10 points from Arsenal’s defeat at City; ‘Ozil should be sold’

Date published: Monday 19th December 2016 12:19

Mesut Ozil: Primed for La Liga return?

Arsenal have been renamed ‘the Wenger bottlers’ after throwing away the lead at Man City, while Wenger is slaughtered and Mesut Ozil, Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey need to go – the views in our Your Says of the Day.

‘The Wenger bottlers’

What a pathetic, inept, cowardly performance. Wenger just hasn’t got a clue how to set a team up to win. We have become a bunch of bottler’s and it’s all down to one man-the clueless wenger.

Citeh were there for the taking but so was everton,and yet we couldn’t string two passes together in any of them. We worked so hard to get back in after the first two games and have gone back into bad old habbits again.no passion,no workrate,no belief,no tactical knowhow.our defence,midfield was shocking and this will definately be wenger’s last season because he’s clueless.

Being honest we were outplayed today,man utd,everton wanted it more.weakness starts at the top and the clueless, inept past it manager needs to do the right thing and leave ASAP. Our players
don’t look like they know what they are doing or how to do it.

THE WENGER BOTTLERS. Don’t no one tell me someone can’t get more out of this squad because they can.


‘Walcott and Ramsey need to follow Wenger out’

Wenger out for sure – we’ve been saying it for years.

It’s annoying that any attempt by supporters to oust him early has been frustrated by the “trust in Wenger” brigade, well they’ve got what they wanted…..another season of disappointment. They’ve followed their idiot off the edge of the cliff and taken us with them.

On a secondary note, this team isn’t good enough even with a better manager. The Walcott and Ramsey projects need to follow him out the door too.

New Era

Manchester City: Record big win

‘We will not make the top four’

Very disappointed, no question.

Ozil, yes not in the game, however, I think we should look why.

Firstly, We all know he’s not a robust player, does not like being pressured.Likesspace and players moving into channels where he can find them. Agreed, it does not help when we’re under attack and he cannot tackle.

My question(s): We know the above, yet continue to play, where we already isolate him. I see the same with Theo hiding when marked, all he can do is run through a square defense, but we know this and try to use his strength.You think the other team manager, will know this and set up to nutralize our threat, bet your bannana’s he will.

It’s funny how, we play badly when Ozil is closed off from playing out from the back. Does this mean he is the only player capable of providing an attacking interface. Note today how Cech, kicked most of possession, not playing out via back line.

Coq and Kos were poor today. Sterling lost by Kos just after our goal and Coq and Kos giving many balls away. Iwobi lost again. And Monreal playing inside and narrowing, leaving wings open.

That’s a real good way to play City.

I think it’s time we started thinking. We can see other teams are, and adapting to our one dimensional play. we bring on Ox, who lasts 10 min and only bring on Gerry after 70 mins (who by the way did nothing). As soon as Coquelin went off the centre speeded up. Actually saw Ozil, but by then, too late.

Until such time as we utilize the assets we have, we will never achieve any better than the past. In fact, we will not make top four, as others are improving and we are not.

I know, this is my normal gripe, but change must start at the top. I’ve procrastinated about this too many times. It won’t get better, if we can’t motive, set up and improve what we have.

Merry Christmas. Gooner for life. ?



‘The title is gone’

Sunday sums it all up. Title is gone. Those who believe we can still win it, you are deluded. Over before Christmas. Wenger just sits there when we are taking a hammering, all snug in his massive coat as usual.
I also remember some time ago there was comparison with Ozil and the Iceman. No f’ing chance he will ever replicate half of what Dennis acheived. I won’t just target Ozil here as again we showed we bottled it and that goes for most of the team.

We always justify our name tag as bottlers and only one man can be responsible for that as he does the team talks, he oversees the training and sits on his hands for the most part of games.
Cue the Pro Wenger brigade to make excuses for this week…. Attitude is a complete disgrace!


Ozil guilty in Arsenal defeat

In peace guys!!! Game of 2 halfs or what? I wont lie, I was really surprised how poorly you played in the 2nd half. Seemed your players were just waiting for us to score the 2nd after we got the first.

Walking around and not even trying to close us down, really strange. Put Ozil next to Silva and they both have gifted ability to attack, pin point passes, split defences easily and make mugs of players but the one thing that stands them apart is Silva tracks back, silva tackles and Silva defends when required.

At the top of the game against the best teams which we both are, you can’t have passengers because when gaps appear the better players exploit them easily. Ozil left huge gaps in your midfield that allowed us to push onto your back 4 constantly, thought your guys also looked really tired as well, they lacked tempo which I was surprised about.

Gonna be one hell of a fight this season and I’m still confident you guys will be in the hat at the end because you’re too good not to be but bad week this last one and maybe a different formation for top end away games needs to be considered by Wenger?

Still think you guys are lacking a solid leader like you used to have in numbers like, Keown, Viera, Campbell, Wright, Adams, you used to have loads but you have nothing like any of these now.

Keep the faith guys! L8rs



Ten points from the Man City defeat

1) Wenger is still tactically inept
2) Whatever he said at half time he should have said something else
3) The defence is still 2nd rate, we have the same problems we have had for years
4) Koscielny is over rated
5) Gabriel & Xhaka are Championship standard
6) Full backs can’t defend
7) Coquelin thinks he’s better than he is
8) We don’t get enough from our wide players
9) Sanchez is ineffective when he gets frustrated and comes deep
10) Ozil is gutless and should be sold – Gives up in away games.


The Oracle


A response to the above…

1) Couldn’t agree more. Occasionally gets it right but when you manage as many games as he does you would bloody hope so.
2) Bang on the money.
3) Mustafi seems to be our saving grace. If we don’t have someone who organises the defence then we’re completely lost.
4) Let’s not get carried away.
5) Xhaka is still getting used to the Prem and Gabriel is mid level prem side but can’t seem to cut it for us. We miss Cazorla badly.
6) Bellerin is quality but Monreal isn’t having a great season.
7) Coquelin needs someone like Ramsey or Cazorla next to him. He should not be our box to box player which is what he seemed to do today.
8) We need to pick our wide players and be more consistent with them. We can’t expect them to be amazing when they’re not played consistently.
9) Agree. Why doesn’t Wenger say something?
10) We shouldn’t play Ozil when we need to battle a result. He’s not that type of player, why do people expect him to be? Even Mourinho says that. He was always the 60 minute man at Real. Get the result, then take him off when we need to defend a result.


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