broom”…..Pagan



    Nine Nine Nine. I’m not surprised you are so negative tonight. But chin up, Chelsea are still 3 points above the bottom three, and the self-proclaimed “Special one” even bothered to remember to stick around until the final whistle to shake hands and show some grudged respect to the victorious manager. Surely that’s got to be at least slight positive for the future, considering the dire mess this club is currently in.



    Everyone even Roman is to blame for this mess. But today you have to mainly blame the players out there total lack of quality in the final third and again as i have been saying for weeks us no being able to score is putting pressure on our defence to keep a clean sheet every game. To concede one goal per game is pretty normal but to be team not scoring will turn you into a losing team.

    Matic was horrid all game and missed a sitter at 0-0. Worst player on the field for me today.

    Ivanovic has to be the most unproductive crosser in the world. he must of attempted about 15 crosses that went nowhere. Head down and just drills it low every time and with no quality. He had two pretty simple crosses to make second half that would have resulted in scoring opportunities but failed on both really poor from him today going forward. Oh and that 30 yard effort summed up the game.

    When the ball does come in the box with quality no one attacks the f-ing near post they all stand there expecting the ball to come straight to their head or foot. It just needs one player (yes just one) to attack the space at the near post and then if it eludes the near post runner it opens up space behind for someone else to run into and attack. It’s simple football movement and no one is doing it.

    The entire squad needs the fined in my opinion and who ever has a bad reaction are the players that need to be booted out of the club.



    Bort. I hear what you say, but why is it Roman’s fault. Surely the “Special one” himself must take at least a modicum of blame. Apart from his colourful but increasingly tiresome sound-bites to the press, he also has the responsibility for picking a bunch of players to play in a cohesive and effective manner. Looking at his demeanor today was not pretty sight. The arrogant happy-go-lucky look has been seriously dented and replaced by worry lines and bags under the eyes. He even blurted out that Chelsea did not deserve to lose, which is for a manager of his stature is an embarrassing desperate thing to say considering the heroic performance of the opposition. I think his time could soon be up.



    I don’t know how anyone could blame Roman for our mess? and if he intervened the same people could have blamed him for undermining the manager. answer this question. how signed these players? who picks them week in week out? who trains them? who gives them instructions? our biggest mistake was when we hired Mourinho back.and given him 4 year contract. now he is stuck with us, we can’t get rid of him. the implications of him staying will be far greater than of him being sacked. these players are no longer playing for Mourinho. they are preparing for post Mourinho era. the ship has hit a rock and the captain should be replaced. which manager will start without striker against a newly promoted side and at home? which manager takes off Oscar leaves Fabregas and Pedro on the pitch? all of his signings were terrible. Pedro,Fabregas,Matic, Costa.



    Now then all very quite on the western front 999 liquiadator etc etc
    So where are we now then chaps, enlighten us all on your all things positive now we have lost to Bournemouth at home
    Stop all all the bullshit we are crap take your head out of your arses and and face facts
    60k stadium, ha, do me a favour, at this rate we will struggle to stay as we are 42+


    Manager and players were underestimating Bournemouth. Now again Mourinho says that Chelsea aren’t in the relegation battle. I think it’s enough, we should not be kidding ourselves. At the moment, yes: Chelsea ARE in the relegation battle. Look at our current position in the table, closer to the bottom than to the top 10 (I’m not even talking about top 6 or top 4). We really miss Lampard, Drogba, Ballack: big players who can make differences. I think that Pedro does not deserve to be at Chelsea. Fabregas is not the same as he was in the beginning of last season. Baba wasn’t solid at all, but he’s new, give him time. Chelsea need injections of big players, not mediocre players anymore. We need to buy somebody like Muller or Lewandowski or John Stones.


    nine nine nine

    Pagan, but if we are honest eith ourselves the reality is that we’ve been poor since last January not as poor as we are now but we stumbled over the line to win the title with the winning of it done in the first half of the season when at times we were outstanding but in the second half of the season we were average at best with a dynamic Hazard often digging us out the win we needed for the 3 points.

