‘Poacher Defoe a better option for Liverpool than Sturridge’

Date published: Saturday 13th May 2017 12:35

Manchester United fans have decided they are now happy that Danny Welbeck left for Arsenal in 2014, while Liverpool supporters would welcome the signing of Jermain Defoe at Anfield, all in the forum.

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Do Arsenal’s underperformers have adequate training?

Hope your right with Ramsey, I like him but expect more.
I have a concern with our player skills development. Ramsey, Ox, Walcott, Chambers and Holding. Some too late but I can hope. All potential great players, yet battling to get to next level. Problem in their glide path from inadequate training?
Just putting it out there……
Well done Chelsea, watched last night and it was hard, but they move the ball very quickly, something I think we need to improve.
Today big game. Stoke will be up for it, I hope we are. Come on you Gunners, make us proud.



Praise for Antonio Conte

Always remember watching Sunday supplement and the Greek guy (name escapes me) pre season went on record and stated forget all the fuss on pep Maureen and klippity and that Chelsea and in fact snared the best manager and we would indeed win the PL with him
Take a bow Antonio Conte, not just about the winning with this guy but clear to see so many in the game hold him in such high regards and the club is in a much better place for him.
He ain’t going anywhere, he had planned on coming the PL for a while and why he made sure he spoke the language before he arrived, just fantastic we got him.



Must admit we have played better over the season but WBA were never going to make it easy for us and the winning goal coming from the most unexpected of players

Great credit to Conte for making the change in formation and did you see Pulis having to give instructions to Fletcher for them to adjust accordingly…!!

In the end, great night and a great victory and a great celebration. Just need to cap of a great year with a win at Wembley

Many congratulations (and a massive thank you) to all associated with Chelsea FC for lifting the league title once again. KTBFFH



Chelsea is a model for other clubs

Regardless of the changes to be made by Conte I think it is a given that Emenalo will still feature heavily at Chelsea

I have read so many articles this last week or so regarding how the Club has been run under Roman and it is very clear that the overall consensus of opinion is that it is a VERY well run Club and could easily be used as a model for other clubs.

It was noted that both Buck and Emenalo have high profile roles which they execute very well but really wanted to highlight the power and ability of Marina who has been heavily involved since she joined the board in 2013

Mistakes will be made by individuals or as a group (which seems more likely to me as they all seem to ensure we have group decisions but each individual has their own responsibilities) but regardless – as a group they have served this Club and Roman exceptionally well to date so unless something really bad were to happen I would not envisage changes being made in the near future and Conte or whomever the manager may be will have to understand and accept that fact. KTBFFH



Squeaky bum time for Crystal Palace

I think Sunderland will draw against Swansea and Hull will eek out a win against us. The only saving grace is that Man Utd have made the final and will try and rest players for final game. Still cant see us beating Utd and as Swansea will beat west Brom , not sure about Spurs against Hull.. so squeaky bum time big style . Puncheon has been very poor this season and hasn’t looked like scoring .. i would love to be proved wrong .. but i have a feeling this will go down to the wire!!! If only Sakho had stayed fit for another 30 mins against Spurs!!!!!



Liverpool should sign Defoe this summer

With respect Bobb, Im not sure I can agree with you on this one. I love Sturridge a lot but Defoe’s strike record is very impressive. He is No. 6 on the all time PL goals record behind the likes of Henry, and Alan Shearer. Whilst Sturridge is yet to get 100 goals list, even Peter Crouch has matched that target.

I know Sturridge has been blighted by terrible injuries but you can only do what you can do and Defoe’s record is pretty good 157 PL goals to be exact. However on the plus side Sturridge is (only) 27 years old and has time on his side to catch up, but, currently with with his injury problems Id actually put money on Sturridge retiring before 30 or moving to MLS than him reaching 100 PL goals. His body looks shot to me, sadly…

Subjectively yes Sturridge is probably has edge on Defoe in terms of scoring amazing goals. But Defoe is no slouch in that department either, I’ve seen him score some crackers too! I don’t know if its me but I feel Defoe has never really had the rub of the green compared to other strikers but wherever he has been he has smacked the goals in!


To me, Defoe is a different striker to Origi and therefore adds the much needed depth we need, different options from the bench or in certain games etc. Ings will take a season to get fit so we need that ‘4th’ striker. Bobby to me is wasted as a striker. Sturridge will go for a nice amount of money. No point debating whether he should or should not go, i think that is now destiny. Can’t keep relying on someone who cannot be relied upon. We have a small squad and everyone must play their part. We’ve seen at the dog end of the season where injuries pile up, just how threadbare the squad can get. I agree with the posts above, he will be in high wages but for one or two seasons whilst Ings gets back…gets my vote..

number 10


You can’t call Jurgen Klopp overrated

Klopp isn’t overrated I think his record proves that but he isn’t quite in the top echelon of managers for me yet either.

It’s not just about having the players, I think he genuinely likes to build a team rather than buying a team of superstars. It’s about his tactics, varying them more and being a bit braver when plan a isn’t working. But he isn’t a million miles off and close to the likes of Conte for me but not quite tactically as strong. But we have played better football on occasions just like under Rodgers, Teams haven’t been able to get close to us.

A few tweaks and he’ll be a massive success.



Liverpool look toothless without Mane’s pace

Just watching my daughters rep team playing & they just played a very well drilled team that had them chasing shadows. After the game my daughter said it felt like they were continually chasing their players the whole game. As I explanned to her it was simply a case of pass & move, as soon as they get rid of the ball they move & look for space.
This got me thinking about LFC & how toothless we look without Mane. I get his pace stretches teams defenders but surely there’s more to it than that. I look at Origi & think he has all the attributes but lacks intelligence.
I get the way a team plays is a factor but I don’t understand why we seem to be so toothless without Mane’s pace, especially when the teams we struggle with sit so deep. I think Ings will fit the way play as IMO he has game intelligence & drags players around so why are we so slow & predictable without Mane. I look at our players & no one seems to move up top, we always look like we are reacting instead of creating. FFS move around & drag defenders. A target man would help but we don’t have that so movement is key for us & it’s something that we appear to lack.



Van Gaal was right to get rid of Welbeck

Welbeck has done very little to prove LvG wrong in binning him off,he was always profligate,unreliable and injury prone at OT and nothing has changed on that score.Probably could have squeezed another 5m out of Arsenal if we had a competent chief exec doing the deal instead of Wudwud,but that’s about it.



Welbeck is a very average player. That he is first choice for Arsenal on those rare occasions he is not injured says more about how much they have regressed since the days of Seaman, Lehmann, Adams, Campbell, Petit, Vieira, Overmars, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry than about his own ability.
The goal he scored was gifted to him by Chris ‘I’m 6ft4 but can’t head a ball’ Smalling!


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