Ref Review: The controversial decisions from matchday 13

Date published: Monday 28th November 2016 12:40

Our panel discuss several highly-contested decisions in the Premier League this weekend, with Paul Pogba’s yellow card and Bournemouth’s penalty at Arsenal coming under the microscope.

Refereeing decisions are regularly the source of debate among fans, pundits, players and managers so this season a five-strong TEAMtalk panel will be passing judgement on every red card (or avoidance of one), every penalty and any other major incident every matchday.

We’ll also decide on a weekly basis which side can consider themselves most fortunate and which was the easiest decision for a match official to make.

Leicester penalty #1 against Middlesbrough

On first viewing it seemed Callum Chambers could have few complaints after raising his arm in the area following Danny Simpson’s lofted ball into the box. However replays clearly show Chambers handled due to being unceremoniously shoved in the back by Wes Morgan.

None of the officials at the King Power spotted the infringement, much to the chagrin of those who had made the trip from Teesside.

“Morgan recognised that (the foul) to my players at half-time,”  said a clearly frustrated Aitor Karanka afterwards.

It was a crucial moment in the game too with Boro well on top and Leicester fans booing the collective ‘efforts’ of the champions just minutes before.

Verdict Incorrect decision

Leicester penalty #2 against Middlesbrough

Claudio Ranieri: Backs Slimani to sting Porto again

If the first Foxes penalty award was controversial, this clearly was not. In the fourth minute of injury-time Leicester captain Wes Morgan bustled into the Boro box and was scythed down by a graceless challenge from Martin de Roon.

Substitute Islam Slimani kept his head when all around him were losing theirs to give Leicester a share of the spoils their play barely warranted.

Verdict Correct decision

Burnley penalty appeal against Manchester City

The Clarets had already beaten Liverpool and Everton at Turf Moor this season and gave Manchester City a decent argument on Saturday.

Ref Andre Marriner –  who hit the headlines over some big calls during Manchester United’s clash with Arsenal last weekend – was under the spotlight again after waving away frantic Burnley penalty appeals when Jeff Hendrick was seemingly floored by Nicolas Otamendi.

The Argentine clearly went into the back of the Burnley player, leaving Sean Dyche to seethe: “I’m still scratching my head how it’s not a penalty. It’s a foul anywhere on the pitch.”

Verdict Incorrect decision

Sergio Aguero possible second yellow card v Burnley


In bagging a brace against Burnley, Aguero has now scored against 29 of the 30 Premier League teams he has played against.

However there is a school of thought that he was lucky not to be sent off at Turf Moor following his scrappy double that took the Citizens (temporarily at least) back to the top of the table. After 70 minutes and with the visitors 2-1 up he was booked for kicking the ball away after being caught offside.

Aguero then began an ironic hand clap in the direction of Marriner, who if he was feeling more ruthless could have easily issued a second yellow. Happily common sense prevailed.

Verdict: Correct decision

Bournemouth penalty v Arsenal

Last weekend young Callum Wilson was denied an absolute stick-on of a penalty after crashing down in the area at Stoke but on Sunday at the Emirates fortune at last greeted him with the purest of grins.

Wilson got goal-side of Nacho Monreal but despite the Gunners defender barely making contact at all ref Mike Jones had no hesitation in pointing at the spot.

Wilson dusted himself off to convert and make it 1-1 as Arsene Wenger barely kept his emotions in check on the sidelines.

Verdict: Incorrect decision

Bournemouth penalty appeal v Arsenal

Arsenal players and fans had been on referee Jones’ case after that first half penalty award to the Cherries and one wonders if their displeasure had anything to do with the man in the middle turning down what looked an infinitely stronger appeal in the second half as Monreal appeared to handle in the area when a Simon Francis pass stuck him on the arm?

Boss Eddie Howe was philosophical afterwards when he said: “We are disappointed. We came here to win and leave with our heads held high.”

One out of two ain’t bad Eddie.

Verdict Incorrect decision

Paul Pogba yellow card v West Ham

Paul Pogba: Tangles with Mark Noble.

