Rodgers: Liverpool prioritise making money over success

Date published: Sunday 7th February 2016 3:30

Brendan Rodgers: Time running out for Liverpool manager?

Brendan Rodgers has suggested Liverpool’s transfer business has been focused on turning a profit rather than improving the team no matter what.

Rodgers has reiterated that he had no problem being part of a transfer committee at Liverpool, but the Northern Irishman says the main focus was on buying players they could sell on for a profit.

“The club needs to look at it and decide whether they want a business model or a winning model,” Rodgers said in an interview with beIN Sports. “A winning model would mean trying to get the best possible players that you can, at whatever age they are, it doesn’t matter.

“Some clubs will go into work and have that in mind. Others will think it is about buying a player, developing and improving them and then selling them on for a much greater fee, as opposed to getting the best possible player, irrelevant of his age, in order to win.

“This is the way it is going, some clubs operate with the model of football being a business and they will want to do the best they possibly can, but it will always be about getting a young player in, improving them and having a sale and value that is greater when they got them.

“Other clubs will be in the market to just buy the top talents, irrespective of what age they are, in order to look to win. I think the best clubs must get the balance between both [models].”

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