‘Top team’ Tottenham have been ‘really unlucky’, says Carragher

Date published: Tuesday 2nd May 2017 2:30

Jamie Carragher says Tottenham have been “ahead of everyone” over the last two years and believes they have been “really unlucky” not to win the Premier League.

Chelsea lead Spurs by four points and have one hand on this year’s title with four games to go, while last season Leicester’s unbelievable form saw them win an unprecedented league title.

If Chelsea go on to seal the title, and they are as short as 1/20 to do so, it will leave Tottenham trophyless in those two years, after they were knocked out of the FA Cup in the semi-final by Chelsea last weekend.

Carragher though thinks Mauricio Pochettino’s men have been very unfortunate and thinks they would be champions if Chelsea had been playing in Europe this season.

Carragher told Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football: “Where I think they’ve been really unlucky is that Leicester won the league. We all loved it, but it was a freak and a one-off. You don’t see that happen – and it was a team not playing in Europe.

“They are now up against a Chelsea team who had no Europe. How often do Chelsea not play in Europe? It doesn’t happen.

“They went 13 wins in a row and matched the Premier League record. How often does that happen? That’s what they are up against.

“If Chelsea had been in Europe I think there’s a great chance we could be saying with four games to go that this could be Tottenham’s first title since 1961. That’s how good they are.

“If Chelsea had played more games they probably would have had a few more injuries and couldn’t maybe play the same team week in and week out.

“I just think they may have just done it.”

Looking at a two-year league table since the start of last season Spurs are 15 points clear in the 72 matches played, but Chelsea’s win at Everton means if they win three of their four remaining games they will be champions again.


“I think it was a big win for Chelsea and they’ve almost got one hand on the trophy,” added Carragher.

“I think they’ll know it was a big chance for them to gain something on Chelsea. They lost last week in the semi-final so maybe it was two opportunities. There’s still a few games to go, so who knows?

“But if you look at what they’ve done over the last two years… we always said Spurs were a bit of a soft touch over the years, but this is not a soft touch. This is a top team.

“They are ahead of everyone. More wins, more goals, the best defence, the best of everything.”

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