TT debates the trio England should axe from Euro 2016 squad

Date published: Tuesday 17th May 2016 8:04

Jordan Henderson & Raheem Sterling: Not guaranteed to make final cut

Jordan Henderson & Raheem Sterling: Not guaranteed to make final cut

Roy Hodgson has announced a provisional enlarged 26-man squad ahead of the European Championships, to be trimmed down to 23 by the end of May.

There are some potentially surprising inclusions in there, the main one being young Manchester United sensation Marcus Rashford. Andros Townsend also makes the grade over Theo Walcott, while Jack Wilshere is also included after making his first start on Sunday since the last game of 2014/15.

Of course, three players will be chopped from the current crop in order to meet the necessary guideline of 23, so who do TEAMtalk’s writers think will be told au revoir ahead of the trip to France?

Oli: I think Marcus Rashford will be the first name that Roy Hodgson will be looking to cut from the squad, purely because it might be a bit too soon to thrust him into a major tournament without any England experience. What Roy has done though is exactly right; he’s given the 18-year-old a chance to show what he can do across the one week he will be watched prior to the final 23 being named.

I also believe Fabian Delph probably won’t make the grade, just because he hasn’t had the game time to really showcase what he can bring to Roy’s camp. He has been riddled with injuries, but he’s only played 750 minutes in the Premier League season which isn’t really enough, and you could say the same about Wilshere, but he has far more England experience. Mark Noble will feel he might have had a case too…

Thirdly I think Andros Townsend will probably be cut. I don’t necessarily want this to happen, because Townsend offers something a bit different from the other 25 names, but it just seems like he is further down the pecking order. A shame really, as he can be a real asset when cutting inside from the right, and would allow us a bit of attacking depth.

James: I agree Rashford is the obvious choice to make way, and the only way he can make that plane is if one of Daniel Sturridge, Harry Kane, Jamie Vardy or Wayne Rooney pick up an injury. I would have preferred Andy Carroll to have made the cut just because he offers England something so different, and the step up to international football would be too big a step right now for Rashford to take.

One thing Roy won’t be looking to do is chop a defender, having only named seven, so it’s the midfielders and forwards that are vulnerable. With that in mind, I think either Jordan Henderson or Jack Wilshere could still be disposable – and he may decide to axe the least fit of this pair. I certainly expect training to be quite intensive.

Hodgson is obviously desperate to get Wilshere in there – a decision I can totally understand – so it’s Henderson – a player I have never really ‘got’ – who could get the chop for me.

For my third choice, and having covered the attack and the midfield engine room, Roy will probably be looking to sacrifice one of England’s creative players. Dele Alli is probably the only certainty not to be axed, so it’ll be one of Townsend, Raheem Sterling or even Ross Barkley who makes way. If you’re going on current club form, you’d probably keep Townsend in there – I do wonder whether Barkley might just drop out after a less-than-convincing finish to the season?

Michael: I think Rashford has only been included for the experience in the first place, so it’s tough to disagree with Oli and James here. He’s literally just making up the numbers and being given a small taste of what is hopefully still to come for him one day with England with England.

So, with just seven defenders, we are obviously looking at a couple of midfield players to make way. Townsend, for me, should go to the Euros. He has been producing for Newcastle and the squad isn’t overly blessed with natural left-sided players. He can offer something others can’t.

With Wayne Rooney looking ever more capable of dropping back into central midfield, the squad looks very overloaded in that area. I think Fabian Delph is the obvious one to drop out of the squad, not because he’s a poor option, but simply because he hasn’t played anywhere near enough football to justify inclusion. He’s an energy and rhythm player and how can we be certain he has either going into the tournament?

My third choice will be unpopular, but I’d ditch Danny Drinkwater. He has had a brilliant season, but is still very much an unknown quantity at international level and we shouldn’t be messing about. Fine player, superb season, but let’s stick with the lads who got us here for now and have another look at Drinkwater for the World Cup campaign.

Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana: Celebrate for England

Matt: Adam Lallana should be chopped. The Liverpool man is unlikely to start and he has made 21 appearances for England and is yet to score. That’s not a great record for a player who is in the squad to create and score goals.

