‘Tottenham must show fight to avoid West Brom banana skin’

Date published: Wednesday 11th January 2017 12:09

Our readers debate Liverpool’s priorities for the season, the real reason behind Mesut Ozil’s loyalty to Arsene Wenger and an increasingly poor atmosphere at Manchester United on matchdays.

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Cup win will lift Klopp – but top four is essential for growth

Liverpool’s main aim this season? Going for top 4 and winning a cup. Without an absolute doubt I would take one league win over any cup for the next ten years. I totally agree with that but I don’t think we are going to win the league. I think we have enough in us to compete for two trophies and top 4 as we hardly play twice a week. I’ve no problem with us playing a 2nd string in the fa cup. I would love to win it though. we will barley play 50 games this games if we got to both finals while other clubs will play over 60.

So why cant we compete if we are not in europe. We need trophies and regular top 4 to be moving forward. Thats my point. I relaise that we badly need cl football but we badly need cups aswell. Klopp badly badly needs a trophy. 5 loses in his 5 last cup finals is hanging around him badly. If i really thought we could win the league then i woueld have adifferent opinion. I think we are pushing for top 4 and can certainly comepet for trophes while doing that. The 1st cup as a manager is always the toughest to win. Klopp wins one and it could really push us on.

We are in a semi final now and have a huge chance of a cup. Morhino always targets the carling cup as it breeds confidence. He won it his first year with chelsea anad they went onto win the league. He did it in 2015 in his 1st year back and chelsea and also won the league. He is also targeting it as utd manager when you look at what teams he has put out in the rounds and utd have european football aswell.

If we qualify for the CL, i want us to win it. I want us to try and win every cup. I agree top 4 is essential for growth. I would pick winning the league over absolutley everything but i dont think that will happen anytime soon. Klopp will be judged on how many trophies he wins with us. If it was about just finishing 4th every season or winning trophies,id take a cup over top 4 all the time because it gives me the chance to celebrate my team actually winning something. A great day out and having that eurphroic feeling of winning a cup final. Its adds trophies to our list as well. Idealy ,every season it would be top 4 and a trophy. In a dream world, it would be the league before everything else.

Sean the sailor

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Two-legged cup semis a dated format and does Liverpool no favours

In this and age, there’s no way that this cup should have a two legged semi-final. Klopp has handled the first rounds pretty well but we’re now in a situation, that if we want to make the final, we have to throw our best team out over the two legs to get through.

Sean, I disagree with you wholeheartedly re wanting to win a cup over the league. As you stated, you see it as a cup versus 4th place. I see it as a cup getting in the way of trying to win the league, that’s the difference. I’d take one league title over winning an FA Cup or EFL Cup each year for the next ten.

If we fail to win the league but give it everything, we will get a top 4 in my opinion. If we get a top four spot, we end up in the CL and will play some of the best sides in Europe and have a go at that also. A minimum of 6 games against top opposition. So far in the EFL, we’ve played kids against Derby, Tottenham (they also played kids) and Leeds. I know which games are more appealing to me!

In fact, I’d happily go out of the EFL and FA Cup and beat United in the league as I just think it’s way more important and enjoyable.

The game has moved on. It’s a traditional way of thinking i.e. that we have to try our best to win everything. That’s not really possible any more with the intensity of the game and the money involved in the EPL and CL. Competitions have to be prioritised. CL football will bring £40 million into the club and will bring better players as Klopp is now at the helm.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, what will an EFL trophy bring? As far as I can see, not an awful lot. I’d much prefer to be watching a stronger Liverpool squad having a go at the league and Champions League next year rather than looking back at the previous year’s EFL final and remembering what a great or sad day it was.



Ozil wants Wenger to stay as he’s the only boss who’d accept his poor attitude

Arsene Wenger: Says top players now want to stay at Arsenal

As far as I’m concerned,Ozil or anyone else that is holding the club ransom unreasonably can get lost wherever they came from. You don’t play for the manager, you play for the club. I couldn’t care less if Wenger was the reason Ozil joined, clearly both share a poor attitude towards winning games at any cost. Don’t get me wrong I feel Ozil is much talented but he probably wants Wenger to stay because he’s the only manager who accepts his lack of commitment or poor attitude in big games that really matter.

Sanchez for that matter too. If they deserve a pay rise, give it to them.But if they say They’ll only stay on the condition wenger doesn’t leave the club, then they should be kicked out of the club.

The special one


It just isn’t logical for Ozil to say he’ll only stay if Wenger does. There’s a good chance that when Wenger leaves Arsenal, he’ll retire, so it’s not as though Oz will able to follow him to whichever club he goes to and I’m sure Mesut isn’t planning to retire himself.

