Predictions: Man City to close on Arsenal and Leicester

Date published: Saturday 16th January 2016 11:15

Manchester City: Backed to beat Crystal Palace

Tottenham, Manchester City and Southampton have been tipped to win this weekend, with Arsenal and Leicester City both drawing.

This season we’re giving you the chance to prove your knowledge in the TEAMtalk Prediction League on SportLobster.

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As well as Mark and some of our other writers, a different band or artist will also be making their predictions each week, giving you the chance to not only beat the TEAMtalk journalists but also some famous faces from the world of music.

This week we have predictions from the lead singer of Punk band LIFE, Mez Green. Check out their new single, ‘Popular Music’ here: 

Week 22 Predictions

Tottenham v Sunderland: Mark 2-0, Mez 2-1

Bournemouth v Norwich City: Mark 2-1, Mez 0-2

Chelsea v Everton: Mark 1-0, Mez 2-2

Manchester City v Crystal Palace: Mark 3-1, Mez 3-0

Newcastle United v West Ham: Mark 2-1, Mez 2-3

Southampton v West Brom: Mark 1-0, Mez 1-0

Aston Villa v Leicester City: Mark 0-0, Mez 0-0

Liverpool v Manchester United: Mark 1-1, Mez 1-0

Stoke City v Arsenal: Mark 1-1, Mez 3-3

Swansea City v Watford: Mark 1-1, Mez 0-2

Five from Mez Green

LIFE band

How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

I grew up with hippies so at first footy wasn’t really my scene, but I quickly dropped the diablo and found God’s sport in year 6. My gran was from Liverpool and there was this kid on the tele called Michael Owen so Liverpool became my team.

Don’t get me wrong, I still follow Hull City & Lincoln, but in 98 when Owen made like Bambi and destroyed Argentina what was I supposed to do? I quickly got rid of my 90s bowl and stuck on some lego hair just like him.

A high point has to be the king himself ‘Gerrard’ bringing us back from the dead in the 2005 Champions League final. That for me was better than puberty.

Who have been your biggest heroes during your time supporting the club?

Owen was a god to me as a young lad, but without a shadow of a doubt Stevie G is my biggest Liverpool hero. Also Fowler, the best all-round forward we’ve ever had. The list goes on – David James, he inspired me to take up abstract clay sculpting as a hobby (joke).

What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the season?

I’m loving Klopp. I want one of his man hugs, like instead of running onto the pitch he can run onto stage shouting my name! Our training was more lazy under Brendan so the lads can’t deal with the intensity yet, but if Sturridge can get fit and we start dealing with crosses at the back I think we’ll be top four by the end of the season ahead of Everton, Spurs and Man Utd.

Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

Hull City as that’s where the band are from. Hull shapes our writing and makes us the band we are.

What’s going on with you at the moment?

We dropped a brand new cut on Monday called Popular Music and it’s come flying out of the traps, gaining Radio 1, BBC 6 Music and Radio X plays all within the first 24 hours. Which is pretty tidy. We are currently preparing for our January tour, which sees us go around the UK in the last week of January in support of Independent Venue Week.

Last week

Rich Maitland from The Watchmakers got three out of 10 predictions right ahead of the games on January 3, the same as our man Mark. ‘Who is Beni’ is still the overall leader in the league with 495 points.

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