‘Klopp has to shoulder most of the blame; Milner wrecked’

Date published: Monday 8th May 2017 4:42

Manchester United’s defeat at Arsenal is dissected and one fan names the six players that Jose Mourinho can trust, while Jurgen Klopp is blamed for Liverpool’s draw, all in our forum.

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Was it a weakened side?

Hatters, I don’t know your best eleven but – honest question – was that really a weakened side? Mata, Mikitikiwhatsisname, Rooney and Carrick all started. I know Rashford didn’t, Ibra’s injured, so wouldn’t have started anyway, Pogba’s hardly been setting the PL alight and a Man U fan I watched the game with reckoned dropping Fellaini actually strengthened the team.

If it was, I completely agree it’s a very risky gamble and one I would have thought, of all managers, Jose would be one of the least likely to take. Can’t help feeling there’s something else going on there, like it’s all some kind of message to the Glazers?

In fairness though, if it does pay off and you win the EL, that’s not a bad return for his first season and more than Wenger has managed in the last 13 years.

Al The Gooner


Carrick and Rooney definitely second string

@al. Yes it was a weakened side. Jones, Smalling, and Mata played their first games after long injury layoffs; Carrick and Rooney are definitely second string plus any team that doesn’t feature Rashford, Bailly, Valencia, and Pogba is not our strongest.

As for Pogba, he is nowhere near justifying that price tag but the overwhelming consensus among United fans is that our team cannot control games or get any penetration in the final third without him – go check the United page and you will see, he is by far our best midfielder and would have tonnes more assists if it weren’t for some terrible finishing all season.

In any case good luck to you in the chase for top 4. I think my preference is for Arsenal to finish top 4 instead of Liverpool or Manchester City.



XI was not fitting of Manchester United

Al, whether you want to call it a weakened side or something similar, it wasn’t a team fit to put the name of Manchester United above it, especially not in a game against a big club like Arsenal.

There was a lot of players out there who won’t be around next season and it showed in a pretty sad performance from us…limping to the finishing line in a sad league campaign.

Yesterday was little more than an end of season friendly with none of us having much to play for and I don’t think it reflects well on either of our clubs. United away to the Arsenal in early May? Ten years ago that would have been the highlight year with the whole world tuning in.

A big summer for both of us.

Wonderfuel gas


‘Worry is that this will consolidate his position’

I couldn’t see a win happening either but no matter what my feelings are towards Wenger, I was almost as delighted to see him finally get one over on Maureen as I was for the actual win (although that’s more about my contempt for Jose than anything else).

At the same time, the worry is that this will consolidate his position as manager. He actually described the loss to the Chickens last week as a blip!!!

It was a much better performance all round though. Xhaka had one of his best games for us, even without the goal and we saw some of those passes upfield that made him an exciting prospect in the first place. I have tried holding off on criticising him too much this season, as it’s easy to forget it’s still his first season and it can’t have helped that the rest of the team have been absolute pants. Even some of our greatest players – especially in the last twenty years – didn’t really impress until their second season, so let’s see how he does next season.

Rambo was deservedly MotM, doing what he does best and making those runs into the box. Even Ozil managed to look mildly interested! And I was really happy for Welbeck. He’s so much smarter about getting in behind a defence than Ollie is.

It’s all relative of course. We’ve been so dire this season that even a mildly-above-average performance is a welcome relief. Still encouraging to see us having the guile to get passed a team that had pretty much come to defend.

Still leaves us all in limbo though. I doubt any Gooner actually wants the team to lose, but it’s hard to care about making a CL spot if it keeps Wenger at the helm – especially as we know exactly how next season will pan out if he does.

Al The Gooner

‘More chance of Wenger leaving if we qualify for CL and win FA Cup’

Al i share your sentiments and it was really good to get one over Jose for once! Made it that much more enjoyable after hearing his post game interview.

I still think that we have more chance of him leaving if we do qualify for CL and win the FA cup. This wouldnt damage his ego and atleast he could say he left with a trophy and the club in the CL. Fail on both fronts and that for me (regardless of what should happen) makes his position safe for another 2 years. The board wont sack him and his ego wont accept that level of failure. Its more of a wish than what we ever actually happen.

I have given Rambo some stick this season and 99% of has been deserved, he has been terrible this season there is no 2 ways about it. more often than not he has been worst player on teh pitch when playing. Yesterday though he was very good and you know what it coincided with him not doing all those stupid fancy flicks and he didnt get caught dilly dallying on the ball.

Same goes for Xhaka, i still think he was teh wrong the player to buy and he has been pretty poor this season but yesterday we saw a much more accomplished player. However i think this comes more down to the fact UTD didnt put any pressure on him. we dont need him and so i would still offload him in teh summer too many midfielders with similar attributes and playing styles. atleast 2 of them have to be sold in summer.

