Ref Review: The incorrect decisions from week 20

Date published: Monday 4th January 2016 3:36

Geoff Cameron: Sent off in Stoke City's defeat at West Brom

Geoff Cameron: Sent off in Stoke City's defeat at West Brom

West Ham were fortunate to get away with their first goal against Liverpool, but the decisions evened themselves in the Leicester v Bournemouth game.

Refereeing decisions are regularly the source of debate among fans, pundits, players and managers so this season a five-strong TEAMtalk panel will be passing judgement on every red card (or avoidance of one), every penalty and any other major incident every weekend.

We’ll also keep a tally of the major decisions to go for and against each team in an attempt to settle the never-ending debate about whether certain clubs are favoured more than others by Premier League referees.

Week 20

West Ham first goal v Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp did not use it as an excuse, admitting that Liverpool were responsible for their own downfall, but Michail Antonio clearly fouled Alberto Moreno in the build-up to his opening goal of West Ham’s 2-0 win. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Leicester City penalty v Bournemouth: Eddie Howe claimed Simon Francis was sent off for “one of the tackles of the season” but, although he did get a touch on the ball, it wasn’t enough to divert it away from Jamie Vardy, who would have still had a great chance to score if he had not been clattered by Francis’ follow-through. However, slow-motion replays showed that the foul occurred just outside of the penalty area so Bournemouth were hard done by, just not in the way that Howe believed. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Leicester City penalty appeal v Bournemouth: This was a similar incident to the one which saw Angelo Ogbonna penalised for a foul on Rudy Gestede on Boxing Day. Vardy got goal side of Dan Gosling, who ran into the back of him, and although the Bournemouth midfielder did not mean to trip the Leicester forward, it was clumsy defending. Three out of five on our panel felt a penalty should have been awarded so things evened themselves out on the day. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Swansea City penalty appeals v Manchester United: Angel Rangel admitted he dived in an attempt to win one penalty in Swansea City’s defeat at Old Trafford, but Alan Curtis’ side had another shout earlier in the game when Morgan Schneiderlin smashed an attempted clearance into his own hand. However, nobody on the panel even considered the possibility that it should have been a penalty. Verdict: Correct decisions

Victor Wanyama red card v Norwich City: Having already been booked for one mistimed challenge, Wanyama was given a second yellow card and his marching orders after a reckless foul on Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe. There were no complaints, even from Wanyama, who later apologised. Verdict: Correct decision

Geoff Cameron red card v West Brom: This one well and truly split the panel, but the only debate was whether Cameron’s push to the back of Claudio Yacob’s head as, contrary to popular belief, there is no rule that says a player must be sent off for raising his hands. Three to two voted that a yellow card would have been sufficient punishment. Verdict: Incorrect decision


For and Against

Team For Against Total For/Against
1. Leicester Ten Five +5
2. Liverpool Nine Five +4
= Man City Eight Four +4
= Man Utd Five One +4
= Tottenham Five One +4
6. Arsenal Six Six +3
7. Aston Villa Three One +2
= Newcastle Five Three +2
9. Sunderland Three Three 0
10. Crystal Palace One Two -1
= Everton One Two -1
= Norwich One Two -1
= Southampton Five Six -1
=Watford Three Four -1
15. Chelsea Five Seven -2
= Stoke Three Five -2
17. Swansea Two Five -3
18. Bournemouth Three Eight -5
= West Brom Three Eight -5
20. West Ham Two Eight -6

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    Mark Holmes

    Stoke City’s Geoff Cameron was hard done by West Brom, but the decisions evened themselves in the Leicester v Bournemouth game.

    [See the full post at: Ref Review: The incorrect decisions from week 20]



    The Mangala none-corner which lead to a goal? :/



    Cameron’s Red looked Harsh but He should have known better than to Raise His Hands, Wanyama was plain Stupidity Two reckless Yellows deserved to Go.Simon Francis I thought was unlucky just as John Stones was Last Week in the Everton-Stoke Game,Both looked to have got a touch on the Ball so therefore Not Pens IMO.Moreno was unlucky not to have been given a Free Kick but He should have just got back up and tht cannot be an excuse for an Awful Liverpool Performance. Finally A word of Credit for who IMO is the best Ref in the League By a Mile,Michael Oliver at Goodison, Handled the game very well,Never resorted to Carding players Willy Nily,Gave Barry and Lamela warnings before eventually Booking Both and Reffed the game in a calm Manner.


    Ash Howe

    The Cameron Red Card aside, Watching the game highlights, Walters was in on offside position in the build up to the Stoke goal, he was offside when the ball was played directly to him from a Butland clearance. Walters won the header, flicked it onto Joselu, who sprinted down the wing, and provided the cross which assisted the goal.

    You could argue there was enough time for WBA to defend and affect the passage of play, but if the flag / whistle goes when the ball is played, the last 10 minutes of taht game looks completely different again.

    There was no discussion of this on MoTD or on here, so just wondering what people think? Is that purely because of the bigger talking point of the Red Card, i’m just wondering?

    It doesn’t make the decision to send off Cameron right or wrong, but just wondering if any of the fans saying they were hard done by saw this, or have an opinion on it?



    @Ash – you are quite correct on the Walters offside incident – he clearly came back from an offside position to head the ball on, and the Asst Ref should have spotted it



    Liverpool didnt play well and it would be too easy to blame the ref completely. But at the same time giving the opposition a 1 goal head start makes it more difficult, particularly for a team who isnt playing great at the moment. Same goes for the Watford game. Liverpool had a mountain to climb from the first minute thanks to poor officials.


    Mohamed Patel

    The table was not updated for Liverpool.
    It’s still showing 9/4 but it should be 9/5 as per “West Ham first goal v Liverpool”



    Hey, you’ve forgotten the Southampton – Arsenal match. Southampton would have won anyways, but 3 of the goals should have been disallowed. They aren’t mentioned in week 18.

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