Mourinho: Man Utd can’t buy stars from Spurs, Arsenal & Chelsea

Date published: Sunday 5th February 2017 12:20

Jose Mourinho has confirmed he plans to make some new signings this summer after saying there are empty spaces in Manchester United’s squad that need to be filled.

Mourinho spent approximately £160m last summer with Manchester United battling to secure a return to the Champions League by securing a top-four finish.

However, United’s manager says that he cannot be judged on a top-four finish because his squad needs investment.

Mourinho stressed how difficult it is to recruit players from other teams in the league:

“There is an empty space there and I have to fill that space with lots of work, with another transfer window in the summer. Step by step we have to fill that space.

“This is not Germany. In Germany, Bayern Munich starts winning the league in the summer. They go to Borussia and buy their best player.

“Do you think I can go to Tottenham and bring two Tottenham players to kill Tottenham? I can’t.

“I cannot go to Arsenal and bring the two best Arsenal players. I cannot go to Chelsea and bring two of the players that I love very, very much. That time is over.

“We are improving but the other ones are also improving so it makes it more difficult for the ones who are behind to grow up again.”

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