Liverpool ‘could sneak second if Tottenham implode again’

Date published: Friday 14th April 2017 11:01

An Arsenal fan reckons that whoever takes over from Arsene Wenger in the future will be going  into the most attractive position in football management, while Chelsea fans eat humble pie over the David Luiz signing.

There isn’t a ‘more attractive job in football management’ than Arsenal

Despite how bad things look at the moment, I think we’re still a very attractive proposition for a manager.

First off, however infuriating it is for us the way the board are letting Wenger cling on, most managers would kill for that kind of patience. Any new man coming in will be given time and simply getting top four will satisfy Kroenke and co.

Secondly, we have a good squad with money in the bank. They won’t get the funds that the Manchester and Chelski managers get, but there won’t be many looking at our players and thinking they couldn’t do a lot more with them than Wenger has. There’s a lot less of a rebuilding job to do than any of Man U’s last three managers – including Maureen – have had. And again, when instant success isn’t essential to keep their job, a lot of managers will see that as equal to having unlimited funds.

Thirdly, despite the board’s and Wenger’s efforts to make it otherwise, we’re still one of the biggest names in world football.

Finally, you mention how he [Allegri] might like the idea of managing in another league. I think it goes even further than that mate – it’s the Premier League, where he’ll get to test himself against arguably the best array of managers about.

Obviously my glasses are a bit tinted but all things considered, bar five or six clubs, I don’t think there’s a more attractive job in football management.

The only real question for me is if our useless board can actually get anything right and show the ambition to go for a winner.

Al The Gooner


Eating humble pie over David Luiz signing

Hazard…Azpi…Kante…Pedro are the obvious few who have really shined for us and have us on the brink of the title (without being overly presumptious and tempting fate) this season.I feel compelled to give David Luiz a special mention.Was highly sceptical of us getting him last summer,thought he was too erratic and too much of a ‘free spirit’ and a ‘maverick’ to be part of an organised unyielding discplined defence in a team chasing honours.I thought that the same reason he fell foul with Jose to make him get rid will be the same reason he will be used sparingly by Conte.I thought we were desperate and really scraping the bottom of the barrel and only got him when all our other targets fell by the wayside.Expensive ‘Bench warmer’ and ‘impact sub’ I said at the time.Well Mr Luiz,you really showed me!…you kept Terry out,even Zouma is being forced to watch from the sidelines.Take a bow son!,never thought a leopard could change it’s spots but under Conte’s guidance you have.Pleasantly surprised about Alonso too,he looked well out of his depth early on but it seems he’s come on in leaps and bounds.Really didn’t see it coming Conte ‘thinking outside the box’ to change our playing system to accomodate Alonso and another improved player in Moses!



Ive been a big critic of Luiz in his first spell. Was really put out by his return. If Im honest, Im not sure the player we have now is actually the player we signed the first time. He’s playing like we always thought he could, we saw it when he returned to the bridge with PSG… He’s brought that form back to the bridge and he has clearly developed a good understanding with the keeper and is organizing the side around him. Kante has obviously played a part in protecting him and making sure he doesnt go marauding forward too often… But Luiz can pick a pass. Lets hope he keeps his feet on the ground and can lead the club going forward. Conte is a class act…



Liverpool should be aiming for second place, Spurs imploded last season

I don’t quite get this discussion about whether we are “aiming for 3rd or 4th”. It’s such a cliche, but all we do is to try and win every game and see where that leaves us. We’re not in any other competition, so there aren’t competing priorities on our team resources where we may have to make strategic decisions on selections; and we’ve got 1 game per week (subject to small variations on when the game is played at the weekend).

It’s not like we would secure (at least) 4th place and then throw in the reserves for the remaining fixture(s). Also, who wants the nail-biting games associated with the Play-off Round? These results can never be taken for granted – especially as they occur in effectively the pre-season. And why aren’t we aiming for second? Spurs imploded at the end of last season and could easily do the same this year. Granted, though, 1st may be a bit over-optimistic.

Red Herring

Upcoming transfer window will ‘define’ Mourinho at United

As for the discussion around Ibrahimovic, I believe he is the signing of the season. He came in for no fee and has given us a “talking point” as a team. He has charisma, loves the pressure (and in so doing takes pressure from the other players) and has scored a lot of highly important goals.

Mourinho’s plan for this season with (Ibrahimovic being an obvious stop-gap) has so far failed because of a mixture of overly cautious selections and tactics on his part, and a lack of quality in the rest of the side which has resulted in too many draws in games when we have dominated.

Moving forward, Mourinho needs to trust Rashford and Martial a hell of a lot more because their pace and ability on the ball really scares defences in the transtional phases of the game. Mourinho will definitely not be able to justify the inordinate number of draws we collect next season and will have to box very clever in the transfer market while also making sure to use the pace of Martial and Rashford in our counter-attacking game next season.

Zlatan cannot be blamed for anything as he has come into a difficult Premier League situation and delivered the goods at the eve of his career.

The buck ends with Mourinho who still has my full backing based on his tactical nous but has to open up his tactical set up to a similar manner as he did in his La Liga season in 2011/12 where they broke the La Liga points and scoring records. Mourinho, however, is definitely a safety first manager and will not be willing to open up unless he has quality players at his disposal. As such, the transfer window coming up will define his tenure at Manchester United.



Why does Mourinho persist with Darmian at left-back?

I thought Pogba had a decent game but then fluffed his lines when he got through on the keeper. Not sure you can coach out of him whatever goes through his mind when he gets one on one and sees the whites of the goalies eyes…not a lot you can do about getting the yips.

I think quite a few players had decent games last night…Carrick good, Valencia decent, Mhikyrkhyrkhyrtan quality, Rashford very bright…but we did fade in the second half and that equaliser was inevitable. Read a lot this morning saying we were in control but you never are fully in control at 1-0 and with our defence and midfield, an opposition goal is never far away. And I’m not sure how Mourinho can continue with Darmian at left back…I just don’t understand it?

Once again, I think we have a mentality problem when the pressure is on…this is a side in desperate need of some character as well as more speed, power, guile and strength.

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