Sterling was played out of position at Liverpool – Agent

Date published: Sunday 15th November 2015 12:30

Raheem Sterling: Making an impact

Raheem Sterling: Making an impact

Controversial agent Aidy Ward says his client Raheem Sterling has gone “up a tier” at Man City after being played out of position at Liverpool.

Sterling, 20, became the most expensive Englishman in history when he completed a £49million move from Anfield to The Emirates in the summer – a move which was engineered by Ward.

It has made England man Sterling a figure of hate for Liverpool fans, who are sure to make their voices heard when he runs out against them on Saturday at The Etihad.

Ward claims Sterling is reaping the rewards of his five-year City deal and it’s hard not to disagree after scoring six times for Manuel Pellegrini’s men and putting in some scintillating performances.

“Raheem is in a good place,” Ward told the Sunday Mirror. “He is playing with better players for a manager, who gives him the freedom to express himself, and he is improving as a player in a team that is at the top of the Premier League and in the Champions League.

“He has gone up a tier. Manuel Pellegrini has played him in a wide role with the freedom to drift inside and he has also played as a central striker.

“That’s why he scored the first hat-trick of his professional career recently (against Bournemouth) – all of the goals coming in the first half.

“At Liverpool, Raheem was asked to play as a full-back, just like Emre Can was asked to play as a central defender when he is a midfielder. That wasn’t going to help him develop as a player.

“Moving to City was right for Raheem, even if Liverpool fans don’t want to accept that. At City, he now has a licence to thrill.”

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    Matthew Briggs

    Agent Aidy Ward says his client Raheem Sterling has gone “up a tier” at Man City after being played out of position at Liverpool.

    [See the full post at: Sterling was played out of position at Liverpool – Agent]



    First of all, unless I’m corrected, I can’t at all recall Sterling ever playing right-back.

    And even so, that has to have been a ‘once in a blue moon’.

    The fact of the matter in which unfortunately fell on his shoulders due to the heights of 2013/14 was the pressure as an offset striker after losing Suarez in the Summer of 14, and Sturridge being out.

    Steven Gerrard wasn’t starting as many games, Phillipe Coutinho was a little out of sorts and Martin Skrtel was occuppied in his own matters at the heart of the a new defence.

    Sterling felt tired, disjointed, and not quite the same as the previous season so he wanted out.

    We can get that and have accepted and moved on. His agent is talking nonsense and these feeble excuses are just unnecessary.



    Trust the media/teamtalk to join this cowboy agent in making up complete nonsense to suit there own agenda. Sterling has had no scintillating displays this year. In fact if you take away his hatrick against relegation fodder Bournemouth who conceded multiple goals against almost all opposition then his season so far has been pretty pathetic. Not even close to worth £50 million



    The ‘gone up a tier’ remark is hilarious. Never mind the fact that Liverpool are practically still one of the most successful clubs in English football.

    We were lucky to receive the fee even after the ‘deductions’.

    He’s not even worth 20 million in my book.


    Rob Fort Worth TX

    I don’t miss his extreme profligacy in front of goal.



    No regrets.

    Sick of hearing about him – just glad him and his agent are no longer causing trouble at our club, and that we got an exceptional fee for him.

    Can you imagine what the player and parasite of an agent are like behind the scenes?



    He’s ‘gone up a tier’ yet his agent still feels the need to mention Liverpool!


    has Sterling figured out how to kick the ball harder than 4 MPH yet?



    Raheem Sterling’s ratings in the EPL on WhoScored:

    2015-16 Manchester City: 7.04
    2014-15 Liverpool: 7.27
    2013-14 Liverpool: 7.40

    If he keeps going “up a tier” he’s going to wind up on the bench.

    Scouser in exile
    Scouser in exile

    Who is his Raheem Sterling? YNWA JFT96



    We fell into the trap – the Yellow Submarine – something and nothing above all 😀



    Give me a 1995 John Barnes anyday over a 2015 Raheem Sterling!!!!!



    Yet again, his agent confuses our dislike for him as a dislike for him to leave Liverpool. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He still does not understand we dislike how he and his agent has behaved to make the move happen. Perhaps his agent is trying to deflect blame to Liverpool fans or even to Liverpool FC or BR himself. Anyone but himself. So many players have moved including Suarez, without much ill feeling and even a rousing welcome home!

    To be fair, I have seen some of his displays this season and he has helped Man C a fair bit. His dribbling draws a couple of defenders and then frees up someone to take a free shot at goal. He does not do well when the weight of expectation lies flatly on his shoulder. But, he is no better than Samir Nasri and Nasri is stronger than him on the ball. He is clearly not good enough to take on defenders on his own. So thanks Man C for the 49m. I don’t like his profligacy and I think there are better players with a more consistent end product. Definitely not worth 49m. 25m at best, even taking into account the higher cost of British players in general.


    His agent is likely having trouble picking up new clients so he has to justify the horrible public rubbish.

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