Mourinho feels ‘betrayed’, but shrugs off relegation concerns

Date published: Tuesday 15th December 2015 7:34

Cesar Azpilicueta: Linked with move to Man Utd recently

Cesar Azpilicueta: Linked with move to Man Utd recently

Jose Mourinho felt “betrayed” by his players after defeat at Leicester left them just one point above the Premier League’s bottom three, but he refused to admit Chelsea found themselves in a relegation battle.

The Blues’ dismal defence of the title they lifted last season continued on Monday night with a 2-1 loss – a ninth league reverse of the season leaving Mourinho’s men a massive 20 points behind the table-topping Foxes.

The meeting was in stark contrast to the last clash between the sides at the King Power Stadium at the end of April when a 3-1 win put Chelsea on the brink of the title and left Leicester’s survival hopes in the balance.

As has been the case so far this season, Leicester looked inspired and Chelsea jaded and lacking imagination. But Mourinho remained defiant.

He said: “A relegation battle? No I don’t believe this. We are in the relegation zone – an area in the table. But to be in a battle is to be there for three or four months and I don’t think this will be so.”

Chelsea’s fall from grace is remarkable but Mourinho did offer an explanation.

“One possibility is that I did an amazing job last season and brought the players to a level that is not their level and now they can’t maintain it,” said the Portuguese.

“One of my best qualities is that I can read the game and identify the strengths of the opponent and tell my players what they are. So it is a big frustration to accept the goals because my work was betrayed, if that is the right word.

“I worked four days on this match. I prepared everything related to the opponent. I identified four movements where they scored almost all their goals.

“My players got all that information, you can ask them, they are honest guys who will tell you it is true. But in the situations I identify, we concede the first and second goal. The mistakes were there.”

Eden Hazard: Limps off against Leicester

Mourinho was forced to make a change after half an hour when Eden Hazard appeared to hurt his hip after going to ground under a challenge from Jamie Vardy.

The Chelsea boss said he did not know what the problem was with Hazard, whose form and confidence, as with many of his team-mates, has dipped this season.

”I don’t know what is wrong. The only thing I know is that within 10 seconds he made the decision himself,” said Mourinho.

”He came off and said straight away he couldn’t do it. Then he tried and immediately he came back off.”

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    James Marshment

    Jose Mourinho refuses to accept Chelsea are in a relegation battle – but admits he felt betrayed by his players after defeat at Leicester.

    [See the full post at: Mourinho feels ‘betrayed’ by players, but shrugs off relegation concerns]


    Kevin Ghoorah

    His interview was weird! He defended his own work and criticized his players. I can’t see how that is going to make the manager=player relations better. Mourinho seems to reaching the end of the line at Chelsea. I don’t see them being able to recover in order to claim fourth spot.


    Ro Tab

    the situation is of course very serious, if as alleged the players are not listening to instructions then the management team has lost the dressing room as well, what else is there thats not right. I must say even though the next couple of games are winnable I dont like what I am hearing or witnessing.



    he knows inside his heart that he has failed. so he wants to create a drama with the players so that he can be sacked. this man is a parasite who feeds on the blood of his players. without Cheque book he is just an ordinary coach. Well done Leicester for showing us his flows. they truly deserved the win. if he has some sense he should do the honorable thing and resign today. he has disrupted our good work and image since he left us.



    this has gone too far now, his obviously lost the trust of the players and the more sensible fans, I cant imagine how the board must be feeling but obviously the best way forward is too make a change now and I pity the poor guy who has to fix up this huge mess if there is any body who can that is.


    nine nine nine

    What Mourinho actually said refered to the pre coaching that he had done defensively prior to the Leicester game when he said that he felt “my work was betrayed if it is the right word”.

    No doubt we are in the poo and the next two home games will be very important to both the club and Mourinho.



    I know its almost unthinkable and the chances of relegation are slim but wouldnt it just be hilarious if a team which spent the income of a small country in order to win the league and try to become a “big” club and then end up relegated to the Championship.



    I am guessing a poor choice of words but a clear indication that all the work that he and his team do in preparation for any game is not being followed. Was it just reactionary or is there more to it…?

    This weekend will determine his future. If we lose to Sunderland then I would expect Roman to sack Jose. If we win, then possibly a stay of sentence…? KTBFFH



    Liverpool 1986 – try to become a big club??, Chelsea now has the 4th biggest fan base in the world so I think they have succeeded in becoming a big club, a very big and successfull club, this is the only season for many years that has been a disaster.



