Sturridge sympathy in short supply, but Reds must not sell

Date published: Wednesday 9th December 2015 12:54

Daniel Sturridge: Liverpool striker injured again

Daniel Sturridge: Liverpool striker struggling with injuries

Sympathy for Daniel Sturridge is in short supply after his latest injury setback, but Liverpool should not give up on the striker, writes Mark Holmes.

Sturridge has been plagued by injury problems ever since joining Liverpool in 2013, missing the start of this season following a hip injury and then the first nine games of Jurgen Klopp’s reign with knee and foot problems.

He scored twice in last week’s 6-1 win in the Capital One Cup during a brief sojourn back in the team but has now been ruled out for a couple of weeks with a hamstring strain suffered in his 28-minute run out at Newcastle United on Sunday.

Somewhat understandably, Liverpool supporters are beginning to lose patience with a player that managed only 12 appearances in the Premier League last season when needed to step up and perform in the absence of Luis Suarez.

However, Sturridge ought to be afforded a little more sympathy over his latest setback. Muscle injuries are incredibly common for players just coming back from long-term lay-offs, but Sturridge hasn’t been too badly affected by hamstring problems over the years; this strain is not part of a wider problem but merely a not-unexpected reaction to a return to competitive football.

Overnight suggestions that he would miss a month were always going to be quickly proven wide of the mark – never has a hamstring strain out for so long – and the couple of weeks the 26-year-old does miss can be put to good use further strengthening his body for what will hopefully be an injury-free second half of the season.

There have been suggestions, of course, from Klopp no less, that Sturridge needs to differentiate between actual injuries and slight knocks which he could play through, but the England international is far from the only player out there wary of playing when not fully fit; not everybody has the attitude of Jamie Vardy.

The most pertinent point to be made, however, is that Sturridge is a fine striker and quite possibly the difference between challenging for the title or scrapping for a top-four place. Not that there have been any suggestions that it could happen, but Klopp would be crazy to consider selling the former Chelsea man in January – even if he had a replacement lined up.

There may come a time when Sturridge’s injuries make it impossible for Liverpool to warrant him continuing to take up wages and a place in the squad, but that should be a long, long way off being a consideration. After all, if there is one thing worse for Liverpool fans than seeing Sturridge in the stands, it’s seeing him on the pitch scoring for a rival club. He would not be short of Premier League suitors – top ones at that – should Liverpool ever decide to cut their losses.

Good things come to those who wait…

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    Mark Holmes

    Sympathy for Daniel Sturridge is in short supply after his latest injury setback, but Liverpool should not give up on the striker.

    [See the full post at: Sturridge sympathy in short supply, but Reds must not sell]



    I don’t think we can sell even if we want to, with his recent injuries he will be worth a fraction of what he could be. I think we have to ride it out.

    I must admit to saying to a friend on Sunday that I thought it was a bad move putting Sturridge on the bench, a player suffering from injuries especially muscle ones which the recent ones have been shouldn’t be on the bench, as their warm up is never as thorough on the touchline coming on as a sub, than it is warming up for the game properly. I think a decision should have been made either he can give us 60 minutes from the start or he is not in the squad, at least until his injury problems are behind him for some considerable time.



    I have some sympathy for him but I cannot understand how one player can pick up so many injuries, he makes Andy Carroll appear injury free? Surely there must be some underlying cause.



    From a business perspective, I would take anything we’re able to get for him. At present he is a liability. IF there are suitors, SELL SELL SELL!

    Not sure how many weeks they get paid… but i’ll try some calcs.
    Per year he gets paid around 40 weeks x 150k = 6m pounds. He’s has a 5 year contract effective Oct14 @ 150k a week. We thus spend around 20m to 25m pounds in wages on him over the remainder of the contract. Since he signed the new contract if he’s played 20% of matches we’re losing out on 80% of the value of our expense on him.

    By having him around we lose value. If we get 10m pounds for him, we could have about 30 to 35m pounds to reinvest in assets!



    I agree Pax, ideally we’d brig him back ever so slowly. However, when you see what he can do when fit, he’s arguably our most important player & one that can turn exactly that kind of game on Sunday. We don’t possess many of those players. That’s the problem, but I agree we should have resisted temptation to play him at all.



    I dont think the club should give up on him and try to sell but I think the club should actively start looking for another striker.

    The club can not entrust its future with a injury-prone striker, he needs to prove his fitness again even though I wasnt expecting him back until January. Or at least not match fit until then.

