Stockpiling players? Chelsea’s 38 loan departures listed in full

Date published: Thursday 1st September 2016 6:50

Kenedy: One of several Chelsea loanees

Kenedy: One of several Chelsea loanees

Chelsea have often been accused of having too big a squad. Here, we list the 38 players sent out on loan by the club this summer.

The players are on season-long loan deals, unless stated.

Tammy Abraham – Bristol City

Nathan Ake – Bournemouth

Bekanty Victorien Angban – Granada, Spain

Christian Atsu – Newcastle

Baba Rahman – Schalke, Germany

Lewis Baker – Vitesse Arnhem, Holland

Patrick Bamford – Burnley

Nathan Baxter – Metropolitan Police (until January)

Mitchell Beeney – Crawley (until January)

Jamal Blackman – Wycombe (until January)

Jeremie Boga – Grenada, Spain

Isaiah Brown – Rotherham

Andreas Christensen – Borussia Monchengladbach, Germany (second year of two-year loan)

Jake Clarke-Salter – Bristol Rovers

Charlie Colkett – Bristol Rovers

Dion Conroy – Aldershot (until January)

Juan Cuadrado – Juventus (three-year loan)

Cristian Cuevas – Sint-Truidense, Belgium

Alex Davey – Crawley (until January)

Matej Delac – Royal Excel Mouscron, Belgium

Islam Feruz – Royal Excel Mouscron, Belgium

Michael Hector – Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany

Jordan Houghton – Doncaster (until January)

Tomas Kalas – Fulham

Kenedy – Watford

Alex Kiwomya – Crewe (until January)

Matt Miazga – Vitesse Arnhem

Charly Musonda – Real Betis, Spain

Nathan – Vitesse Arnhem, Holland

Kenneth Omeruo – Alanyaspor, Turkey

Kasey Palmer – Huddersfield

Danilo Pantic – Excelsior, Holland

Mario Pasalic – AC Milan

Lucas Piazon – Fulham (until January)

Loic Remy – Crystal Palace

Jhoao Rodriguez – Independiente Sante Fe, Colombia

Bertrand Traore – Ajax, Holland

Wallace – Gremio, Brazil

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    James Marshment

    Chelsea have often been accused of having too big a squad. Here, we list the 38 players sent out on loan by the club this summer.

    [See the full post at: Stockpiling players? Chelsea’s 38 loan departures listed in full]



    38 is a crazy number. A lot of Chelsea fans were hoping that the youth would be given a chance this season, whereas it seems it’s just more of the same. In fact with players like Kenedy out on loan who played for them a few games last season it looks worse than ever if you are young and on the books at Chelsea.



    Definitely something the FA should do look into controlling in the future



    It has been the same for the last 5 or so seasons.



    Can’t see what the FA has to do with it. It’s up to Chelsea to manage their sqaud how they see fit. Surprised they feel the need for such numbers though.


    nine nine nine

    Pax & Ozzy, I tend to agree lads, Chelsea’s strategy though is primarily based on creating an additional revenue stream and very few on that list have a chance of making it as a Chelsea regular and the club know that and they are there primarily to create additional revenue for the club through loan fees and sales.

    Chelsea have 4 players in the first team squad this season who have been there since around 8 years of age and 3 have been on first team duty this season but we all know how difficult it is for young players to break through anywhere and become a first team regular.

    Rightly or wrongly football is about the here and now as we’ve seen with the Ibrahimovic/Rashford situation and bar injury Rashford will struggle to start as a striker for United in the PL ahead of Ibrahimovic this season.

    I do though think it’s time for the authorities to tighten up the loan rules to reduce this sort of stockpiling.



    999 – Totally agree with you, there is o room for complaint whilst the rules allow it, I do agree it is very hard for a young player to break through unless they are a very special talent, using your Rashford example, he is probably on a similar level to Owen at the same stage of his career talent wise, but he will not get the opportunity that Owen got simply because competition is much tougher now, but as you say the loans rules do need to be tightened up.



    I would be fairly sure that there will be a substantial drop in this type of activity at Chelsea when the new stadium is completed and the income from gate receipts substantially increase.



    Matchday revenue is becoming increasingly less prevalent with the increase in sponsorship and tv deals. I doubt a bigger stadium will suddenly result in less loan deals.


