Predictions: Liverpool, Spurs, Manc duo and Arsenal tipped

Date published: Friday 22nd January 2016 7:35

Arsenal: Backed to beat Chelsea and stay top of Premier League

Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Arsenal have all been tipped to win in the Premier League this weekend.

This season we’re giving you the chance to prove your knowledge in the TEAMtalk Prediction League on SportLobster.

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As well as Mark and some of our other writers, a different band or artist will also be making their predictions each week, giving you the chance to not only beat the TEAMtalk journalists but also some famous faces from the world of music.

This week we have predictions from Mystery Jets drummer Kapil Trivedi. The band’s new album ‘Curve Of The Earth’ is out now –

Week 23 Predictions

Norwich City v Liverpool: Mark 0-2, Kaps 1-2

Crystal Palace v Tottenham: Mark 0-1, Kaps 1-2

Leicester City v Stoke City: Mark 1-1, Kaps 1-2

Manchester United v Southampton: Mark 2-0, Kaps 3-2

Sunderland v Bournemouth: Mark 2-1, Kaps 2-2

Watford v Newcastle United: Mark 1-0, Kaps 1-1

West Brom v Aston Villa: Mark 0-0, Kaps 2-2

West Ham v Manchester City: Mark 1-3, Kaps 2-3

Everton v Swansea City: Mark 2-1, Kaps 3-2

Arsenal v Chelsea: Mark 3-2, Kaps 3-2

Five from Kaps

How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

It was one of those things where there wasn’t much thought that went into it I’m afraid. I was nine and one of my best mates at the time loved Man Utd, so I just copied him. I didn’t come from a footballing family so nobody passed any local teams onto me. I just went round telling everyone I supported Man Utd like my bezzie mate! My favourite moment would be watching the 1999 Champions League final. We were 1-0 down and I remember praying to the gods of football for us to lift the trophy and three minutes later, we won! It was a pretty special moment!

Who have been your biggest heroes during your time supporting the club?

Biggest heroes would have to be Eric Cantona and Sir Alex Ferguson…. I remember watching Eric Cantona as a nine-year-old thinking who is this absolute legend scoring wonder goals with his collar up? He was the main reason I got so hooked to Man Utd. And we all know about the greatness of Sir Alex Ferguson… It looks like the club is missing the hairdryer treatment!

What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the season?

I do kind of like Van Gaal, he’s brought us some much needed organisation. But it looks like maybe he’s not confident in the players he has? He doesn’t set them up to win, but he sets them up not to lose, which sometimes makes for a very boring, methodical style of playing. Anything can happen this season and I think it would be a great achievement to have United in the top four…. but it breaks my heart to even think of us in that way.

Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

My soft spot is for the va-va-voom of ‘The Arsenal’. Living in London all my life, most of my friends are Gooners. When Arsenal are at their best you can’t but admire their style of playing.

What’s going on with you at the moment?

We have just finished a run of record store shows around the UK. It was really nice to play the new album in that stripped back way, and to meet the good record buying public. We’re starting our UK tour in Dublin on February 12. You can catch us in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

Last week

Mez Green from Punk band LIFE got six out of his 10 predictions right last weekend, one less than our man Mark. ‘Who is Beni’ is still the overall leader in the league with 505 points.

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