‘We now have official proof of the lack of leadership at Arsenal’

Date published: Wednesday 5th April 2017 11:07

Readers discuss where it has all gone wrong for Manchester United at home, while Arsenal’s lack of leadership and Chelsea’s “must not lose game” are also debated.


Same old story for United

The midfield and wing back positions are our major problems, we simply don’t have the players who can switch defence into attack in a fluid, seamless, quick manner, because of Herrera, Fellaini and Carrick we are ‘telegraphed’, slow in the build-up and teams have time to restructure their defence by the time we get the ball up the field. Add an actual Kante style midfielder and deep-lying playmaker with pace, two decent wing backs and we’d find that Martial, Rashford, Mkhitaryan and Pogba even would be far more effective and although their finishing is questionable at the moment, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, through sheer number of chances they’d be bound to score a few more.


We can debate all day about quality of player. I agree we are far away from winning the PL with the current squad. But the problem is that the performances aren’t even top 4 standard. There is just something wrong with the club. What we have witnessed over the past few seasons has been rancid to the core.

We are constantly struggling against lesser teams. We’ve struggled to beat bottom half PL teams and even some lower league teams in the cups. There is no pride in the shirt, hunger or desire week in week out. The players might be running around a lot but its without any type of belief. Supposed world class talent like Miki and Pogba have looked average bar a few good games. Top talent like Martial, Shaw and Depay have looked uninterested and overwhelmed at best. We can talk about bringing in this player or that player but the way things feel now, no player or manager is gonna get us out of this rut!



Chelsea’s “must not lose” game

Well this game all of a sudden becomes one which we cannot lose. Definitely more pressure on us now. If Moses is unfit then Azpi moves across to wing back and Zouma comes into the back three. His pace will be helpful against Sane and Sterling etc. If Matic is available then he starts alongside Kante. I don’t care whose performances have tailed off or whose heads have been turned. We have 9 games left of which we need to win 6-7 in order to wrap up the league. 3 points tonight please. Let’s get at that dodgy City defence and play attacking footy.


I don’t think anyone would deny that up until Xmas, Costa was brilliant and he led the line well not only scoring but also creating

However, the season finishes in May and not Xmas and so as fans we are entitled to expect the same level of play for the second half of the season. Yes , it is possible for a player to hit a lean streak but so long as he continues to contribute, create chances for others and generally leads the line by making it awkward for defenders then for me, that is still a good contribution to the team

His head appears to have been swayed by the talk of the move to China and it looks as though he has not been fully right since then. I do think that by and large he is leading the line well and certainly keeps defenders utilised during games but the impact is not the same and now some (relatively) easy chances are being missed when the team needs them most

As a team, we do need to see Costa step up and finish the season on a high so lets hope that he starts tonight..? KTBFFH



Zero poins for a 0-0?

I say this for a few reasons:

1) As a disgruntled Utd fan its frustrating when teams like West Brom turn up at OT with no intention of trying to score a goal

2) 0-0s are generally not very entertaining

3) As football fans we want to see goals

As a spectacle, the match on Saturday was a non-event. It was attack vs defence but West Brom were organised and efficient and stopped us from scoring but who would want to go and watch that week in week out? It was the same when Hull came to OT, and Burnley and Bournemouth and Stoke and West Ham. Time wasting from the kick off with every free kick, throw in, goal kick, substitution.

The counter argument is that it is our [Utd’s] job to break them down and its a legitimate tactic to hold onto what you have and if they [West Brom] opened up a bit more there is a good chance that they will lose but surely you’d rather see your team have a go and maybe win 1 and lose 2 than just sit back and draw all 3 (essentially the same 3 points gained outcome).


Manthistle, it’s easy to sit there and say you want to see lots of goals if your team’s the one most likely to score them. You should take it as a compliment – West Brom see Man U as a tough test. When they played us, they had no such concerns and spanked us 3-1.

Your current manager is Mourinho, your previous manager was Van Gaal and the one before that was David Moyes – not sure a Man U fan should be asking for boring football to be punished.

Al the Gooner


Arsenal’s lack of leadership

You can’t make this up, but we now have official proof that there is a lack of leadership at Arsenal. It seems after Koscielny was taken off injured on Sunday Wenger didn’t bother to nominate a replacement captain, the armband has to be passed to the new captain but Clouseau didn’t think it was important thereby breaking PL rules.

An Arsenal spokesperson apparently reckoned it wasn’t important because Theo Walcott was on the pitch and he was the senior player. So ‘the spokesperson’ couldn’t have been watching very closely because Walcott got taken off a little later. I wonder if Arsenal will be fined for a lack of leadership! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry and the levels of incompetence at the club under Wenger.

The Oracle

I’ve just read the news and I could hardly believe it. The situation at Arsenal is becoming a farce. The con man will probably tell the world every player is a captain and so it was not necessary for anyone to wear an armband. What a laughing stock we have become.



Baggies struggles

This game is the worst I have seen for a long time.Watford was the better team and Albion was very poor. Nyom needs a time on the bench,should be glad he stayed on the pitch,terrible match.One good ting Phillips is back and he played well.Forget this one and move on to Saints.


Arsene Wenger: Does not get on great with Tony Pulis

Just one of those games. Watford deserved their lead, as we looked totally disinterested in the first half. The second goal was a bollocks and the sending off slightly harsh. In the end we couldn’t get anything going, even with a man advantage, and didn’t deserve anything.

I agree that Nyom had a terrible game. Sometimes he looks like a misguided giraffe. And Chadli was poor, too. But then the whole team looked flat. The most exciting thing was the antics of Watford’s manager, on the touchline. As you say…let’s move on.


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