I would also much rather have a plethora of forward talent that be stocked up on right-backs, so Rashford should go. Rooney can’t play up front anymore and Hodgson may well be considering playing the skipper in a deep midfield role and so that would only leave Kane, Vardy and the injury-prone Sturridge. Rashford has been brilliant and looks to have everything you need to become an international-class striker. Get him on the ferry.

My second player to get the boot would by Delph. As Oli says he has only played a handful of games and has struggled with injuries and also don’t think he has the ability to play at this level. I would rather have Drinkwater as the cover in central midfielder, so Fabian can head off to Dubai for the summer.

And finally, this one is a maverick choice. I would axe Nathaniel Clyne and take just six defenders. I know Roy is only taking three centre-backs, but he knows he can drop Eric Dier in there and similarly there are a whole host of other players in the squad who can fill in at right-back. Kyle Walker is likely to get the nod against Russia, but with John Stones, Chris Smalling, Jordan Henderson and James Milner all able to fill in there I think it would be more valuable to gamble on taking Rashford.


Which of these players is most in danger of being axed from England’s Euro 2016 squad?

  • Nathaniel Clyne
  • Fabian Delph
  • Jordan Henderson
  • Ross Barkley
  • Danny Drinkwater
  • Andros Townsend
  • Marcus Rashford


Agree with our selections? Let us know the three players you would axe – and was there anyone not included that you feel Roy Hodgson was wrong to overlook?

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    Oli Fisher

    We debate which three players Roy Hodgson will chop from his 26-man England squad ahead of the Euro 2016 deadline.

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    Drop Clyne, Englands best right back, when we will for sure play a back four. Go home Matt you’re drunk.



    That’s funny, I almost certainly thought Wilshere’s name would crop up, considering how the teamtalk faithful has been bashing his inclusion of late. Wait let me correct that, bitter Spuds and Mancs has been bashing his inclusion. Easily forgetting his numerous Man of the Match performances throughout the qualifiers. Hodgson explained he picked Wilshere on merit and correctly so, he’s the most talented central midfielder available for England at the moment. Sure based on form Noble deserves to go, but lose out on your most talented midfielder? That’s madness. Barkley, Delph and Henderson has had poor seasons and they’re much less capable than Wilshere yet they’re given a free ride. If anything Barkley or Delph should be dropped in favour of Noble.


    Gunn04 – I get what you’re saying but “most talented central midfielder” is debatable. It would depend on the role, so he potentially could be but it all depends on the set up. I hate the fact that our qualifiers were all against opposition that would struggle to qualify and doesn’t give a fair reflection of our ability whereas the recent friendlies did. I think you’re analysis of the other players you mentioned could not be more correct. The only reason I would take Barkley would be if we don’t we would be seriously down on the central attacking front but again it depends on the set up. Could go for a 4-3-3 interchange with 4-2-3-1 to incorporate the in-form and best players.



    Clyne has had a very good season. If he was dropped in favour of Walker (who isn’t as good in my opinion) I’d be shocked. Clyne will go,and will be first choice RB



    There is no way Cline will be dropped, there is little between him and Walker, I obviously disagree with ST on who is better:)
    I would drop Delph, Townsend and Rooney, not going to happen, so I predict Delph, Townsend and Rashford.



    Having only played 141 minutes of football this season, I’ve actually forgotten how good Wilshire can actually be, I’ll have to dig out my San Marino tapes and re-watch them…



    Delph out, not enough minutes for City due to injuries and Fernando coming into form later in the season.
    Rashford, sorry its just not time yet, surely a future auto include though. (A ballsier person might send him over Rooney)
    Townsend, big performances when your team is as good as down are not good enough, need to produce when it matters.

