‘United must add width to challenge for Prem title’

Date published: Friday 23rd June 2017 12:17

Anthony Martial: Celebrates United's second of the night

Liverpool fans fear repercussions if Virgil can Dijk moves to Anfield, while Mohamed Salah, the FA’s stance on youth football and Leeds’ new signing are also discussed.

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If Liverpool sign Van Dijk they could get a transfer ban

That’s true Bofa but in this case we do have a potential first team transfer ban facing us if we sign him and Southampton are unhappy about it. The only way forward is for them to be ok with it and I can’t see that being the case if he hands in a transfer request.

Some might say that him handing in a request or going on strike would take the weight off our actions but it wouldn’t. It doesn’t weaken the tapping up claim that would follow any forced deal one bit.

It’d be nice for us to get a deal done somehow but what we’d need is for Southampton to be made content about it. Now I see that TEAMtalk are rating Virgil Van Dijk at £70m, I’d love to know where that extra £10m came from, I mean why not just say £100m if you’re going to tack on huge sums.

Signing van Dijk would be massive but I don’t want us going above £50m, never mind 60, nevermind 70. . it doesn’t help when the media are tacking on amounts willy-nilly.


Manchester United need more width to their play

Anthony Martial: Forward has been a shining light this term

Neymar hugs the touchline and pulls defenders out wide – he also makes a number of runs to the byline and has Jordi Alba overlapping for him or pulling defenders with him which gives Neymar the chance to drift into the middle where space is created.

On the other hand, when Anthony Martial receives the ball he is usually double-marked because Shaw/Darmian are usually just standing about 3 or 4 metres behind him expecting the pass backwards.

If he tries to run down the line he is crowded out, if he tries to drift inwards he is crowded out. Likewise Rashford – if he drifts out wide he usually has two defenders on him because either the left-backs (Shaw / Darmian) or the right-winger (Mata / Mhkitaryan) refuse to run down the line and pull a defender away.

Just look up video analysing United’s attacking during the glory years – all mention how they attacked (and defended) with a lot of width from both the defenders and wingers which was one of the main reasons that forwards would find so much space – that and constantly changing positions and fluid movement up front (never staying still).

But maybe you’re right, maybe Perisic and Morata coming in for Ibrahimovic and Martial, as well as training finishing will see us make up the 31 goal difference between us and 1st place. Personally I wouldn’t bet on it by sure as hell hope I’m wrong.

Sympathy for the Devils

Being on the North Bank was great fun!

I remember. “He’s here, he’s there, he’s every F****ing where, Bobby Gould, Bobby Gould. Got the North bank chucked out the “choir” competitions every time. They were good days, before many of you youngsters time.

When we called the players, George Graham would pretend to not hear us. Until the boo from the Gooners. A game we played every game. John Radford, George Armstrong, Bob Mcnab, Peter Story, Bob Wilson, Ian Ure (Went to United).

Remember beating united 3-0 on boxing day when George Best played, I know he was a United player, but that boy was class. Respect. Miss the North bank, always in my heart.

Gooner for life.


Don’t judge Salah on his Chelsea days – he’s improved massively

We are getting a quality young attacking player with pace. Don’t judge on his Chelsea days as he never got a proper chance and Mourinho has been known for stifling attacking players and not being able to trust them.

He sold Arjen Robben, Kevin De Bruyne, Juan Mata. I have watched Mohamed Salah in Italy. There will be times when he may frustrate and maybe not have the final ball at all times but if he can become more consistent he can be an asset.

I think we need a 20-30 goal scoring striker to complete our attack. I think in the big game Klopp may well go with that trio he likes of Firminho, Coutinho, Mane. In big games he could play a midfield 3 of Wijnaldem, Can, Henderson.

In games against teams that sit deep he could play a more attacking side with Can, Wijnaldum/Henderson, Coutinho/Lallana, with an attacking trio of Salah, Mane, Firminho.

Lee Simpson

I’m very excited about this signing. This adds a lot of pace down our left wing which we severely lacked last year with Milner and Coutinho.

We should be more capable of breaking down resilient defences at Anfield now. This signing also indirectly adds more competition to the midfield with Coutinho possibly taking Lallana’s spot.


Leeds fans say next season will be like ‘stepping in to an abyss’

Karamba! Indeed Drew, this sounds like a good bit of business (signing Mateusz Klich), nice and early into the new season and perhaps the start of a few more deals happening to build on what we have currently.