    999 @ 09;31…imho,no smoke without fire mate.It takes both sides input to make a marriage work.Although there were times last season where some of our games wasn’t pretty to watch it’s widely acknowledged a lot of work and effort went into them to make it possible for us to come away with the desired result which in turn created the desired success.So what has happened this season?…maybe the players felt last season’s exertions was too much like hard work and can’t be asked to go through it all over again…the more Jose tries to crack the whip to make the players work harder the more the players resist reasoning there’s more of them versus one individual and that there’s no deterrent Jose can punish them with apart from dropping odd players for a couple of games because the squad is relatively small and is only supplemented by academy/reserve players the manager is reluctant to use.I think the ‘distrust’ rot has set in and there is inreconcilable differences on both sides although the club’s pr is playing down such notions.I can’t see the situation improving either…there will be an eventual parting of the ways unfortunately imo before the season is out!.



    There are always 2 ways to look at things and I believe that Mourinho is too loyal to those that won him the PL title for too long – even though they are failing him miserably. I think he should have been more ruthless much earlier (Sir Alex would have taken no prisoners). Sit Terry, Ivanovic, Fabregas, Matic and Costa. I think the pace of the game has passed them by. Many of the teams have bought players/used players intelligently.

    With Cabaye who is also attack-minded, Palace shored up their midfield allowing Zaha and Bolasie more freedom. Same is true with underrated Kante of Leicester with respect to Vardy and Mahrez. Putting Alli and Dier together who have technical ability and pace respectively in midfield was a masterstroke by Pochettino although they lack a partner for Kane. Man City already having a strong midfield added de Bruyne and Sterling which makes it an additional nightmare for defenses.

    Chelsea on the other hand have nothing similar. Last year, these players overachieved in my opinion and the other teams didn’t really have the resources to threaten them. These teams are much stronger now while Chelsea stayed relatively still in terms of “name” players or giving potential youth players a chance. I’m not even sure why Baba, Djilobodji and Hector were bought. And why Falcao was given a chance.

    Worse yet, it seems Hazard has had his head turned by advances from Real Madrid. And, due to the 30 year rule instituted at Chelsea, Ivanovic may be on his way out while this might be Terry’s last year too. Mikel (who might be gone this January) and Matic are also fast approaching that 30 year age limit and I never really fancied them although Cesc has been a big disappointment because he plays quite well for the Spanish team irregardless of the tactics they play. Needless to say Costa has become a disruptive force.

    So give Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Traore and Solanke a chance. And I think they can recall players out on loan but need to pay a fee for breaking contract. Be more ruthless – Mourinho gets paid to get results – not to babysit players. I think Remy should be given a run of games too because his pace gives Chelsea an added dimension. If Mourinho does not change the synergy, attitude and make up of the team he is sure to be sacked.

    What is so ironic about the whole situation is that no one seems to remember that Mourinho won the PL title only last year. All of a sudden he is not a good manager belittling his achievements at 7 teams (including 2nd time at Chelsea) where in all of these teams he had in fact a winning percentage in each (for Chelsea 2nd time I mean the total for 3 years obviously not only this year).



    Rick, this is actually probably the best post which amplifies the basic essence of the problems, Mourinho has not made enough changes to the squad or team and simply continues to play the same players even though they don’t perform occasionally dropping a couple of them as if to give the impression he is not adverse to do so but then puts them back in without them really doing anything to substantiate a recall while at the same time he got rid of more useful players in Schurrle, Mata, De Bruyne, Lukaka to mention a few. I think even Cech would have saved a few that was let in by both Courtios and Begovich. He does not show any kind of imagination and his team selections are very predictable. May as well promote some of the likes of Loftus Cheek, Solanke, Abrahams, Boga, Musonada, Christensen. I really believe they would perform better than most of the present bunch after all he did make a commitment alluding to actually playing the youth but he has once again not been honest. We are in a real mess right now and I don’t really see an easy way out even if he is sacked.



    rick_2322 Have to agree with a lot of what you are saying.

    We are not going to win anything this season, and far too many of last years players are just not performing. In saying that Matic and Fabregas’s decline started early in 2015 (last Season). A combination of youth and experience should be enough to see us get clear of relegation, whilst giving the younger members of the squad that essential PL experience that they need for the future, which should stand us in good stead for next season.

    I know it is a cliche but last night was a typical example of the foreign legion not being up for a fight in a cold and wet winters night midweek. Oscar, Ramires, Matic, Ivanovic all were pathetic, Pedro less than average, and Dave…totally at fault for both goals.

    Time to bench (or worse) Ivanovich, start Dave at right back as I feel he is concerned that his chances in the Spanish national team are being effected by him playing out of position, putting Baba in at left back to up his PL experience. Drop Matic, the guy who in 2014 was majestic, playing one touch football, now looks like a new born giraffe for most of the game then tries impersonating quasimodo when we concede! Replace Matic with RLC, again giving him the valuable experience he needs. Replace Oscar/Pedro with Kennedy/Traore, same logic. Bring Bamford back from Palace, he may as well sit on our bench as opposed to Palaces. Take advantage of the last few months we have with JT as a regular starter and leader on the pitch, to help these young lads.

