Ref Review: The incorrect decisions from week 21

Date published: Thursday 14th January 2016 6:46

Kyle Naughton: Shown red card in Swansea City's defeat to Sunderland

Kyle Naughton: Shown red card in Swansea City's defeat to Sunderland

Chelsea, Newcastle United and Swansea City all suffered from incorrect decisions from the officials in the midweek Premier League games.

Refereeing decisions are regularly the source of debate among fans, pundits, players and managers so this season a five-strong TEAMtalk panel will be passing judgement on every red card (or avoidance of one), every penalty and any other major incident every weekend.

We’ll also keep a tally of the major decisions to go for and against each team in an attempt to settle the never-ending debate about whether certain clubs are favoured more than others by Premier League referees.

Week 21

Manchester United penalty v Newcastle United: This split the panel. Chancel Mbemba’s hands were undoubtedly up and away from his body when a Marouane Fellaini header struck one of them, but how much he knew about it was debatable. It was a decision that went to interpretation of the rules; three out of five on the panel agreed with Mike Dean. Verdict: Correct decision

Newcastle United penalty appeal v Manchester United: Dean further enraged the home fans when Daryl Janmaat went down under a challenge from Jesse Lingard, who undoubtedly took the Newcastle defender’s legs. It should undoubtedly have been a penalty. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Newcastle United penalty v Manchester United: After turning down another half-hearted Jack Colback appeal for a penalty, Dean finally gave Newcastle a spot-kick when Chris Smalling pulled down Aleksandar Mitrovic as a corner kick came in. On first viewing it looked like both players were giving as good as they got, but replays showed that Smalling had grabbed Mitrovic first. It still split the panel, but three out of five sided with the referee. Verdict: Correct decision

Claudio Yacob avoiding red card v Chelsea: Even Tony Pulis admitted Yacob was fortunate when, having already been booked once, he pulled back Oscar and then clashed with Diego Costa. But the West Brom boss has clearly been reading Ref Review, adding: “If you have a look at the stats, I think in the first half of the season we have had more decisions go against us than any other club in the Premier League, so it is nice to get one that goes for us.” Verdict: Incorrect decision

Manchester City penalty appeal v Everton: Manuel Pellegrini said “the whole stadium” could see Manchester City should have had a penalty when John Stones brought down Raheem Sterling, but Roberto Martinez argued the England winger engineered the contact himself. Our panel unanimously agreed with Pellegrini. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Gary O’Neil red card v Stoke City: With Ibrahim Afellay harmlessly shepherding the ball out for a throw-in just inside the Norwich City half, O’Neil inexplicably darted to make a reckless sliding tackle that took out Afellay from behind. The midfielder later apologised, admitting he had made a “big mistake”. Verdict: Correct decision

Jermain Defoe first goal v Swansea City: Defoe left the pitch with the match ball after helping Sunderland to a crucial 4-2 win at the Liberty Stadium, but he was well offside when tapping in his first. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Swansea City penalty v Sunderland: A late replacement for Andre Marriner, rookie Premier League referee Graham Scott had a night to forget. His first mistake came when awarding Swansea a penalty kick after Andre Ayew kicked himself over. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Kyle Naughton red card v Sunderland: Naughton’s studs were undoubtedly showing and high when he won the ball from Yann M’Vila, but he did not come close to hurting the Sunderland midfielder, who had also raised his boot to challenge. Sam Allardyce suggested it might have been a foul, but it certainly wasn’t a red-card offence. Verdict: Incorrect decision

Jermain Defoe second goal v Swansea City: It wasn’t quite such an obvious error from the assistant referee as for Defoe’s first goal, but replays showed Defoe was offside when collecting Adam Johnson’s through-ball to give Sunderland the lead. Verdict: Incorrect decision


For and Against

Team For Against Total For/Against
1. Leicester Ten Five +5
= Man Utd Six One +5
3. Liverpool Nine Five +4
= Man City Eight Four +4
= Tottenham Five One +4
6. Aston Villa Three One +2
= Sunderland Six Four +2
8. Newcastle Five Four +1
9. Arsenal Six Six 0
10. Crystal Palace One Two -1
= Everton One Two -1
= Norwich One Two -1
= Southampton Five Six -1
=Watford Three Four -1
15. Stoke Three Five -2
16. Chelsea Five Eight -3
17. West Brom Four Eight -4
18. Bournemouth Three Eight -5
= Swansea Three Eight -5
20. West Ham Two Eight -6

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    Mark Holmes

    Chelsea, Newcastle United and Swansea City all suffered from incorrect decisions from the officials in the midweek Premier League games.