I am happy with that side of things as it would appear that we are looking to get in quality as opposed to the loans and freebies of the last decade………

I reckon all of us are going to feel like we will be stepping into an abyss when the new season starts with so much that will be untried and untested. I had quite a rant a few days ago but I am going to settle down and not make up my mind until around mid October as I usually do about how the season is likely to turn out for us.

For now, I say “Welcome Mateuse” and hope there will be other new faces joining him soon and perhaps some going out the door.

Keep the Faith. WAL


Bakayoko joining doesn’t signal the end for Matic at Chelsea

Tiemoue Bakayoko: Wants PSG move

I think Cesar Azpilicueta will go to right wing back and is a complete upgrade on Victor Moses there. He can defend far better than Moses, won’t get caught out and can work on his attacking traits.

Moses isn’t that good going forward! I also cant forgive him for the dive. Azpilicueta is perfectly suited to that role

Signing Tiemoue Bakayoko does not mean Nemanja Matic will go. It’s not one in one out. We need 4 central midfielders for a long season. What use will letting Matic go be? We’ll be back to struggling to fill places due to injury! Matic is going nowhere.

It’ll be Ngolo Kante, Cesc Fabregas, Nemanja Matic and Bakayoko fighting for the 2 places. Maybe even 3 places if Antonio Conte goes to 3-5-2


I don’t think we’ll pursue Mbappe unless Sanchez leaves

There seems to be very little happening on the Arsenal front these days, other than the kit launch that is. Not sure I have ever seen a club make such a big deal over a new shirt!

Every day the rumours seem to be that Sanchez is edging closer to a move to City and we are ‘hoping’ we can pull of the deal for Mbappe. Simply cannot see that happening with the options he is going to have.

Let’s just pretend it could for a second – it poses some interesting questions. Firstly, it would decimate our supposed ‘war chest’ of 150 million. If we somehow did sign him, it would be around the 120 million mark if not more. Doesn’t leave much for other areas of the team, which we know do need addressing.

I honestly do not see the club even pursuing this one unless Sanchez leaves. If he does go, they know they need to pull off something mega to try and placate the fans. One of the questions has to then be, how happy would people be to see Mbappe come in, if it happens at the expense of Sanchez leaving? Is that any kind of step forward?

I don’t see how it can be, at least in the short term. Potential or not, you are taking a monumental risk paying that kind of fee for someone who has had one season. We would be losing, one of, if not the best forward in the Premier League to a direct rival.


Costa will stay and Conte will have to take a hit

Diego Costa: Responded to reports

I see it in the stars! Diego Costa will be here until January at least, he’s insisting he’ll only go to Atletico Madrid. The club won’t be held to ransom by Everton for Romelu Lukaku and according to reports the club have been warned off making an approach for the Bayern Munich striker (Lewandowski).

With Costa not gone I can see the club telling Conte he’s got to make do with the striker until then which means a bit of a climb down for Antonio Conte. If Chelsea can’t come up with an alternative striker solution I think there’ll be troubled times ahead.


The FA’s changes to youth football are a step in the right direction

The re-organisation of the game by the FA from kids to youth level was a massive step in the right direction and over time will allow us to produce more technically gifted players.

But realistically very few will make it as professional players and our game, certainly at the top level of the Premier League is driven by the need for success and very very few players across the top 6 clubs come through from the academy and become first team regulars.

It’s also very difficult to predict who may or may not make it. I played in a decent team at Youth level with lots of very good players but none of the best went on to do anything whilst a lad who didn’t stand out at all went on to have a long career at QPR.

Hatters, lacking pace and strength will be picked out as problems by coaches everywhere it just depends whether your nephews other attributes outweigh what he lacks.

As you know Beckham could drop a football on a sixpence and it served him well. Perhaps he should be looking to join another team next season where the Coaches have a bit more faith in him.

nine nine nine

I think the point Hatters is making is that the coaches aren’t saying he isn’t good enough, they are saying he isn’t big enough or strong enough.

Everyone know that during teenage years kids develop at varying rates and not giving a talented youngster game time at 13 because he is big enough harms their development so when the catch up in size at the ages of 16 to 18 the damage has been done.

That is why the English team has your Emile Heskey’s and Peter Crouches of this world but no Lionel Messi’s, David Silva’s or Luis Suarez’s.


If Matic leaves I don’t care if he joins Manchester United

Nemanja Matic: Returned to his former club

Personally, if we do not want Nemanja Matic then I don’t really care where he goes. Ideally it would be good for every player leaving us to go abroad but realistically that will not happen

And why are people concerned about him joining Man United? If we don’t think he is good enough then will he actually make such an impact for Man U?

I would say he’s an upgrade on what they currently have but if he’s not good enough for Chelsea is that not making a statement..?


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