    The only downside of this policy is that young players perhaps do not feel part of a club set up, if they are moving from one club to another on loan each season or few months. However, on the upside,it gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents which will help them find their level, whether its Premier League or lower. It also means an unusually high number of players can benefit from the excellent facilities, medical facilities and coaching of one of Europe’s top clubs, much in the same way they would at Arsenal, Liverpool the Manchester clubs etc, which cant be a bad thing can it?



    Most of the players going out on loan aren’t going to other top facilities though. Most are going to lower league sides or lesser European clubs (or the police!)


    The point is that Chelsea take in an unusually high numbers of young players to feed the loan system. Most will spend one or two years at Chelsea training at Cobham day in, day out so will experience the top club environment. They will also always have the medical facilities available to them if they get injured at anytime during their contract at Chelsea. Have to say, I was intrigued by one of them going to the Met!



    If it’s against the rules slam the book on’em. If it’s perfectly fine then blame the FA. If it’s within the rules then whats the point pointing the finger at Chelsea. They haven’t broke any rules.


    Johnny Utah

    If you sign for Chelsea’s academy its your own fault, if the players want to develop in a proper academy, they need to sign for a club which rely on youth to develop into first team players.



    Chelsea are well within their rights to buy young players on the cheap and loan them out on the off chance they become a superstar. The question of morals is up for debate though which is where potentially the FA could step in. Does it benefit the loaning club or does it depend on the terms? They could have loaned a gem but at the end of the day the player is never their ‘asset’ so they’ll never benefit from a multi-million pound sale.

    Seems like Chelsea take no risks but reap any and all benefits.



    MT, I don’t usually do this as I try not to be a language snob, but you can’t use the word ‘prevalent’ in your 11.16am post bro!

    I think you meant to use the word ‘relevant’. 🙂



    If it benefits a club and the players are not forced to sign then what is wrong with it? Blame the agents and players if anything, and I always get nervous around those who cant help following the sentence “i dont like this” with “so there should be a law against it” 🙂 show me a victim and I will recognise a crime or foul play, but none of these young players are victims, they are highly paid extremely privileged young men who willingly sign fantastic contracts.



    Chelsea have developed a but of a reputation now. Few top players of serious quality are thick enough to sign for Chelsea. This policy of treating young footballers as live cattle is slowly starting to catch up with them. Thats the idea isnt it, bring them in young, fatten them up via a few loans, then flip them for a profit.

    Some Chelsea fans thought this was a pioneering exercise, and that other clubs would follow suit. However, with the money in football today, flipping players to lower division clubs is pittance. Why bother buying a player, and selling him 3 years later for a few million pounds? Josh McEarchan moved to Brentford for 500k. Is that really groundbreaking policy? To loan a player out for 6 years in a row and sell at the end for 500k? Some players dont even earn a fee. Kakuta left for Sevilla on a free transfer. So as far as this being a money making scheme, I do not believe Chelsea make any serious money, in fact, they might even do nothing more than break even, or even lose money.


    Jay belfast

    According to transfer league kakuta was sold for 5m….just saying.

    It makes senses from chelseas point of view because they arent going to get straight into the first team so what do you do?! You either sell them or loan them. Going by the high number of loans and smaller sales that would suggest no one is coming in to buy these guys or chelsea feel theres a chance they could grow into first team players or, more likely, improve their value for a later sale.

    Courtois is probably their shining example. Or Bertrand selling for 10m. Even Thorgan hazard sold for about 6m. We’ll probably buy these guys back in abouy 2 years time anyway though ?

    Hard to know if this “stockpiling” is profitable though without knowing wages and loan arrangements. You’d imagine it must be or they wouldnt keep doing it! Then again it is chelsea…..nothing’s impossible in our crazy world lol

    The real question is if it’s immoral or not?! It’s different to othet clubs approaches no doubt but I cant think how it’s immoral. If the list consisted mainly of players chelsea had bought for loads and loads of cash to keep them from signing for other clubs or whatever then i can see that but the list is made up of very very few big money signings and is mainly young players looking to get estsblished.


    Jay – Its not what people are used to, so there is your initial resistance. Secondly, it’s Chelsea, so any opportunity to have a dig. Annoyingly for many, its perfectly within the rules, so that this is the point people reach for the intangible “immoral”, so they can self righteously disapprove, and all is well with the world once again.

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