‘Toothless Arsenal aren’t in title race and never have been’

Date published: Wednesday 4th January 2017 1:13

Arsenal fans blast last night’s performance at Bournemouth, while Man Utd fans grow in confidence and Crystal Palace fans sense relegation.

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Arsenal out of the race?

We aren’t in the title race and never have been. We’re better than previous seasons, but this is a proper Premier League, not the joke that was 2015/2016.

I thought the team selection wasn’t right. I can’t understand how Iwobi and Rambo get in ahead of Oxlade-Chamberlain. We’re toothless going forward right now. The whole first half we barely created a chance, it just isn’t good enough.

Also Sanchez has to play centrally, he just isn’t as effective on the left. And if Giroud starts, then Sanchez should be our no.10, Ozil can make way as far as I’m concerned.

New Era

What a poor performance! We have looked solid at the back this season but they were rubbish goals. Bellerin had a shocker; terrible defending for two of those goals. He is the best right back in the league but you can’t legislate for such a poor performance.



Ramsey slated

Aaron Ramsey: Limped off with thigh injury

Ramsey! Ramsey !Ramsey! Why is he still at the club let alone starting or playing at all?

Ok Bellerin had his worse game ever, then there is Xhaka who just showed why he can’t be trusted with constant rash decisions. Then there is Cech who has no reason to be number one. Generally the worst we have played all season but my word Ramsey is suppose to be five star player, he was played in his favourite position and a two year old would have done better than him yesterday!

He has no business on the bench let alone the team and just like Wenger we would never win anything of significance as long as Ramsey is in the team. Complete and utter useless player. He is a fraud of a player and has no place in any top team. Waste of space, garbage, useless, complete trash.

Jeff Adelaide would have done better than Ramsey and perhaps we would have won with him and Iwobi changing position upfront.



Palace doomed

This season is a lost cause. Time to get real folks and prepare for life in the Championship. We are worse under Sam and he just sits in his dug-out showing no passion or fight. At least Pardew looked like he cared…oh Mr Parish what have you done ?

Instead of buying new players in the current window it should be time to prune the squad. Time to get real Mr Parish, we are the worst team in the premiership. There is no hope of survival.



United to climb?

Manchester United: No players make our top 10 of 2016

I predict Man Utd will finish second this season. Liverpool are starting to tire, Klopp’s philosophy just won’t work in this league. You cant play 100mph every game. Thats almost childish like tactics from him!

Second place is definitely a possibility, however the other clubs above us keep grinding out wins just like us so it’s going to come down to direct encounters or a club or two having a meltdown at some stage.

I’d like to feel as positive as the rest, however I still see glaring issues with our current team (severely lacking in the width departments) which has cost us points this season, so I’m hoping Mourinho will very quickly rectify that. On the other hand, other clubs will continue to grind out points despite having what we United fans to perceive as weaker squads – if everyone stays fit then these clubs won’t have any issues.

Sympathy for the Devils


Pep taking time

One thing is for certain, the media have already started to ‘label’ him. For City fans, his methods will take time and by his own admission will take longer than he thought.

For me, I accept this year as a transitional year no matter what the outcome, next season my expectancy will be high, with fresh faces and players who can understand what is going on. The Premier League needs change or it will be overtaken by wherever TV thinks the next option is…

Brian blue

Pep Guardiola: In no mood for questions

Press are already starting to turn on him and sure, it may not work out, but he has more than enough credit in the bank to receive benefit of the doubt for far longer than this. At the moment he isn’t trying to win games for me, he’s trying to win in a certain way.

Once the current players and more suitable signings become used to this then these two aims are aligned and then everyone else should watch out. They won’t remember then what they said now though!


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