Red Letter: Klopp has to turn around Anfield form

Date published: Thursday 12th November 2015 1:28

Jurgen Klopp: Suffered first defeat as Liverpool manager

Jurgen Klopp: Suffered first defeat as Liverpool manager

In his weekly Liverpool blog, lifelong Reds fan Dave Tindall looks into Jurgen Klopp’s home record at Dortmund to see if there’s hope for brighter days at Anfield after the loss to Crystal Palace.

With hindsight, it came as no real surprise.

Bogey team + 5,000-mile round trip to Russia + iffy home record + excellent away side = recipe for defeat.

And so it came to pass as Crystal Palace won at Anfield for the second year running and beat us for the third straight game.

It was a familiar script for home fans (more of them later). Slow start by the Reds, go a goal down, huff and puff, get an equaliser, have most of the possession, create and waste chances, get hit at the end from a set-piece. Lose.

If Liverpool fans had temporarily forgotten about it in the heady whirl of early Jurgen Klopp excitement, there is a massive issue the German has to address. It’s a huge priority and will determine whether the Reds can grab a Champions League spot this season (the odds say it’ll be tight although Spurs nudged ahead in the betting for a top-four spot after Liverpool’s defeat to Palace).

Quite simply, Liverpool need to learn how to win at Anfield on a regular basis again.

I submitted myself to some mental torture the other day. Like re-reading old texts from a hot ex-girlfriend sent during the golden early days, I decided to watch a re-run of our nearly magical 2013/14 season on Sky+.

Wow, those were amazing times. Suarez and Sturridge running amok, teams being steamrollered in the first-half (4-0 up on Arsenal after 20 minutes, 3-0 in front against Everton after 35) and goals flying in from everywhere.

Look at the numbers and weep…

League games played at Anfield 19, Won 16, Drawn 1, Lost 2. Even if we won every home league game until the end of the season, we can’t beat that record now.

By contrast, in Brendan Rodgers’ first season, the home record read: P19, W9, D6, L4 while in his final full campaign (2014/15) it was a similar story: P19, W10, D5, L4.

This season, Rodgers left us with a record of P4, W2, D1, L1 at Anfield although if you take into account the dour cup games it becomes P6, W2, D3, L1. The wins, by the way, were 3-2 against rock-bottom Aston Villa and an offside winner in a 1-0 success against third-bottom Bournemouth.

As for Klopp at Anfield, it’s P2, W0, D1, L1 in the Premier League and P4, W1, D2, L1 overall. In other words, Klopp has changed nothing…so far.

Turning those into percentages and taking into account all league and cup games at Anfield over the last two seasons shows this:

2015/16: Won 33%, Drawn 55%, Lost 12%

2014/15: Won 44%, Drawn 37%, Lost 19%

Depressing isn’t it. The home fans don’t even get to see Liverpool win half their matches these days. No wonder they head home early!

Early leavers frustrate Klopp

Which, of course, brings us onto the other big talking point in the last week. Was Klopp right to call out the home supporters for departing well before full-time with the side 2-1 down to Crystal Palace?

“With 12 minutes to go, I saw many people leaving the stadium,” said Klopp. “I turn around and saw them go. I felt pretty alone at this moment.”

When pressed further, Klopp continued, “We are responsible, we have to make sure that nobody can leave the stadium a minute before the last whistle, because anything can happen. That’s what we have to show. Today, we didn’t.”

He’s right… to some extent at least. There’s simply no way every Liverpool fan will stay until the very end but the team have to at least give them reason to stick it out. Either by actually holding the lead late on so there’s a greater desire for supporters to stay on and applaud the win or by threatening to nick a late winner or retrieve a losing situation.

Had Rodgers sent this little dig to the fans, it would have gone down like a lead balloon. But Klopp has so much goodwill that he can afford to say it and, do you know what, I’m glad he did. Even if 50 more potential leavers stay on, it’s had an effect and, as well, the diehards who would never leave early may now shout more to prove their loyalty. The extra atmosphere helps the team, there’s an increased likelihood of late goals and a chain reaction has been started. Good work Jurgen!

