Neville: United should sign Bale not Ronaldo

Date published: Sunday 15th November 2015 10:00

Gareth Bale (l) and Cristiano Ronaldo: Both United targets

Gareth Bale (l) and Cristiano Ronaldo: Both United targets

Gary Neville says he would “prefer” Manchester United to go and sign Gareth Bale rather than re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was linked with a summer a return to Old Trafford and there have been rumours recently that United could make a move to bring the 30-year-old forward back to the club.

The Portugal star had a spectacular six-year spell at Old Trafford which ended in June 2009 when he signed for Real Madrid for  a world-record £80million and he has gone on to become a legend at the Bernabeu with a phenomenal goalscoring record with 326 goals in just 312 games for the La Liga giants.

Former Tottenham star Bale is also believed to be on Louis van Gaal’s shopping list and Sky Sports pundit Neville says it would be a shrewder move to bring in Bale, 26, than an emotion-led move for Ronaldo.

“I am not sure it is such a good thing for Cristiano to come back,” Neville told the Sunday People.

“The emotion says come back but do you remember when Newcastle used to bring back their old players to be manager?

“And then Liverpool started doing it and I thought “No. Let’s not start becoming a club like that” and this kind of pining for the past. I don’t really want that.

“I’d prefer us to get Gareth Bale and that’s no disrespect to Cristiano who I think is possibly the biggest talent I have ever played with – not the best player I ever played with – but the biggest talent.

“He is an amazing player and what he did for two years at United was out of this world and it was a privilege to be part of it.

“But the idea of coming back as his swansong… it won’t be the same for him as it was before.

“He does like warm weather. He likes the sun and we know that from when he was here. That’s not a criticism of him, he was just used to that.

“It will not be the same for him as it was before but it won’t be the same for us and I am not sure. It would be about emotion. And I am not sure emotion and sport go together really in that way.”

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    Matthew Briggs

    Gary Neville says he would “prefer” Manchester United to go and sign Gareth Bale rather than re-sign Cristiano Ronaldo.

    [See the full post at: Neville: United should sign Bale not Ronaldo]



    I kind of agree with Gary Neville, but then again we are talking about Ronaldo, he’s not a player over the hill and even if he is, he’ll probably get you 20 goals a season in his “slump”.



    Agree completely CR7 will be 31 in february.Ideally,Bale and Lewandovski.



    Bale yes, but not a the price quoted in the media.
    He’s worth no more than what RM paid for him, and that was far too much.
    He’s a £60 mill. maximum. With PSG now out of the running its between UTD and Chelsea if he leaves Madrid. Chelsea can pay £100 mill. for him if they want, but UTD should keep well away at that price.



    Concernedfan-PSG are the only team ready to bid for him mate[apparently],it seems there is where Ronaldo is headed to!!!



    Agree with Gary 100% on this and i have said it several times. Football is about building teams and when you spend so much money on a player, its all about stability and future potentials. Ronaldo has reached his peak, he has given his best years for Madrid and that’s what they paid 80m for. Its down hill from here. He is no Giggs who can adapt his game. His ego wont allow that. He is all about pace, Power and skill, most of which you lose as you grow older. If he joins United, he will be close to 32 nearing the end of his career, for a team like United that’s still rebuilding after SAF, we can hardly afford to waste scarce resources on a 2 year luxury item.

    If we really want a player from Madrid and have money to burn, lets either go for Bale or Isco.



    Any of them would do nicely 🙂



    Ronaldo now seems a penalty box player, he is scoring either tap ins or penalties. Bad idea signing him.


    @mufc. Funnily enough that is exactly what we need right now. Ronaldo is, in my opinion, the best striker in the world in terms of his movement in the box. He is as good as anyone at heading the ball as well. Pretty much exactly what we need but I would prefer we go for Kane.



    Harry Kane for a 50M to 60M fee that Levy would undoubtedly demand?,thanks but no thanks.He is a good hold up player and a decent finisher but lacks pace and isn’t particularly blessed with great skill,if we have learnt one thing these last 3 seasons it is that you have to have ‘game changers’ to compete with the really big boys who all have 4 or 5 players of that kind in their teams.Other than Martial who is very young and still has a long way to go,we have got precisely none and for me Kane certainly does not come into that category of player either.I like the look of Aubameyang at Dortmund who has pace to burn,skill and has started to add lot’s of goals to his game as well and you’d have far more chance of getting him for around the 40M mark than you would Harry Kane for much more,simple as that.



    Completely agree about Kane. It would take silly money to prise him from Spurs and I’m still not convinced he’s of the required quality. He was absolutely terrible at the U21s in the summer and has only just started scoring a few again after a real barren spell.

    I said at the time we bought RVP that we went for the wrong player. Lewandowski was the one we should have got. I actually think it would have been Lewandowski had Ferguson not had retirement in his mind. That ship has now sailed though as we’ll have no chance of getting him from Bayern now unless we pay a world record fee.

    I’m not entirely sure who we could bring in instead though who would instantly add that extra quality we need. Will be interesting to see if LVG decides to dip into the market again this January



    United need to stay away from Kane,for now anyway.Try for Muller in the summer,i feel he might want to try the EPL,after winning everything in the BL.


    It has been publicized by both Barcelona and Bayern that we made offers for Muller and Neymar. It’s obvious we have open ended offers for these players but they will not come. We have to look seriously at Kane for this very reason.

    There would be a fair deal of “punt factor” involved but there really are no other options except maybe Aubameyang.



    Bloody hell matey,do you seriously want the club to spend the thick end of 60M on a “punt factor”,you sound like my missus going around the Trafford Centre at Christmas!.
    I’m sick of us paying top dollar for players who are good but not great like Mata or even worse than average like Fellaini and it has to stop this summer because we need game changers,not yet more ‘average Joe’s’.If we don’t get one or two then 4th place will be the very limit of our ambitions every single season ad infinitum.If it came down to it I’d even rather sign Vardy for 15M than get massively ripped off by Spurs again for Harry Kane,at least he has got pace!.



    Spot on Blacky. Absolute madness to pay the sort of money Levy would want for Kane until he’s been doing it consistently over a few seasons. As Blacky has alluded to, you take a “punt” on £10-20mil players not £50-60mil players.



    The real question is, are Man United in a position to choose either Ronaldo or Bale?

    As for as im concerned, both will stay at Real Madrid unless Real Madrid say otherwise. If Real Madrid decide to keep Bale, and sell Ronaldo, then Ronaldo is available. Although all in all, Man United do not have the choice of Bale or Ronaldo – you will take which one Real Madrid are prepared to sell, and thats if Real Madrid are willing to sell either one of them!!!

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