    Costa is now more of a problem than an asset and we don’t have any realistic back up for him, of our current squad there are now question marks against: Ivanovich, Terry, Cahill ( despite a new contract), Fabregas, Matic, Mikel, Ramires,Pedro,Oscar,Costa,Falcao and Remy. Hazard is currently brilliant in one game, and average/poor in another and is unable to be the influence he was for us last season.

    It is difficult to believe that these are the same players from last season when at the same stsge we were 25 points better of thsn we are now but football is a game of confidence and we seemed to lose ours before the season started we went into the season under cooked with our main transfer targets missed and we have never recovered from that throw in all of the other stuff and losing Courtois for 19 games and we are where we are.

    You may be right with your new broom analogy wasn’t that the reason why SAF changed his No 2’s as often as he did to get a new voice and a new face in the dressing room and on the training pitch.

    Personally I don’t think there are any easy answers to this and it is going to take a while and some significant surgery to sort out, whether Roman sticks with Mourinho or not and those fans who have only known success are probably going to have to get used to some time in the wilderness trophy wise. Cheers 999



    It is a bit strange but cccp losing is always someone else’s fault, never moaninho’s – it is getting quite boring hearing the same story after every game.



    realistic to say top 4 is not achievable totally unrealistic to say safe from relegation when only 5 pts lear of 2nd bottom



    How many times over the years have we heard about sundry teams that are too good to go down? Our club needs to get its head out of its ass and realise that is exactly what can happen to us.its clear to me now we have players who just don’t fit the managers philosophy in football and that is why he is either given the chance to rebuild how he wants to play as soon as possible or a new manager to get the best out of the talent we have needs to be appointed. I have wanted Jose to stay but after yesterday it is clear to me now that we need to replace him and get our players playing again. Imagine if we had got Klopp -where would we be now? No one is bigger than the club not even the special one. If we get knocked out of the Champions league on Wednesday then I expect Jose to be gone before the weekend.


    999… The point is they’re not the same group of players. They’ve all aged one year and excelled above themselves last year, coupled with a short pre season, the older players have not got back to their best. I won’t mind a relegation scrap, could be quite fun, its been years since I worried like that as a fan, for all our new fans, this is how it used to be so enjoy the ride of not being at the top this year… I’m sure there’ll be other clubs you can find should we have to play in the championship next year…. However, I happen to think there will be some changes come january. I’ve pointed the finger at a few players, also the manager… if I were to stick my neck on the block, id say Jose will be out if xmas results don’t go our way and manga bucks will be spent on the likes of Cavani or Ibrahimovic (who would get goals) Im horrified that no youth players were given a chance nor after getting the defence in order Cortouis was brought straight back in and Dave, our best defender can’t get in the side ahead of Ivanovic who looks like he should be playing sunday league.



    I think it all stems from Mourinho and his big mouth blaming everyone but himself in the beginning of the season. The Eva affair just prolonged the negative feelings and outbursts in the club while losing your No.1 world class goalkeeper for such a long time has to unsettle any defense. Just think of Man U w/o De Gea, Arsenal w/o Cech, Spurs w/o Lloris, etc, it would be disastrous from a defensive standpoint.

    And, I don’t agree with those who say, how could good players all of a sudden become poor. Well, I think you have to look at the dynamics of the game now. Whereas last season most midfield players of other teams could be shepherded by Matic, nowadays the pace of the game is much faster and he is often found lacking. And don’t forget after Man City caught up with Chelsea during New Year’s last season, Mourinho reverted to playing more defensively and kept the defense tight. Hence, Azpi and Ivanovic on only certain occasions ran up and down the byline while Willian and Ramires would help Matic and Cesc out. Azpi and Ivanovic would more often than not run 3/4 down the line and then look for someone to pass it to.

