Rooney has ‘huge admiration’ for his player of the year, Costa

Date published: Friday 13th November 2015 8:42

Diego Costa: Antics have been praised by Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has admitted he is a big fan of controversial Chelsea and Spain striker Diego Costa – and admits he voted for him as Player of the Year last season.

Costa has earned a reputation as something of a wind-up merchant due to his attempts to get under defenders’ skin – and was even labelled a ‘Master of the Dark Arts’ in our article on him.

Arsenal defender Gabriel was sent off earlier this season for clashing with the 27-year-old and he tried to provoke Ryan Shawcross during Chelsea’s defeat to Stoke last weekend by grabbing the centre-back’s jaw before telling him rather impolitely that he had bad body odour.

Rooney admits there is something to admire about the Brazil-born forward’s antics, however.

Ahead of England’s game against Spain in Alicante which we preview here, Rooney revealed he thought Costa was the best player in the Premier League last season.

Diego Costa: Has a fan in Wayne Rooney

“I actually voted for him as player of the year last season because I think he was a huge player for Chelsea,” the England captain said of Costa, who scored 20 goals in his maiden season for the Blues.

“I think what Chelsea missed the season before was that fight up front and he gave them that and I strongly believe that’s why they became champions.

“Obviously it hasn’t gone as well as it did last season for him but I think he is a fantastic player.

“He’s a fighter and I think that’s part of his game and it’s going to be very difficult for anyone to ask him not to do that.

“I feel that’s in him – that fight. He thrives on that and that gets his team-mates going as well.”

Roy Hodgson is also a fan of Costa, but he hopes Friday’s officials will punish the striker if he steps out of line in Alicante.

The England manager feels no need to speak to his players about keeping their cool in the face of Costa’s aggression, however.

“We give the players information about the opponents and their strengths, but we don’t go into that sort of detail where we say: ‘Be careful here’ because that would be teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs. Furthermore I’d be vilifying a player I have no reason to vilify,” Hodgson said.

“Costa for me is a good player, especially last year, he was very, very important to Chelsea.

“He is a very combative player but we have combative centre-halves and they will just have to deal with that situation.

“I wouldn’t dream of suggesting he’s going to try underhand methods. Let’s hope he doesn’t and if he does we’re just going to have to deal with it and hope the referee deals with it like they do every week in the Premier League.”

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    James Marshment

    Wayne Rooney says he’s a big fan of controversial Chelsea striker Diego Costa – and admits he voted him as Player of the Year last season.

    [See the full post at: Rooney has ‘huge admiration’ for his player of the year, Costa]


    nine nine nine

    All that aggression needs to be channelled in the right direction though and currently it’s taken Costa over at the expense of his game.

    He shouldn’t lose it but equally it needs to be controlled a bit better.



    In all honesty I see Costa as dirty as Suarez ever was but not as good. His antics alongside Jose’s are not good for Chelsea this season, the guy needs to start making headlines for his striking ability and goals rather than being a tit


    nine nine nine

    Spot on stevo but at least he hasn’t bitten anybody. Not yet anyway. Lol.



    that is true and that does somewhat set Suarez apart, but on a week in week out basis, Suaraez was more a battler, yes dirty but no more so than old school players for the most part but he was always great to watch, not just his skill and goals but all round game, he never stopped running or chasing down lost balls. Bit like Sanchez for us.

    I am beginning to think Costa is not as good as he thinks and many thought but I may be a tad biased 😉


    nine nine nine

    stevo, based on this season and indeed the second hslf of last seadon you wouldn’t be far wrong mate although in fairness suspensions and injuries disrupted Costa in the second half of last season.

    Big job on Costa’s hand’s now both in controlling some of his aggression and finding some goals and some form otherwise he could well be gone in the summer.



    Steveo & nine nine nine – Suarez did bite but Costa has headbutted and spat (twice) in an opponents face. So I would say Costa is definitely more dirty but only has half of Suarez talent.



    Rooney had an aggressive attitude when he was amazing at Everton, but when he moved to Man united, it felt as though Fergie nurtured him into a mature forward, in my opinion, this didn’t help him. He was still great, but never had that daring aggression which he had at Everton.



    I’d love to be proved wrong but I tend to think Costa’s reputation will always proceed him and he’ll always be the target for over zealous refs and opposing players deliberately seeking him out to ‘press his buttons’.Costa was a revelation for us when he first arrived because he proved that not only he can play a bit but he gave as good as he got and nothing and nobody intimidated him.At the moment Costa seems more pre-occupied in getting his tetaliation in first or making sure any rough stuff against him doesn’t go unanswered and he ain’t too cute how he goes about it either which often lands him in trouble…basically lash out first then ask questions later.I think Costa could really learn a thing or two from our ex ‘Bambi in Blue’ Dennis Wise…(helping Nicky Butt off the ground after a tussle,lol!)


    nine nine nine

    Liverpool 1986, I am not going to get into a debate as to is the worst out of Costa and Suarez I judge both on what they did playing for Liverpool and Chelsea in the PL and neither have covered themselves in glory behaviour wise but whilst I have seen Suarez bite in a Liverpool shirt and abuse Evra I haven’t seen Costa head butt or spit at anybody whilst in a Chelsea shirt!



    Whereas I imagine that here may be some who are surprised by Rooney’s nomination for last seasons POY, a later post on here by an Evertonian plus the knowledge that Rooney’s mentor, Sir Alex Ferguson, also named a Chelsea striker as being crucial to Chelsea’s success over the years. It shows a difference in emphasis with those who would name Terry or Carvalho in similar periods. Also, for as long as I have watched football, strikers have always had to have a measure of “toughness” about them. Why would Costa be any different? Except, he is. There is an element within him that transcends what even apologists would allow. To some extent I do sympathise because, in my opinion, it is the change in team tactics that contributes (albeit inexcusably) to his antics because whereas at one time he could concentrate on netting the numerous chances that were bein made, in recent times these have dried up leading to his hunting down opportunities for himself often accompanied by overly aggressive intimidation of opponents. Yes, there will be those who will remind us of the judgement of the Liverpool media mafia who seem unable to tell the difference between a “stamp” and a “tread” which occurred when Costa was in a rich vein of scoring so, it will be argued, it makes no difference…he is always irresponsible. But those of us who see him more often will claim this is not so and there is certainly a difference in his behaviour between last season and this. Also, as said earlier he has to retain some level of aggression common to all strikers. Any Chelsea fan will tell you (or should do) that one of our greatest players, Peter Osgood, was more than capable of looking after himself…but he saved it for those occasions. For that reason, I am surprised that Sanchez is included in this thread; he is a fine player seemingly dedicated to playing football to the exclusion of the “heavy” stuff. Suarez is a more appropriate candidate……but more than enough has been written about his exploits at Liverpool.



    Advancing years and an innate problem with typing means that my opening sentence in the post above has been “cocked-up”! It will make more sense if you add the words “… explain why this might be” at the end. Sorry about that: I’ll now get the nurse to bring me my Horlicks.

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