Tottenham defender Rose reveals Spanish lessons

Date published: Tuesday 14th February 2017 8:13

Danny Rose: Wanted by Man City

Tottenham defender Danny Rose has revealed he took Spanish lessons to help communicate with boss Mauricio Pochettino, but they didn’t go well.

In a bid to understand Pocchettino better, Rose took Spanish lessons last year. But the left-back admits they were so disastrous that he only mastered how to order a beer.

In an exclusive video interview with, Rose said: “I did try and learn Spanish last year, to try and communicate with the manager in a different way. I first learnt Spanish in years 10 and 11, and I did enjoy it, but then I stopped.”

Rose explained that the pressures of Tottenham’s ultimately unsuccessful title battle with Leicester last season interrupted his Spanish progress. He said: “I started lessons again last season, and I was doing well. But we had a lot of games last season, and it was difficult to keep having the lessons. I’ve not done any lessons this season, and I’m a bit disappointed with that.”

So what Spanish did the England international learn? “I only know beer. I could do well in a nightclub but, other than that, I think I’d struggle.”

And reggae fan Rose admits he struggles to get to grips with Pocchettino’s taste in music. Although the manager doesn’t inflict it on the players in the Spurs dressing room before games, Rose revealed Poch generally has music on in his office.

“I don’t think the manager is a big fan of English music,” Rose admitted. “I think he’s a big fan of Spanish music. Whenever we go into his office, he’s got some sort of Spanish music playing in the background. Whenever he’s playing that sort of music in the office, it’s difficult to understand.”

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