Neville: A match-winner would make Man Utd look like Barca

Date published: Sunday 29th November 2015 1:21

Suarez, Neymar & Messi: PES 2017 cover stars

Suarez, Neymar & Messi: PES 2017 cover stars

Gary Neville believes Manchester United would be as good as Barcelona if they had a match-winner like Gareth Bale or Neymar in their team.

United are only a point off the top of the Premier League following Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Leicester City, but Louis van Gaal’s side continue to face criticism over their style of play.

The Red Devils had 69% possession at the King Power Stadium yet managed only two shots on target, a problem which has occurred on several occasions this season.

Neville believes they are in need of a match-winner to make their dominance of the ball really pay.

“If you put two more players into Manchester United’s team, say a Gareth Bale or a Cristiano Ronaldo into that team, that team could win the league,” he told the Gary Neville Podcast.

“Tthe structure that is being built at this moment in time is solid. But they need that match-winner, that Neymar, that Luis Suarez, the one that is going to light up a game and score one or two goals to take it away, then all of a sudden they would look like a Barcelona, because they’re dominating possession, making teams look foolish.”

Man Utd too cautious

Neville believes United were too cautious in their approach during the latter stages of Saturday’s game but says it was nearly the “perfect away performance”.

“Even in the last 15 minutes, they didn’t fully commit to winning the game,” Neville said. “Historically, you would like to see punch after punch, you would want to see bodies being thrown forward, but you might get caught on the counter attack and lose 2-1 that way.

“But that’s not the way in which this Manchester United team play, and the heart wants them to go forward, commit players and be reckless in some ways.

“I do think they are quite close when I think about it with my head, but my heart thinks I’d like to see them die trying a little bit more and go for it.

“But he’s a year-and-a-half in, Louis van Gaal, and he should get a lot more time to do what he wants to do. I was in the same opinion when David Moyes was at Manchester United, and I’m in the same opinion now.

“I’m torn with Manchester United. The heart, the fan [in me] is listening to the noise.

“The head is saying: ‘There’s a lot of very good things, if you can dominate every single game, with 60, 65 per cent possession, if you can keep the clean sheets and have the best defensive record in the league.’

“Depay has a chance with five minutes to go, and it’s very nearly the perfect away performance.

“When you don’t win, people will say it is boring, it’s not expansive enough, and that’s why I’m a little torn in this moment in time.

“Where they are at this moment in time is a fantastic achievement. Results are important, the style of play might not be everyone’s cup of tea, however I do think they are one or two players away from being a team who could easily win the league.”

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    Mark Holmes

    Gary Neville believes Manchester United would be as good as Barcelona if they had a match-winner like Gareth Bale or Neymar in their team.

    [See the full post at: Neville: A match-winner would make Man Utd look like Barca]



    Unbelievable ignorant comment. Joke of the day.



    like it or not at this moment LVG is bringing the club to where it supposed to be, at the end of the day it is all just about the result only…



    it is a joke. barca played tiki taka with an average 20 shots on target tiki taka in the opposition half one touch passing slicing defences they have technically gifted players. we play slow sideways backwards passing 0 shots on goal and we have a fat lard who peaked 3 years ago whereas barca have messi. who knows if we can get guardiola as our manager and if rumours are true messi wants to leave cos of the tax situation we could be the new barca. whats frightening is they both may end up at city. we cannot let that happen



    I watched Barca and Bayern on TV last night and they both actually play similar football to United. There are two significant differences though. Firstly, they play possession football but very quickly and, more importantly, they have forwards who make runs into the box for midfielders to get the ball into. United never seem to have anyone in the box for our midfield to aim at. And secondly, they’ve got better players than us, no argument, it’s a fact.



    We’re crying out for a world class forward player.

    Very easy to slate the team but regardless of how boring people find the play, they achieve what they set out to do most weeks and a decent player in the final third would make the difference in the tight games.



    Its a joke,right?.Is G.Neville actually watching United play this season!!!.He probably meant,United need 10 world class players to make United play like Barca/Bayern.Barca have Iniesta,Rakitic,Neymar,Messi,Suarez,Bayern have Robben,Vidal,Gotze,Ribery,Martinez,Alonso,Muller,Lewandovski.And what players do we have,surely Neville is just saying what their paymasters[SKY] are telling him to!!!.



    Gary Neville is absolutely right. Van Gaal has cemented the way Barca or Bayern plays in the team, and all we are lacking now is the right attacking players to give us the results. I actually like the way we control the game. As for the MU haters who say we play sideway passes a lot, they must have been absent when SAF was on board because during those days we see Scholes and Carrick doing those constant flank switching to stretch the opponent’s midfield play. Those were very evident in order to penetrate very defensive teams. Under Van Gaal we are still doing no different.



    Is this guy for real? The worst football ive seen united play…and ive been a fab for 30 years! Get out pal



    Look at what he did to ADM, Valdes, Januzaj, Wilson, Falcao etc. Can you imagine how mediocre Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar would be after 6 months with this tyrant?, shudder to think. I like Neville but this is one seriously deluded statement. He is ruining Memphis, Martial, Rooney et al and he would ruin any of the aforementioned stars.

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