Bar re-signing Suarez and waving a magic fitness wand over Sturridge, the home form can’t just return to those glory days of 2013/14.

And one other point raised this week is whether Klopp’s famed ‘gegenpressing’ is actually more suited to away games. It’s very early days, but it seems that way so far on the evidence of the impressive road wins at Chelsea and Rubin Kazan.

So, the obvious next question if we want a window to the future at Anfield is how did Klopp’s Borussia Dortmund fare at home?

Here’s his record in the seven seasons he enjoyed at the Westfalenstadion:

2008/09    17 8 9 0 34 11 47 9th
2009/10    17 10 4 3 29 14 59 5th
2010/11    17 12 4 1 35 8 71 1st
2011/12    17 14 2 1 44 12 82 1st
2012/13    17 10 3 4 40 19 59 2nd
2013/14    17 11 2 4 41 19 65 2nd
2014/15    17 9 3 5 26 15 53 7th


So, only in Klopp’s first season did Dortmund fail to win over half their home games in the Bundesliga. That said, not losing a single match was mightily impressive, although the glut of home draws in that campaign is something Liverpool fans can relate to. The good news is that it got better and better after that.

Klopp increased the number of home wins by two each season until peaking with 14 out of 17 in 2011/12. That resulted in a second straight Bundesliga title after the first had been achieved with 12. In season three, Dortmund conceded just eight goals at home so he got the defence sorted whilst still managing to score over two goals per game (35 in 17).

In short, if Klopp can get the right men on the pitch to carry out his masterplan, Liverpool are capable of winning lots of home games. It’s just that it might take a season or two before it clicks in.

The Liverpool boss may be more associated with heavy metal than Northern Soul but to use the latter movement’s catchphrase… Keep the faith.

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    Dave Tindall

    In his new Liverpool blog, Dave Tindall examines Jurgen Klopp’s home record at Dortmund to see if there’s hope for better days at Anfield.

    [See the full post at: Red Letter: Klopp has to turn around Anfield form]


    Klopp is now under pressure is he?

    if you want me to keep coming to this site, do not try and swing this.


    Mark Holmes

    Have you read the article, MrMakaveli? It’s strange that you’ve reacted in that way to such a positive piece…from a Liverpool supporter!



    I’ve just read the article and judging by the stats Dave is spot on but IMO it’s way too early to be Judging Klopp on what He has tried to do so far.


    I didn’t read the article. Maybe you should concentrate on positive headlines.



    I think the article effectively outlines the task in hand Klopp is now faced with.

    In essense, it’s like changing ownership of a vehicle whereby the way it has been left (ala under the predecessor Rodgers), Klopp now has the job to take care of it’s service and MOT.

    Fans leaving against Palace isn’t just all about THAT particular game, but an ongoing problem and this is why these stats have been presented.

    We need the Liverpool home to return to a fortress and let’s be honest, we’ve haven’t had a great deal to sing about properly since the time when Luis Suarez for example bagged 5 goals.

    Liverpool-Manchester United in the new year is a game we’re going to need to win to really get that stadium buzzing again.




    Mr M, we’ve got problems we can’t brush under the carpet no matter how positive we’d like to be.



    Is this working?


    theMartial Art

    After winning two titles, one double and guiding Dortmund to the Champions League final, Klopp’s final season in charge was characterised by shocking defending and endless defeats. Klopp left under the cloud of a near-disastrous final season. Unless Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd disappear into a deep hole Klopp has little chance of turning Liverpool around in the next three years and lets not forget Spurs – Yes Tottenham Hotspur have finished above Liverpool four out of the last five seasons. An FA Cup or League Cup and some decent football is the best Liverpool can hope for in the immediate future. Title/Champions League – No chance.



    Stats mean nothing without a large enough sample size.
    – Klopp has managed 4 premier league games.
    – He inherited a squad with a history of being mediocre.
    – He has been burdened with injuries.
    – Sakho, Ings, Gomez, Sturridge, Henderson
    – He has purchased zero players.
    – He has never seen a transfer window at LFC.

    And still he is subjected to lengthy analysis. FFS! Is there any depth to any analysis done now? Can there ever be any depth?

