Mourinho’s best quotes from his first Man Utd press call

Date published: Tuesday 5th July 2016 1:27

Jose Mourinho: Spoke freely

Jose Mourinho’s first official press conference as Manchester United manager was typically full of soundbites, pointed comments and digs at some of his rivals.

Here, are some of his best lines from today’s Old Trafford press conference:

  • “It is not a dream job, it is reality as Manchester United manager but it is a job everyone wants and not many have a chance to have and I have it and I know the responsibility and the expectation.”
  •  “I feel a bit frustrated I am not playing Champions League. I don’t hide I chase Sir Alex’s (Ferguson) record in the Champions for matches as a manager. Hopefully it is only one season I am not there.”
  •  “I was always much more aggressive in my approach with the risks that can bring and it would be easy to focus on the last three years and say ‘Let’s work and try and be back in the Champions League’ but I prefer to be more aggressive and say we want to win.”
  • “There are some managers that the last time they won a title was 10 years ago. Some of them the last time they won a title was never. The last time I won a title was one year ago, not 10 years ago or 15 years ago so if I have a lot to prove, imagine the others.

<> at Old Trafford on July 5, 2016 in Manchester, England.

  • “Manchester United for many years success was just routine and in this moment the last three years are to forget. I want the players to forget. I don’t want the players to think we have to do better and finish fourth. Finishing fourth is not the aim.”
  • “I was in trouble for the last five months: the first month (at Chelsea) was fine, the second month was not so good and after the second month it was a disaster.”
  •  “To speak about one manager (Pep Guardiola), one club, one enemy I don’t think it is right. In the Premier League it doesn’t make sense at all. If you focus on one opponent, the others will be laughing so I am not going to be part of it.”
  • “I am the manager of the biggest club in the UK. I am going to focus on our job and our club.”
  •  “You know how many young players I promoted to the first team from academies? Forty-nine. Some of them are big names, they are Champions League winners in the Euros, playing for national teams. One lie repeated many times sometimes looks true but it will never be true.”

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