    Like to see us take Noble over one of Wilshere/Barkley also but guess that’s not an option at this point. I know Wilshere has that little bit that very few in England have but he’ll be on his way home with another 6 monther after the first game.



    thekickoff – I’m really not sure why it’s debatable. Since Gerrard and Lampard retired Wilshere has taken over with aplomb. Other central midfield options are Noble (who I really think should be included btw, just not at the expense of Wilshere), Henderson, Delph, Barkley, Milner. When on form Milner, Noble and Wilshere stands out easily above the rest. And again I agree with you, on that list Barkley is probably the one to be dropped. And I really don’t think England would miss him at number 10, Alli is miles ahead of him. Even without Alli there’s Rooney, Lallana who can fill in. Plus I’d rather see 2 up top with the forwards England have so the number 10 is pretty redundant.



    your drunk mate! clyne playing in a back four that conceeded 50 goals and finished 8th? ill take walker instead ta!



    i noticed you avoided a comparison to Ali! haha. seriously though, what is it that wilshere does? is he a winger? attacking midfeilder? dm? where does he fit? and who do you drop?



    I would leave behind Delph (not played enough games) Henderson (plenty of options in that position) and Sterling (simply not good enough).



    interesting the amount of people that would leaves delph behind due to lack of playing time, however, jack wheelchair has barely kicked a ball and he is going…………



    Big fan of Delph when he was at Villa. Not seen enough of him at City but he’s a good player. I don’t think he’ll make the final cut based on lack of game-time, but he really needs to be playing more. He has a lot to offer.

    Rashford probably won’t make the cut either, and he’s there only because Welbeck is injured. I guess Sturridge will need to be assessed as well. Is he fit? Is he mentally prepared? He’s been all over the place this season, physically and mentally. But he scores goals. Rashford has a chance if it is decided Sturridge isn’t up to it. To be honest, I’d rather Rashford went over Rooney, but that is very unlikely. If Rooney started ahead of Rashford for United, I’d be miffed, so the same goes for England. Rashford has stacks of pace and is a very good finisher. Even if he doesn’t start, he’d be a solid option to bring on for 20 minutes. Out of everyone there, Rooney is the least effective centre forward, IMO. But it’s out of the question that Rooney won’t travel.

    I really don’t know who the 3rd player to be chopped will be. It definitely can’t be a centre back, because we’re only taking three! May well be Townsend, but he’s been decent despite playing for a poor team in crisis. Wilshere is very talented, but since returning form injury he has looked very rusty. I think it has come too soon for him and I’d leave him behind if it was my decision to make.



    I’d take Delph at the Spuds for what it’s worth, got to be a step up on Carrol/Mason/Bentalab any day of the week and twice on St Tottingham Day.

    On a vaguely serious note, I don’t think anybody is doubting Wheelchairs ability one little bit, it’s the simple fact that he has played 141 minutes of football this season and has developed the nick-name Wheelchair, says it all really.. but Woy loves the gobby little toe-rag (sorry, has to be said! 🙂 ) so I would think unless he’s legs fall off he’ll be going… still say Rashford, Delph and Henderson are my three for the chop!



    James – Henderson has played 25 games this season and was in good form. Wilshere has managed 1 full game. How can you even begin to justify that Henderson should be left out? Also Wilshere is a melt and offers virtually nothing. Wilshere has 12 goals in 8 seasons and also cant defend so he is neither great going forward or getting back. As a unbiased onlooker I would also suggest that Clynes form hasnt been good enough to be selected. I think he is there because there isnt enough better options. Other ridiculous inclusions are Rashford, Delph, Rooney, Stones, Barkley and Sterling. None of these have done enough to be in a National team.



    I think ‘ridiculous’ might be a tad harsh. I don’t think anybody named in the squad looks out of place. All of them merit a place in the 26 given who is fit and who isn’t. Normally there’s a surprise inclusion, like Phil Jones or Tom Cleverley. The 26 is a good collection of players, and it’ll be tough to whittle it down by 3. I think it will be a bit harsh on whoever misses out, it’s a big decision for Hodgeson and how he will balance this squad. It’s a bit lopsided given the injuries, and it’s very midfield-heavy.



    I’m still at a loss as to why there is only 3 CB’s. Especially given the third choice is stones who has been pretty terrible. Would of been happier to see Tompkins and shawcross being called up along Cahill and smalling



    Rashford, Delph and Henderson shouldn’t be in the squad.

    Next to go would be Sterling, what has he done this season? Nothing.

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