    Give the manager a chance, i.e. be patient before trying to judge.

    Oh yeah… and fans leaving early are disgusting. LFC fans like to think they’re the best in the world. That Anfield has the greatest atmosphere. Sit down and watch games to the end or else be prepared to be called hypocrites!



    Good post Cibo, Stats can say One thing but what We see with Our own Eyes can tell a totally different story.



    “Klopp has to turn around Anfield form”…

    Klopp the shapeshifter! I feel like indulging in sarcasm!
    – no way?
    – are you sure?
    – i think u’re onto something mate!
    – no i prefer he turns around our away form
    – yeah klopp is the only one who has to do it


    Sean the sailor

    I thought we were excellent against palace. We started slowly but we came back into the game well and created plenty of chances. palace were very good aswell. It was an exciting game. If one thing klopp has changed already is that we are enjoyable to watch again

    I really think judgement can only be made in a years time when he has his own signings in.

    We have two big problems. Lack of goals and defensive mistakes. Rodgers was always telling Moreno to attack the ball yet at Stamford bridge he stood still when rameries had a free header. Can makes a silly mistake in the box againest palace and Everton. The individual mistakes are going in years. Until these stop them we will keep conceding silly goals. Mignonlet againest Norwich aswell. The goals will come. We have created more in our last 4 games then we had done in our previous 8 games. Benteke has done well but needs to take more of his chances. We need sturridge for and to see how it if klopp will play him and Benteke together.lalanna has to start scoring. Firmino has done well in last few games but needs to start contributing goals.


    Mark Holmes

    I can’t believe the headline of Dave’s weekly blog from a Liverpool fans’ perspective has caused so much offence!

    It is a positive piece, but Liverpool’s form at Anfield needs to improve if the club is to achieve its aims. Suggesting that we should ‘concentrate on positive headlines’ is a bit silly – this is not Pravda.



    Haha! anything Liverpool related raises opinions!

    I think the manager needs a settling in period. He is clever enough to know what must change and has stressed that patience is required. Anyway, what can be done is for fans to sit in their seats for a full game and support the team!



    Sensible, one of the problems is assessing things already.

    Holmes, of course things will have to improve but we knew that, that’s why we brought Klopp in. How long has he been in charge in days? TT has a history of taking the most dramatic headline it can from content so let’s talk about silliness.



    Mr M,

    In any ‘walk of life’ ones a Manager has had a chance to get his feet under the table, he’s going to be presented from the person above a list of problems that need addressing, and effectively, the baggage he’s taking on.

    This article has examined our problems in winning games at home of which we are aware of and not really something you can paper over, but work on and one of the ways in doing so is ensuring at the very least, opposing teams don’t win on our soil.

    The spirit and confidence will follow with that, once we really beginning knuckling down and start winning games.

    The home support will then begin to trust the players better and ticket sales as a result will be on the up.


    Mark Holmes

    MrMakaveli, if you still haven’t I strongly suggest you read the article. Dave is a lifelong Liverpool fan that is now writing a weekly blog about the latest goings on at Anfield. The headline was his.

    Here are his other pieces so far:
    Liverpool starting to catch fire under Klopp
    Klopp up and running; bring on Mourinho
    Klopp gives hope and must make Sakho skipper
    Kudos for Klopp after Spurs stalemate at Lane

    Quite clearly, Dave is not in the business of writing ‘dramatic’ negative headlines, but he couldn’t simply ignore another setback at Anfield.

    In any case, to complain about an article you haven’t read is ridiculous in my opinion.



    Perhaps Mr M feels as though its too early to begin discussing Klopps performances at Anfield. Sure our results at home must improve. Thats a given. Klopp will be aware of this too – duhhh!

    We have faith in him now and in the long term. period.

    Problem relates to Liverpool in general, imo, is that we receive too much attention – sometimes none is needed!


    Mark Holmes

    Well Dave will be writing a weekly blog about Liverpool every week I’m afraid.

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen a fan asking a website to write less about their club so congratulations! I just hope you don’t stumble across a Liverpool FC-centric website…you’ll hate it 😉

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