    Then the club should take a decision on whether we should get another striker in. If we are supposed to compete this season we need a fit striker that can score goals.


    nine nine nine

    Agree with Paxman as good as Sturridge now is when fit, he is hardly ever fit and even if Liverpool wanted to move him on it would likely be on a pay as he plays basis in relation to any fee which wouldn’t offer Liverpool anything in reality and Liverpool would probably have to subsidise circa 50% of his alleged £150k a week wages too.

    I do feel for the lad though and you do begin to wonder whether he will ever truly come back I hope he does for his sake.



    Bingo, Sturridge has proved his fitness levels time and again….he’s fragile. At this point it wouldn’t make sense not to be actively seeking an additional striker given that Sturridge is unreliable and I’d assume that if the opportunity arose then we would sell him like a shot. But who would buy him??



    Yeah… I’d love to to hear who would be interested in signing him and at how much.

    I rate him as a striker, but from a financial perspective, he’s a liability. He must be the highest wage earner at the club… can’t think of anyone who would earn more than him.


    “Time for Sturridge to leave Liverpool the injuries R all in his head. ” – from the tweet. This is the kind of nonsense that comes out when the manager suggests that he should know when to play through the pain. He has been legitimately injured for at least 90% of the time. If anything, the manager is learning that Sturridge’s body isn’t up to the task. This is no reason to dislike the guy. How quickly people will turn on one of their heroes over something that is almost certainly out of his control. I too get frustrated at his injuries and sometimes think we need to plan around him but this is about to go too far. Have you not noticed that he clears one injury only for another completely different injury to knock him down again? Hip to knee to hamstring etc.

    The last time I think you could have a valid argument that he wasn’t running through the pain but it doesn’t apply here. A hamstring injury can be checked and confirmed with a scan and that’s exactly what they’ll do. You do not run your way through a hamstring problem.



    im probably ignorant on this but dont football clubs pay insurance companies big bucks for injuries to players?


    nine nine nine

    mwake, they do mate but it is for career ending injuries Sturridge seems to suffer from a lot of non career threatening injuries sometimes one after the other the latest one being a hamstring injury again.


    Goldenyears – Bowie fan?



    Goldenyears, can you enlighten me, cause I dont remember seeing a fit Sturridge since 2014?

    Right now Sturridge needs to prove himself again, he needs to get match fit before January, if not the club might need to get another striker in.



    Cibo – As cleared up on here the week Sturridge earns 100K per week with the chance to build that to 150K depending on games played and goals scored, seeing that 150K is the very top he could earn, by playing every game and scoring around 35 goals a season, I am willing to bet he will be earning his basic 100K per week.

    MrMak – Although I do believe Sturridge is overly careful with his injuries, not want to play when he has a niggle etc, the main injury that have kept him out for 90% of his time out have been diagnosed by medical staff, scans etc, these are not in his head, what we and he needs so badly is a run for the second half of the season without getting injured at all.


    I’d imagine that the club are already moving on getting another striker in. We’re more than a week into December and we’ve got Ings out for the season and Sturridge has been injured how many times already this season? 4-5?

    I like the guy but I think it’s time to plan around him. We have to look out for the clubs best interests. We can hope that he leaves these problems behind and comes back to pressure whoever we sign for a place in the team. . but we can’t rely on that.

    It’s a real shame but it is how it is.

    So, who do/can Liverpool stretch to buy in January? Do we go wild and bid for Aubameyang? Do FSG even have the money to convince Dortmund to let him go mid season? I think we should try if we can because we’ll be bid right out of it in the summer.


    Pax, I was only quoting someone saying the injuries were in his head. I was ridiculing them. I don’t think the injuries are in his head.

    I am saying though that we need to plan around him. I’d love for him to be fit for the 2nd half of last seaosn but you have to look at the trend. It looks extremely unlikely that he will be fit for another 10 PL matches this season.



    Apparently “you’ll never walk alone” should be saved for special occasions.



    Klopp is not a chequebook manager.
    Sturridge, I believe, will have until the end of the season to prove his fitness.
    Currently we have £32mil striker in Benteke, £29mil Firmino who can also play there and also £10mil Origi.
    I don’t see us buying another striker in Jan, especially when Sturridge should be back in Jan.



    Gotta obviously await availability in funds and what have you; 3 windows at very least to get it good.

    All the best.

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