Premier League Predictions, Week 32: No shocks?

Date published: Friday 1st April 2016 9:17

Tottenham: Well represented in Euro 2016

Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, West Ham and Manchester United have been backed to win in the Premier League predictions for week 32.

This season we’re giving you the chance to prove your knowledge in the TEAMtalk Prediction League on SportLobster.

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As well as Mark and some of our other writers, a different band or artist will also be making their Premier League predictions each week, giving you the chance to not only beat the TEAMtalk journalists but also some famous faces from the world of music.

Our latest predictions come from The Heavy bassist Spencer Page. The band’s new album ‘Hurt & The Merciless’ is out now –

Premier League Predictions, Week 32

Aston Villa v Chelsea: Mark 0-2, Spence 0-2

Arsenal v Watford: Mark 3-0, Spence 2-1

Bournemouth v Manchester City: Mark 1-2, Spence 1-2

Norwich City v Newcastle United: Mark 1-1, Spence 1-0

Stoke City v Swansea City: Mark 2-1, Spence 1-1

Sunderland v West Brom: Mark 1-0, Spence 1-2

West Ham v Crystal Palace: Mark 3-1, Spence 2-0

Liverpool v Tottenham: Mark 1-2, Spence 2-2

Leicester City v Southampton: Mark 1-1, Spence 1-0

Manchester United v Everton: Mark 2-0, Spence 2-1

Five from Spencer Page

How did you come to support your club and what are your favourite memories from your time as a fan?

My dad was never into football, so there was no influence there. When my parents split my mum’s new partner was a big Manchester United fan and so I started watching games on the TV with him. My first real memory is losing 4-1 to QPR at Old Trafford. But I was hooked by then, so I stuck with it.

The 1990 FA Cup Final against Palace which finished 3-3 remains one of the best finals I ever saw. That first Premier League trophy in ’93 was an incredible achievement. I remember vividly watching the highlights of the 2-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday, when Steve Bruce scored two injury time goals to keep the title charge on track. Fergie and Brian Kidd running onto the pitch to celebrate…Incredible.

And of course who can forget that fateful night in Barcelona in ’99?! Still the greatest night of my life. That team never knew it was beaten.

Who have been your biggest heroes during your time supporting the club?

I thinkFergie has to be considered the greatest hero of them all. What he achieved at that club can never be bettered. If you think about where the team were when he took over in ’86, his impact on the club has been immense. On the field, my first real hero was Ryan Giggs. In those early days he was unplayable on the left wing. Pace, skill, creativity and a real team player.

I loved Cantona, Denis Irwin, Cristiano Ronaldo, Keane & Scholes, Wayne Rooney. The list could go on forever. When you think back over the years, we’ve been blessed with some incredible players

What do you make of the current team? What are your hopes for the rest of the season?

When you compare the current team to some of the great United sides of the last twenty years, it’s clear that it’s lacking a real leader. A Roy Keane figure who can really get the team going. There are some great players in there, the likes of Martial, Rooney, Lingard, Mata, Smalling, De Gea. But I think there’s a real lack of never say die attitude, a team spirit that has to come from the manager, I think.

Realistically top four is the best we can aim for. That’s not good enough for United. It might be alright for Arsenal, but United fans expect success and top four to me doesn’t represent that.

Everyone has a soft spot for another team. Who’s yours and why?

Everton. I always liked them. They’ve had some great attacking players down the years, and I like the way the club is run. At least there’s one good club on Merseyside…

What’s going on with you at the moment?

We are just about to release our fourth album so right now we are very busy. This record won’t promote itself so we’re touring all over the place for the foreseeable future – America, England, Europe, Japan, you name it!

Last time

Primal Scream keyboardist Martin Duffy got three out of his 10 predictions right a fortnight ago, one less than our man Mark. ‘Ryan Carter’ is the overall leader in the league with 613 points.

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