Another week, another touchline controversy involving Jose Mourinho. On Sunday the wily Portuguese was furious after referee Jon Moss showed Pogba a yellow card for simulation. He took a wild swing at a water bottle and minutes later was banished to the stands.

Afterwards assistant boss Rui Faria tried to defend the gaffer when he said: “I think there was frustration from Jose after the yellow card from Pogba. It should be a foul for us but the referee understood it in another way.”

However replays showed that Mark Noble did not in fact make contact with the France international.

Verdict Correct decision


Week 13 awards

Team most likely to feel brassed off award


Manchester City dominated possession at Turf Moor and few would argue they didn’t deserve the three points but it would have been ever so interesting if Mr Marriner had called Otamendi for that shove on Hendrick early on.


Stonewall decision of the week

Leicester’s second spot kick award against Middlesbrough

They just don’t come much more blatant than De Roon’s uncouth challenge on Morgan. In the dying embers of a pulsating match Boro needed their midfielder to show Dutch courage in his own area but a rush of blood to the head has cost his team two valuable points.

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    James Marshment

    Our panel discuss the Premier League’s debatable decisions, with Paul Pogba’s yellow card and Bournemouth’s penalty at Arsenal reviewed.

    [See the full post at: Ref Review: The controversial decisions from matchday 13]



    I think the fact that Mike Jones is still refereeing full stop, let alone in the premiership is a clear sign of how desperate we are for more top class referees to come into the game.


    the specialone

    I don’t want to be one of those fans that comes on whinging about decisions every week, but yet again you have proved how biased this panel is.

    Monreal penalty was ball to hand,as his hand was already in out it was almost like the bournemouth player aimed for it.But fair enough if you think it was a penalty in your opinion.

    How come there’s not even a mention of the ditto situation in the man united vs west ham game, where I clearly remember one of the united defenders handling the ball,and if this was more of a penalty than the monreal one if anything because he actually raises his hand.

    Listen,TT were better off without this feature if I remember well this wasn’t there during the start of the season.



    The Special one – The FA clarified it a come of summers ago, if you put your arms out to make yourself bigger as Monreal did then it is deemed as deliberate handball, so that should have been given, didn’t see the Utd one so can’t comment.



    Didn’t fancy mentioning the blatant penalty against rojo in the man utd west ham game?


    the specialone

    paxman – To be honest,I don’t really understand the rule.Listen your hands can’t always be stuck to your body,espescially when you’re running around.I’ve seen numerous times penalty’s not given even when your hand is out.

    For me it’s either two ways to decide whether it’s a penalty.

    It’s either hand to ball or ball to hand.

    However,it’s not really the point I raised there.As I said it’s fair enough they think monreal was a penalty, but like someone else mentioned how could they possibly miss a more obvious handball of Rojo.I mean to not even bring it up…I think there are many many decisions to look for in the match.Either the panel should perfectly spot all the controversial decisions, and judge it by the rule of the book or not bring up the feature at all.



    Haven’t seen the incidents in question so I won’t comment specifics but I will say I agree with the interpretation of the rule that says if you hands/arms are away from your body and making yourself “bigger”, then it should be a penalty.

    But as with most decisions, I think we all want to see a level of consistency…



    @Thespecialone, don’t you think it would be best for your team if Monreal never played again for Arsenal. It seems to be every week he is involved in a penalty appeal against you


    Eng Ndiewo

    Pogba fell because he was avoiding being hacked by the Westham player who had swang the legs. The sensible decision was to do nothing and let play continue.



    The Special One – The rule was changed a few years back because defenders (John Terry being the prime example, which Arsenal fans moaned about constantly) were always making themselves bigger by putting their arms out, and the defenders know this is the rule now which is why you see many of them putting their arms behind their back so as not to concede a penalty, as I said in my first post I did not see the Utd game but if the situation was the same then I would say that was a penalty also.


    The Pogba incident looked like a blatent(and poorly executed ) dive.
    The second question should never really have changed and needs no interpretation.
    There is no such thing as handball in football, only deliberate handball, that is the only issue the ref has to decide on. The rest of it is fluff that obscures the issue and provided no help.

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