Spurs still in with title shout: London luck or skill?

Date published: Thursday 4th May 2017 8:45

Football fans from all over the world were riveted watching the game between the Spurs and Crystal Palace.

An exciting back and forth match with lots of close calls, this was the kind of game that keeps football fans coming back for more year after year.

Taking the game with a late strike, Christian Eriksen snuck past the keeper to put up the only point Tottenham needed in order to keep their title hopes alive. While it was certainly a spectacular game to watch, some are wondering whether Tottenham deserves to stay as on as a title contender, or if it was just pure luck.

Two Talented Teams

While there can be no doubt that both Crystal Palace and Tottenham are solid teams with a good talent line-up, some are still calling fluke with Totteham’s victory. One reason for this could be because the single goal that gave this hard fought game to Tottenham was made with only 12 minutes left on the clock.

Football news following the game reported that the defining goal the game was a struggle between both sides, a back and forth slug fest where neither side seemed to show any sign of slowing or backing down. Some might say that the game really went south for Crystal Palace when their centre-back, Mamadou Sakho had to be carried off the field in the second half with what looked like a pretty bad knee injury. Some feel that the swap out after that point weakened Crystal Palace’s defense and Tottenham was happy to capitalize.

Spectators Sport

Great games like the one between Crystal Palace and Tottenham remind fans all over the world just why they watch. There are so many great stories, athletes, triumphs and failures in the game of football. That may be why it continues to be the most watched sport on the planet by a large margin, with an estimated 3.5 billion fans.

No doubt football is a spectators sport, but the best place to watch it isn’t always in the stadium, or in the comfort of your home glued to the television. Instead you could have watched the great Tottenham game at a variety of favourited football hangouts around London.

The Lemon Tree for instance is not your typical sports pub. They offer a great menu with a variety of delicious delicacies like coconut-fried fish and sesame seed shrimp. That coupled with some great cast beer and good patrons makes The Lemon Tree a true treat for any avid football fan.

Fluke Maybe, Fun Definitely

So, whether you thought the Tottenham victory was a fluke or not, the important thing to remember is that regardless of who the most talented team is, there is always a good time to be had for football fans.

Even better, if you are looking to pass sometime between games, London may be famous for their football, but Canada slot machines are an exciting way to keep yourself occupied while you wait for your heroes of the grid-iron to take the field and demonstrate what is possible with perseverance and pride.

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