    My concern is there is something badly wrong in the dressing room, there is a unsettling influence… personal opinion…… Fabregas, just something in his whole demeanor that gets me. Why did Barca let him go so easily? Why did Arsenal not want their prodigal son back? are questions that keep bugging me also!!!

    Finally, approach Steve Clarke, tell him he will enjoy more success as an asst coach than he ever will as a manager, and get him back in the backroom staff. He is exactly what we are missing, a defensive coach, who is an ex Chelsea player!



    As far these so called supporters slagging off Jose for not honoring his commitment to play more young players. I believe he would have if the more experienced ones had put in a proper shift. He is in a no win situation, if he had, and we were in the position we find ourselves in now he would be slated for doing too much to soon. As it is I feel he has been trying to protect them, because if a young player who had won everything at youth level was playing in this team who are losing every other game their confidence would be shattered.
    That is why I said in my previous post now is the time to blood them, as they can do no worse!!!



    NIBlue Yes maybe Jose would have fielded more youth players if the season had been going better, but do you really think Jose hasn’t been giving the youth a chance because he’s been trying to protect them? Mate, there is only one person Jose is trying to protect.



    NIBlue – must admit that I am not of those fans who wants to play youngsters just because they are in the squad or deemed good enough. IMO, we have had too many false dawns on that front. However, and playing devils advocate here, if we had been winning and were top of the league do you believe that Jose would have given more game time to RLC for example..? My feeling is NO simply because he would say we cannot take a chance when we are on top of the league…!! For me, blooding the youngsters is never going to be easy for a Chelsea manager unless there is literally no other option as the pressure to win things and remain competitive at all time is so strong it simply does not lend itself to giving them a chance. KTBFFH



    NIBlue – I think approaching Steve Clarke is a good idea because Jose’s current staff may be all spent out of ideas. And, Clarke is a well-respected figure at Chelsea and did quite well as an assistant coaching the defense in the past.

    Now, even though the Italian Serie A and the Spanish La Liga are different than the Premier League, the pressures on managers to succeed are just the same. So, to say that Mourinho does not blood youngsters enough then I would have to point out the fact that while at Inter Milan he gave Santon a chance at left back (and maybe it is a little known fact but he also had a young Balotelli and Arnautovic playing occasionally in his squad as well). He won 3 trophies there by the way including the Champions League.

    At Real Madrid, where pressure on managers to win are at an even higher apex (managers at Real are falling by the wayside as you know even though they have done a credible job there), Mourinho had no problem preferring a young Varane at central defense over the much more experienced Pepe and gave young players like Morata, Callejon, Jese and Nacho a real run in the first team. So, I cannot understand why blooding the likes of Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Traore, Musonda, etc is not a viable option for Mourinho? I just feel it is a misplaced loyalty to the underperforming players of last season. Again I have to stress that he gets paid to win, it’s a business, and he needs to be more merciless or get sacked.



    Rollonaverage – Couldn’t agree with you more. However, with respect to the more useful players as you have termed them, de Bruyne and Lukaku were never given a real chance at Chelsea so evaluation done on these two are actually more of a projection rather than reality based on their play at Wolfsburg and Everton respectively. In hindsight, it was a huge mistake letting de Bruyne go because he reportedly was doing very well in the preseason matches that year. But that is neither here nor there.

    As for Mata and Schurrle, Mourinho until this moment has never found a true no. 10 and a counter weight to Hazard at right wing. He was adamant on using Oscar as No. 10 which in effect hasn’t worked out because of his inconsistency. I actually liked Schurrle because he was one of the few who dared to shoot from distance accurately something that Matic and Ramires are poor at. Chelsea miss a person like Lampard who could strike from distance effectively.

    Chelsea also miss players who like to run into the box like Lampard did from midfield and Cole from the wings. Playing tick tack in front a line of defenders just doesn’t do it for me. They don’t have the technical skills of Barcelona players like Iniesta and Xavi (now in the Middle East) for instance who created space with their little lobs over the defense to onrushing players or players like Alba and Alves who love to run into the box from the wings thereby opening up defenses. Azpi rarely does it from the left while Ivanovic does it only on occasion.

    Interestingly enough, in an interview given by Xavi recently he said that Mourinho was not a translator as many have said during his time at Barcelona but an assistant coach. He coached Barcelona B and was very well respected while doing a very good job of it. He understood the “Barcelona way” (if I may) of building up an attack and Xavi was therefore surprised why he became so defensive minded. So, Mourinho has in his arsenal of management tactics a variety of attacking options he can delve into. Why not use it then?



    To NIBlue,
    Correction 1 : the sentence at the end of the second paragraph should read “…won 3 trophies in his last year there…”
    Correction 2 : the sentence towards the end of the third paragraph should read “…a misplaced loyalty to the underperforming players of this season.”

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