    Furthermore in the offseason, Man U stocked up with Martial, Depay and promoted Lingaard who have pace and Van Gaal feels he still needs more of the same on the wings. Arsenal always had the pace but they now have a world class keeper in Cech which settles the defense. Man City bought De Bruyne and Sterling and you already know what they’re capable of doing. Spurs have a pretty good midfield of Alli and Dier of whom both have pace as well. All teams are now seeing the benefits of having more pace in the team i.e. Crystal Palace, Leicester, Everton, Liverpool, etc. So Chelsea are falling behind in this respect especially if you look at Matic and Cesc in the middle who are no roadrunners. It is a little better when Ramires partners Matic and Cesc is pushed to the No. 10 but Matic in my estimation is fast becoming a liability. What they need is a box-to-box person like Lampard who has a foot on him too that can shoot from distance and thereby opening up a defense. I don’t know enough about Loftus-Cheek to be able to give an opinion but if he’s a box-to-box guy and has a foot on him then Jose should finally relent on picking his loyal old guard. I also don’t see players running into the box like Frank used to do and what Barcelona does – not only from the wings but up the middle too. They are all trying one-twos in front of a packed defense which makes no sense. The crosses more often than not of quality. And Widen the pitch to make defenders go wide for heaven’s sake.

    Personally, I think that buying Baba, Djilobodji, Hector, Falcao (loan) was a waste of money. Baba cannot read the game and when Ritchie went past him he only watched as Cahill shut Ritchie down. He should have immediately given Cahill cover instead of watching. This happened a number of times. Chelsea should also seriously look at dumping Oscar, Matic, Cesc, Mikel and maybe even Costa. To me, the jury is out on Pedro because he is still adapting to the PL but does have excellent technical skill. He did some good things against Bournemouth in my opinion and unlike Willian he can dribble past defenders as he did while at Barcelona.

    Finally, it’s about time Jose gave youngsters Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Traore, Musonda a chance. So that when January 2016 comes around these kids would have tasted first team experience and the 4 players mentioned above can be sold. They will inject youthful vigor and pick up the whole team. Funny thing was when Xavi was interviewed and said that Jose was not a translator at Barcelona but an assistant coach and when he took to training Barcelona B they all respected him and he understood and implemented Barcelona’s playing philosophy which was attack minded. So Xavi doesn’t know why Jose through the years has become defensive minded… Maybe Jose should be reminded of it… and hopefully there will be a change in fortune.


    nine nine nine

    Rirtypants & rick, some great points lad’s and well made too.



    To be honest, we need to change the way we play, we have developed in to a counter attack team. We used this tactic to force teams that wanted 10 men behind the ball to come onto us and thus leave a bit of space behind them for us to play in. This worked well when we had that fear factor, and teams were reluctant to commit players forward, however we’ve lost the fear factor, and are still playing the same way and teams are now pushing on and committing their players and it is showing up our defensive frailties. In my opinion we need to start taking the game to the opposition, we’ve done it this season at times, but only when we have needed to get back into the game, and when we have done it we’ve looked better for it. We need to try something different because what we’re doing now isn’t working….Pagan



    Sadly, Mourinho is beginning to reap the reward of his shortsightedness in team building since he rejoined us. His lack of strategy in promoting younger academy products like Solanke, Izzy Brown, Chiloba, Ake, Bamford just to name a few is shocking. To compound it all, he got rid of Lukaku, De Bruyne, Ryan Bertrand and Schurrle and replaced them with below average players. Why on earth did he sign Falcao? Players who are much better than the present bunch were loaned out simply because he does not like their faces.
    His disciplinary record with the FA is poor, hence he is struggling to deal with indiscipline in the dressing room and on the pitch. The solution is to get rid of him NOW. We stand to lose more if he stays on. We are heading for the CHAMPIONSHIP! We are NOT too good to go down. If in doubt ask LEEDS UNITED fans.

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