    [See the full post at: Ref Review: The incorrect decisions from week 21]



    12 – Injured Players – Instructions -The referee shall adhere to the following procedure when dealing with injured players “play is stopped if, in the opinion of the referee, a player is seriously injured”. Now im not a doctor but I would say that one player down bleading from the head and another player staggering around holding his head after the collision and unable to defend, would be the definition of injured. So by the rules the Liverpool game should have been stopped and Arsenal should never have scored their goal.


    the specialone

    I don’t even know why TT even does these weekly reviews when they are far form accurate and very much Biased.You failed to bring up the three incorrect goals that southampton scored against in out 4-0 defeat to them.Just because they deserved to win the game dosen’t mean the decisions should go unnoticed.
    Against Liverpool,Ramsey was absolutely wiped clean by Mignolet and should have had a penalty,and clyne should have had a second yellow as well Just like when you bought up that coquelin should have seen a second yellow against Crystal palace.
    Arsenal are stuck on +3 since a month.I guess you guys will only manipulate that when decisions go for us,if they ever do.
    Pathetic,absolutely pathetic feature this.



    Scholes banged on about how much better we were but Mike Dean robbed Newcastle. The foul on Janmaat was a penalty and a red for Lingard. Fellaini should have had a second yellow, or even a straight red for the kick on Coloccini. Smalling could have had a second yellow for doing his best Skrtel impression and trying to bodyslam anyone who stepped near him. Our penalty wasn’t a stonewaller either, but we should have had another when Dummet (I think) fell over the ball and trapped the ball in his armpit. It went as a foul against Fellaini even though he never touched him until he was on the ground and tried to prod the ball from under Dummet. A much clearer handball than the one that was given.

    A tough and scruffy game to officiate for Dean



    Colliccini hand balled in the box too, which stopped a tap in.



    Claudio Yacob avoiding red card v Chelsea but of course – no mention of Costas antics deserving a red card – typical biased media rubbish comments above


    Mohamed Patel

    @Mark Holmes
    Please see my comment here
    The table was not updated for Liverpool last week and this has been carried through to this week as well.



    This Ref Review is useless if you’re not including all of the matches. This is my post from previous week:

    Hey, you’ve forgotten the Southampton – Arsenal match. Southampton would have won anyways, but 3 of the goals should have been disallowed. They aren’t mentioned in week 18.


    Mancity Jim

    And what about Stones pulling Aguero down in the box in the second half?? I would suggest that if the Sterling one wasn’t so blatant you would debate that one also??


    nine nine nine

    The Stones tackle on Sterling in the last minute looked a nailed on pen to me Jim. City can count themselves as unfortunate imo.


    Mark Holmes

    Mohamed, thank you, you’re quite right that the table wasn’t updated. That’s been changed.

    TheMenace, you’re also right that the Southampton v Arsenal game was missed off for some reason. Those decisions have now been added to the tallies.

    Liverpool_1986/the specialone, we were debating in the office whether it would be Liverpool or Arsenal fans claiming their team was robbed by the referee. It turns out you both were! But it’s definitely us that are biased, apparently against both of you!



    All that these types of threads achieve is to prove that a) players still bend and twist the rules to gain any advantage and b) the poor sods in the middle are on a hiding to nothing. Who’d wanna be a ref?


    the specialone

    Mark Holmes – With all due respect mate,this feature is very controversial.You’re always going to get criticised.I know the decisions are debated and voted by your colleagues and yourself,but I just find it unfair how you just ignore certain incidents.I ask again,Why weren’t any of the goals debated in the game where southampton scored four past us,Or yesterday Ramsey’s blatant penalty claim,I mean he got absolutely wiped clean by Simon Mignolet.I’d gladly sit down with your team and show all the incidents atleast being worth a debate,let alone it should have gone for us.



    It’s a bit of fun – stop whinging.

    Some horrendously biased views on here – you wonder how some even watch a game?


    Mohamed Patel

    I agree, this isn’t an official FA inquiry. It should be considered anecdotal.

    That being said, it could also get a little more accurate. Some of the points mentioned in the comments are really valid. I’m a Liverpool fan and even I agree that the Ramsey wipe out was a pen

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