Readers ask whether more is required from Clyne at Liverpool

Date published: Sunday 7th May 2017 11:07

Our readers debate whether more is required from Nathaniel Clyne at Liverpool and if Arsenal lose to Manchester United will it spell the end for Arsene Wenger?

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Henderson and Can lack defensive qualities

Henderson can be part of our best trio but his condition really takes it out of him as the season goes on. Can’s recent performances are putting him into contention to be part of our best 11 also but for me, that CM position needs to be a lot more defensive than the positions on either side of it. Henderson and Can lack some of the qualities requires to really thrive there in my opinion. That said, they offer an awful lot else when fit and on form. it’s true that Lucas has had some poor games this season, most were when he was at CB i think though. If we’re going to buy someone like Keita then I’m not going to expect a top DM/CM to come in, so I’d be pleased to have Lucas stay, unless he really must have first team football.

Grujic. . . Does anyone remember his fathers warnings about how he’d fade to obscurity and not get his game here? Don’t they look like wise words now. What is the actual story with the lad? I know he’s had some injury problems but are they far more extensive than I’d thought, or is the guy just not rated by Klopp at all? If anyone has any information on him I’d love to hear it, it is a shame we didn’t get to see much of him. i really only remember him from the pre-season matches I think.



Does Lovren deserve his wage increase?

Kopite / Nocturnal I don’t have an issue increasing wages levels per say my issue was the 100k to Lovren. Considering how we defensively have performed and Lovren has been part of that mistakes in big games, that’s the problem. Others will look and think why has been rewarded when whilst we haven’t been great defensively as a team individuals haven’t been great either. We could’ve just given him a modest increase / extension on similar terms.

As long as we don’t walk away from deals for star potential players because of there wage demands – that would be my issue as not sure what message again that sends out (so happy to increase our salary structure for all or reward our star performers ….)



‘More required’ from Clyne at Anfield

Clyne is dependable as a full back, he ‘ll excel in a mid-table teams but more is required of him in a Liverpool shirt. We ‘ll need our full backs to go forward to stretch the defence, especially against the lower teams. I haven’t observed any rapport between him and Mane yet, Clyne has only managed 2 assists, 1 more than last season, despite given numerous opportunities to run into space and cross from the byline. I fear he might ve reached his full potential going forward.


Strong words from Giggs on depression in football

Former Red Devils star Giggs said in his Daily Telegraph column: “I do not know what has affected Aaron, but I always struggled in the periods I was out the team or playing badly.

“I had a feeling of worthlessness. As a footballer you wonder if your team-mates are looking at you and asking the questions you are asking of yourself. Why can’t he hit a decent pass? Why’s he always injured? What’s wrong with him?” ”

We have debated on this site the worth and/or worthlessness of Manchester United players.
It is instructive that a player as successful and by association as rich as Ryan Giggs can reveal that even he struggled when unable to find a pass or when injured.

There are many players at Old Trafford who could have been blighted by these feelings in the last four years. Depression and despair is obviously not only the province of some of our supporters.

I hope these revelations do not affect Ryan’s prospects in the game but they do demonstrate his empathy with the large numbers of people who suffer from depression in silence.

Big K


Will United defeat be the final straw for Wenger?

Even against a weakened Man Utd side, I still have no confidence Wenger will beat Mourinho. Our record against teams above us is appalling; one win, 3 draws, and five defeats. Of these defeats, only against City we were somewhat unlucky to concede an off-side goal to put City back in the game. This is also where our seasoned crumbled. Wenger needs to get his team selection spot on. Holding has to start, Monreal to go back to the left (Gibbs is hopeless!). Midfield is key; ours is average at best right now. I’d leave Xhaka on the bench. And Giroud should not start again; he is at best an impact player. If Wenger does not beat Mourinho on Sunday, he never will in a competitive game.


Zaha and Sakho are only players good enough for Palace

As I said at the time Sakho is different class to anything we have at the club, with Zaha… the rest are simply not premiership class and when we go down there is much to change. We will not get a point against Hull because they are man for man better than us. Man Utd will put out a third team and because Hull will beat Spurs ( they will have nothing to play for ) we will need to win .. and we certainly wont. I would normally be very upset .. , but lets face it we are not good enough for this division and showing a distinct lack of fight, commitment and passion for the shirt means we will deserve to go down !!!!


What an embarrassing performance I was hoping for a point based on our previous form but a capitulation of this size is unacceptable. We are on TV live here for a change and to see that display is a disgrace indeed in front of my friends, my phone was running hot during the game I ahd to turn it off. Luckily Sunderland did us a favor and although Swansea won it is in our own hands and a draw against Hull will guarantee survival, though I would think we should win if the players have any idea of redemption. I also got the feeling however that Big Sam always set his sights on the Hull game and was not his usual ranting self during the game, maybe he had no answer? It is now clear that Sakho was the actual leader/Captain and without him Luka and Yo we are crap. Zaha tried Townsend is serviceable and Benteke when given service is good but the rest need to relieved of their duties and sold off. If Liverpool don’t mind I think we should play Sakho next week on one leg near Hennessey he would be more productive and make more saves



Baggies fan can’t wait for the end of the season

This was definitely a game of two halves. The first half was so devoid of quality I nearly fell asleep. The second half wasn’t much better. A mistake from Dawson let Vokes score but a great cross field ball from Nyom and a pass from McLean gave Rondon his first chance at goal and in it went. Then another good corner from Brunt and birthday boy Dawson made up for his error with a header. Burnley got a free kick and Foster who hadn’t had much to do all game came out for a ball he had no chance of getting and it was 2-2 cause neither the ref nor the linesman noticed that Vokes was offside when the free kick was taken. Good points were that we stopped the run of losses and the goal drought and Rondon scored. Bad points? Where do I start? A total lack of creativity, inability to pass a ball probably due to the team selection. It was unfortunate that Evans had to go off cause they might not have scored their first goal. I’d hoped that Leko would get a chance but he didn’t. We started off with a defensive set up and ended up with an even more defensive set up. I watched City earlier on and if they play like that against us we’ll get the same as Palace – STUFFED! There’s also Chelsea and Swansea who both have need of the points. The end of the season can’t come quick enough for me and from the rumours re transfer targets I won’t be looking forward to the new one.

Northwich Baggie

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