Maybe something was genuinely lost in translation (more likely, this was just mischievous journalism) but if we brought in Low, for example, I’d be amazed if the German still wanted to leave.

Getting us Gooners up in arms about something is a favourite sport in the media because, let’s face it, it’s veeeeerrrrrry easy to do – this thread being a prime example.

I’m sure he’s just saying that if Wenger goes, he wants to wait and see who’s coming in before re-signing, which is fair enough – anything that might prompt the board into showing a bit of ambition will help!

Al The Gooner


If Terry wants to extend his playing days, it can’t be at Chelsea

If JT still harbours thoughts of extending his playing career then I would say he should leave

It is clear he will not get many games for Chelsea unless we hit a real injury crisis. However, Conte has been very complimentary regarding JT and we know he has been working on his coaching badges so I wonder if the Club has already spoken to him about a future role within the Club next season…?

Would make a degree of sense and of course would allow him to be at the Bridge if and when we lift the title at the end of the season..? KTBFFH



If Old Trafford has a bad atmosphere, it’s because it’s full of tourists

Old Trafford is more for the tourists now and Mourinho mentioned he would like the fans to egg us on after the game yesterday. Basically, people go to be entertained. When I’ve been sat nearer the away fans or at the Stretford End it makes for a better atmosphere in those spots but we usually can’t get a decent chant going throughout the stadium except the usual “United… United… United” when we threaten the opposition’s goal.

I am not a regular matchgoer so I don’t know all the chants but most people in the stadium don’t know any chants at all. It’s kind of like expecting a churchgoer to sing along when he/she doesn’t know the hymn.

Either way, I expect the atmosphere against Liverpool to be electric.



Maybe we could give out hymn sheets hatters, like they do at weddings?

A poor atmosphere isn’t just limited to Old Trafford, that’s just the empty nature of modern football for you. Every ground suffers from it outside the big games, as the Arsenal fan above points out. Even the world famous supporters at that cathedral to football called Anfield are quiet for most games, not that they’d ever be honest or humble enough to admit it.



When you go to some of the games in Europe its a totally different atmosphere – especially in Germany where they have introduced safe standing. Totally different from anything i have experienced in England – and i have been to United Liverpool games in the past.

I still think if we make the stretford end safe standing you can get a lot more people in and this will help with the atmosphere – anyway onto Sunday need to make sure OT is pumping!



Yeah, I’m afraid football has become another fashion. It’s trendy to follow a football team, especially one like United. And the cost has marginalised many true fans who just can’t afford to go anymore. Away games have always been better. OT has become almost too big and definitely too corporate. Still get a great atmosphere at places like Dortmund though. What’s the secret?



Spurs need to avoid the ‘after the Lord Mayor’s show’ scenario

Danny Walker & Kyle Walker: Linked with moves

Now comes the hard game! We wiped the floor with Man City & then played crap after, we wiped the floor with Chelsea & musn’t repeat that but somehow we never beat West Brom so I just cant see us winning. If we hope to be a successful team then we have just got to be up for it. I really hope that I’m wrong but cant see it.

Sam Crow


Stupid football terms

Why are new signings always ‘unveiled’? I just have this picture in my head of them turning up at their new club like blushing brides, with no-one knowing who they are until…they are unveiled! Why do clubs have a ‘warchest’ and not a transfer budget?

There are others, I’m sure…any chance for some laughs on here?

Hightown hope


At the end of the day you have to set your stall out because the league is your bread & butter, & if you have a manager who gives you unbelievable belief, even if you are playing for a foreign team, which can be like playing in a different country, its still just a game of two halves which can only have one winner, unless its a draw.

It can be a bad day at the office or the magic of the cup, but you would have to be as daft as a brush if you don’t know that its a funny old game …

Sanj 1

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Klopp will underline his Liverpool legend with win at Old Trafford

Jurgen Klopp: Backing for keeper Loris Karius

This is the best possible time for Liverpool to play Man Utd at OT (besides the Mane absence).

We are in need of more than just any old 3 points. We have all the quality to mount a title challenge but we’ve lost a bit of faith down to nothing more than silliness, not quality. . nothing but silliness.

We did well earlier in the season when we had all these incredibly tough fixtures. We do well when we’re put to the test and this match is another big test. Utd need a win more than we do and Klopp will use that.

What’s so great about Jose? he has almost always worked with a much higher budget than us. He’s broken the world record for transfers just this summer and where is he? He’s behind the club mastered by a man who made a profit this summer.

Klopp will become a legend at this club and it’s games like this one that will write it.

I’ve shaken off my pessismism! Bring on Utd, we’re better than them. How we have done against thme with previous teams means nothing.


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