‘If someone offered me £40m, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down’

Date published: Thursday 11th May 2017 11:56

Arsene Wenger is accused of spouting nonsense again, while Philippe Coutinho’s Anfield exit is inevitable and agents fees are all discussed in our fans’ forum…

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Wenger just spouting his usual nonsense

He’s (Wenger’s) just talking his usual b*******. It’s nothing new – he used to say the same when we were battling it out with Man U over who finished first or second and used to aim it specifically at Fergie. Fergie, of course, lapped it up. He’s since admitted that it was a tactic that employed almost solely against us, because it was successful a lot more often than it wasn’t.

Henry made this point just before the Spud game. He said how Wenger used to complain about such tactics, even back in his day (yes, it’s been going on for that long!) and that here we were, about to play a team that likes to play football and attack. Well, we all know how that panned out!

When it suits Wenger, it’s perfectly ok to sit back and defend – he always seems to do it against Man City for some reason. He did it against them in the semi-final and I’ll wager he’ll do the same against your lot in the final.

Al The Gooner

Teams have been playing differently for decades – there were times were defensive teams were successful, times were counter-attacking teams were successful, times when possession football was dominant and times were long-balls were successful.

Ultimately all this talk of different styles is pointless – each club plays to its strengths and the team that performs best over the course of the season will win the league, irrespective of their style.

The simple truth is that Arsenal have not had the best team in terms of ability nor the best performing team since 2004.

Sympathy for the Devils

Wenger has a history of running down managers and clubs who have been successful, that in itself tells you a lot about his rather poor character


Funny because when I read the headline of the article on teamtalk, it almost sounded as though Wenger might be showing a little humility for once and accepting the possibility that he might have things wrong. But no, get into the actual article and its the same old Wenger spouting his naive, single minded, high-horse b*******.

Thinly disguised digs and always looking to put down those more successful than you is the sign of a very insecure, miserable individual. I would say him and Mourinho are more similar in that respect than either would like to admit!

The problem is, Wenger would like you to believe that Arsenal still played the same dynamic, free-flowing football they did a decade ago. The truth is that they don’t, and haven’t done for quite some time. You can have all the possession you want, but if you think that ponderously passing the ball around the halfway line for 90% of the game is “taking the initiative” then so be it.

Chelsea’s football this season has at times been pragmatic, defensive and occasionally a little over cautious. Equally though, at times it has been breathtakingly good. A real joy to watch and probably better than anything Arsenal have served up this season. But it is this ability to switch gears and tactics that will see Chelsea probably lift the trophy this season, and Wenger struggling to grasp 4th place.


Xhaka finally looking like a player

Not a great deal to say about the game. Only Cech and Soton’s profligacy in front of goal kept the scoreline at 0-0 until that bit of magic from Sanchez.

That said, in the second half especially, it was one of our better performances this year, although that’s not saying much.

Biggest plus point for me from that game was Xhaka. It’s only in the last couple of games, but he’s starting to look like the player I saw on Youtube vids before he signed.

Still a way to go, but it is his first season. Some of the best players we’ve had in the last two decades looked absolute pants for most of their first seasons….and that was when the rest of the team were playing well! Much harder to make your mark when everyone around you is playing s***.

Al The Gooner

The first half last night was dreadful. Really boring and I considered just switching over to the Madrid game to be honest. Second half was much improved and there were some stand out performances. I thought Xhaka was excellent as well. His passing is superb and its always with a purpose.

There are always players who have ‘impressive’ passing numbers every game but with him, its more often than not positive passing – trying to move the team forward and up the tempo.

Mustafi looked good in the new system. He looked aggressive and sharp again and the 2 lads alongside him were solid. Monreal is a very useful player in this system and to be honest I still think he is a more effective wing back than Gibbs when he plays that role. Holding looks a real find. He is so composed on the ball and personally I think he deserves a run of games to see just how much he can develop.

I would think that the return to fitness of Mustafi and Rob’s promising displays mean we should never have to see Per in the shirt again!

I would like to see us persist with the formation because we look much more solid with it and with the right additions, it could become a real weapon. There is still a lot of work to do in an attacking sense and we don’t look particularly fluid in the final third.

Last night, especially in the first half, we threw a lot of pretty aimless crosses into the box and only had one man in there. There seems to be a lack of dynamism in the attacking play. Gibbs for me, is a weak link in that wide role and I can see why we are pushing for Kolasinac to come in. He seems to be a very powerful runner and more useful in an attacking role.


Fabregas undroppable; Luis needs a rest

Why rush Kante back? You can’t drop Cesc after his MOM performance on Monday. I’d even consider resting Luiz…who’s playing through the pain barrier and Hazard. JT and Willian…more than able replacements.


Fabregas will start 100% considering we have 3 games to get 3 points. WBA have nothing to play for so shouldn’t sit back. Hopefully it will be an entertaining game with us coming out as winners.


Cesc and kante for me with perdo over willian


Coutinho set for Liverpool exit?

I’d be amazed if he’s still with us by the end of the summer, you should all know the drill by now, one of our best if not the best player each summer. Totally insane.

Expect fruitless pretend attempts to land van Dijk who miraculously ends up at Chelsea and the likes of the Ox and other midtable garbage and kids and potential end up filling any void.

We will not win anything until these people clear off, one trophy in almost ten seasons. Next year we will have no chance of winning the Cl or EPL due to the mega thin squad and Klopp will also be encouraged to rest players for the trophies we have any chance of winning at the lower end of the food chain.

I said back in September that Couts would go this summer, next up Mane summer 2018, our feeder club will have him ready for the big clubs on time. Shankly and Paisley will be turning in their graves.


Reds need replacement for Milner

For me a new lb is more important for defensive reinforcements than a cb. As well as Milner has performed he is not a lb and he lacks pace which exposes our cb’s. We need a new lb to bring balance to the defence, this will stop the cb having to come out and cover. Don’t get me wrong this may not fix everything but I think it is where we need to start.

New midfielder to bring more energy and technical ability and a new winger with pace. For me these would be three starters, we need more pace in the side. I do expect another cb though to replace sakho but I do hope Gomez gets a lookin next season. I have high hopes for him and was impressed when he played lb for us, could he be played lb next season?

I can certainly see sakho, sturridge, Moreno and Stewart going this summer. I can’t see origi leaving, klopp likes him and he is young still. Would give him another season but he can’t be a starter like he is at the moment.

We need to be realistic, you can’t fox every problem in one one window, will destroy squad morale, harmony and understanding. We will start the season poorly if that happens.


Time to stop moaning about agent fees

It smacks of massive hypocrisy and jealousy that anyone in the top levels of football is complaining about agents’ fees. Really what they’re complaining about is someone earning more than them.

It’s as though it’s outrageous for an agent to earn £40m for one transfer, but not outrageous for a footballer to earn £300,000 per week. It’s got to the stage where we now think a player earning ‘only’ £50k per week is underpaid. Even £1,000 pw is an excellent salary and one 95% of people would love to be earning.

In general, aside from the £8m that Arsene Wenger earns, I have no objection to the money people make in football or anywhere else – that’s just how it goes. The alternative is a communist system and we’ve all seen how well that works.

If someone offered me £40m for a few weeks work, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down and I doubt many others would – especially amongst those in football who are making the biggest noises about the Pogba deal.

Al The Gooner

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