Mourinho reveals admiration for Brian Clough

Date published: Thursday 12th November 2015 3:06

Jose Mourinho: Manager believes he is similar to Brian Clough

Jose Mourinho: Manager believes he is similar to Brian Clough

Jose Mourinho has revealed his admiration for legendary former Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough.

In the foreword for a new book on Clough called I Believe in Miracles, the Chelsea boss talks about the similarities between himself and the two-time European Cup-winning manager.

The Portuguese revealed he went on a day trip to Nottingham during Euro 96 while he was working at Barcelona to see the place where Clough enjoyed his success.

“I walked all the way (around the city) and when I saw the stadium I thought: ‘Are you kidding me – this club won the European Cup? Twice?'” Mourinho says.

“It was a nice stadium and a nice city, but it was a small place. It was the size of the stadium that really took me aback.

“A small stadium, a small crowd – I looked around and tried to take it in.”

Clough won back-to-back European Cups with Forest in 1979 and 1980. He also gained many neutral admirers with his wit and outspoken views.

Brian Clough

Mourinho, who has also won the trophy twice, said: “A lot of people say we have similarities and there are certainly coincidences.”

Mourinho admires the way Clough used to project himself in interviews and press conferences.

He said: “We all probably remember Clough’s best quotes. ‘I wouldn’t say I am the best football manager there is,’ he used to say, ‘but I am in the top one.’ I love that line.

“He had all that self- esteem and big self-belief. He was very confident about himself, and from what I know about him he was very comfortable with the attention.

“Maybe because Brian Clough was such a huge personality, with so much charisma, everyone remembers his quotes and the stories and a few people forget his talents.

“He didn’t win two European Cups with Nottingham Forest just because of his charisma.

“History cannot delete what he and Nottingham Forest did – their results, the cups, the achievements, absolutely unbelievable achievements.

“I have huge respect for what they did. I think if Brian Clough was around today, we would get on.”

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    Rob Conlon

    Jose Mourinho has revealed his admiration for legendary former Nottingham Forest manager Brian Clough.

    [See the full post at: Mourinho reveals admiration for Brian Clough]



    I haven’t read the book but I wonder if Mourinho’s admiration for Brian Clough also extends to his assistant, Peter Taylor….the technical brains behind The Clough motivated teams. Great (though flawed) as Mourinho is, he could and should learn from both of these men. News that he is reading the book us encouraging.


    nine nine nine

    palms, Jose wrote the forward for this Clough book and the film also entitled I believe in Miracles is based on the book written by Daniel Taylor who writes for the Guardian but is a life long Forrest fan.

    Unlike The Damned United this book and film have the approval of the Clough family you’re right to point out the importance of Peter Taylor in the Forrest success and indeed Brian Clough’s life.

    Sadly we will probably never see the like of this again a provincial team in England winning back to back European Cups. Incredible!



    Living in Cloughie Territory, it wasn’t just Forest that the Clough/Taylor partnership worked, Derby were also successful under them. Probably the greatest managerial team England never had…Pagan


    nine nine nine

    Spot on Pagan.

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