The Influence of Football in Various Entertainment Spheres

Date published: Monday 29th May 2017 2:06

There have always been the saying that football has actually moved from being an ordinary sport to a huge form of entertainment. However, many people see entertainment from different angles. Not everyone will enjoy having a list​ of casino games on his computer and playing them at his free time. Some will rather go for the scrabble or chess games. In football, while some say that the pulse-quickening dribbles, runs, attacks and passes pattern of the game, which was a later invention is the ideal entertainment in it.

Some others see the physicality and the breathtaking log balls that produce goals in a flash as the ideal thing. However, the entertainment level of the game of football is no longer confined to the field alone. The off-field influence of the beautiful game in the world of entertainment is perhaps more pronounced than the 90 minutes on the field.


How Football Has Influenced the Entire Entertainment World

  • One of the major areas the game has influenced the entertainment world is through controversy and comedy. It could simply be seen in the way people run to the newspaper stands and the web pages to read news about sensational statements and actions of football characters. People like Jose Mourinho, Mario Balotelli, Zlatan Ibrahimovich, Diego Costa and others. They make headlines for what they say and do aside from playing on the pitch and people are highly entertained.
  • From another angle, no romance, infidelity, and gossip stories have made more entertaining headlines and lasted more days like those involving footballers. Talk about the days of John Terry and Wayne Bridge and remember the travails of Wayne Rooney and the controversies of David Beckham. All these were as entertaining as any show would be. Of course, a majority of the music and comedy entertainment shows centre on the lives of these footballers. They give the world something to talk about and enjoy every other day.
  • In music, of course, many tracks and even albums have been dedicated to players, coaches and teams. Many footballers have also had something to do with professional music.
  • In the world of fashion, one would realise that if you actually want to push a fashion trend into the world, let a famous footballer sample it for you. Cristiano Ronaldo is actually involved in publicity contracts for many brands and the world patronises that alone. Have we forgotten the Mohawk hair style? It was publicised in circles of football.
  • In terms of online entertainment, perhaps we have no reason arguing about the football games being among the most played in the world. Xbox and Play Station are here to attest to this, and may even have more audience than the no deposit online slots.​
  • Coming to the real intrigues involved in the selling and buying of players during the anxiety-filled transfer periods will also reveal a different form of entertainment. Clubs literally fight verbally and ideologically to get their preferred players. The fight between Chelsea and Man United in the bid to capture Mikel Obi almost went physical.

In all aspects of our entertainment world of today, football is involved.

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