I thought Holding had another solid game and why he gets dropped in favour of Monreal in teh back 3 is beyond me. Chambo had yet another solid performance as the RWB. He might not be the best defensive minded player but he puts the shift in and if we plan on staying with this 3-4-3 then he can learn that side of the game.

I think we will still get CL football if im being completely honest with myself. I said a few backs that i could see liverpool dropping atleast 9 points with 5 games remaining so confident in fact i had a £500 best with a colleague at work.

get CL may convince Sanchez to put pen to paer on a 2yr extension atleast. Will man better players will be available to buy. Just a shame that Wenger may still be here.

The Hulk


‘Wenger under instructions from the Kroenkes…’

Hulk- it was a tepid display by United and we took advantage without playing great.

I’m not sure if our formation will be here for the long term, or if Wenger will be. Obviously, I hope not, but still think whether we beat Chelsea ( unlikely) or make the top four ( even more unlikely), will have any influence.

The relaxed manner displayed by Wenger in recent weeks suggests the deal has been done and he’s under instructions from the Kroenkes not to say anything until there’s a good time to do so.

The cowards will probably wait until the end of the season! Onto the CL- do you really see us getting maximum points from away trips to Southampton and Stoke- I don’t. We also have to expect Liverpool to drop more points as well- home to Middlesbrough?

I can’t see it. I think the Ox has been the best of a bad bunch in the past couple of months, but beg to differ on his best position. If we had a dependable hard-tackling and more mobile defensive midfielder, I think his range of passing, especially long ones, has improved and in central midfield, we could see a very good player develop in the next couple of years. But, will he stay? Ozil probably will, as no big club is in for him, but what a disappointment he’s been.

A luxury player who excels when everyone else puts a shift in and his lack of commitment can be accommodated, e.g. Real Madrid and Germany.



Chelsea ‘too strong for Boro’

Even without Kante you would think a combination of Matic and Fabregas would be good enough and we have Ake or JT to cover for Luiz. Our squad is too strong from Boro whose main issue is scoring goals

I think we take the initiative and go for their jugular with Hazard, Costa and Pedro and then Fabregas behind them pushing on. Matic just needs to sit and break up the play

For me this could be a nervy tight game or we will get home in a canter…? KTBFFH



Boro game has ‘banana skin written all over it’

This game has banana skin written all over it. I’m thinking shotgun to both feet…

The fact Boro couldnt score in a brothel for the majority of the season means they’ll find the net against us. Negredo finding three yards of pace against us.

Im having sleepless nights, i put it down to the jet lag, but its deeper than that. It is of course a title run in. We should be alright, we’ve done the hard yards and im hoping that the game is a three point formality… But until it’s sown up, the the fat lady’s singing has stopped and Stephen Hawkin’s CPU breaks due to the complexity of the mathmatical equation for working out how many points are required to secure the title.

I’m holding my breath. fingers crossed time…

Romansdirty pants


Milner ‘wrecked’

One thing that worries me about klopp is his reluctance to change things st times. Maybe it’s his lack Of faith in some of the squad. We have played Southampton 4 times using the sane system each time. It clearly wasn’t working and changes should have been made much earlier.

Milner is wrecked. He’s had a great season but it’s not happening for him. We aren’t playing well but we have been getting results. It’s all about getting over the line and regrouping in the summer. West Ham is huge. We have to step up now.

Sean the Sailor


Klopp to blame

An opportunity to almost cement a Top 3 Finish goes Begging,Yet again We show our incapability to break down a Team that has a bank of Four and Five in the Middle and at the Back.

Saints had their Gameplan and probably deserve credit for that but We have to overcome these obstacles if We are to progress towards either a Champions League spot or even a Title.

Klopp has to shoulder most of the blame on this One in His Team selection. Lallana did more than enough to justify a start ahead of Origi after the Win at Watford and that was probably our biggest downfall Today.

West Ham next week is now a Massive game for Us and they aren’t going to lie down just as they proved against Spurs on Friday so We have to really up Our game if We are to finish in Third.#



Lallana omission a big mistake

Adam Lallana: Set for a month on the sidelines

Strange decision by Klopp re Lallana firstly in not selecting him and secondly bringing him on so late in the game especially as Liverpool looked so much more potent once he came on.

Still all in Liverpool’s hands though albeit that 3rd place might be a bit of a bridge too far.

West Ham away is the tricky one especially should they play to the level of the Spurs game and get Carroll back although him being on the bench looks like the most likely option.

Still think you’ll claim at least 4th spot and that was the aim at the start of the season.

nine nine nine


Wijnaldum goes missing

*** NEWSFLASH *** Merseyside Police have issued a missing persons alert. A Dutch national who goes by the name of Georginio Wijnaldum has not been seen since 13:30 on Sunday 7th May. His employers are getting increasingly concerned about his whereabouts.

I was mildly critical of 2 players in posts last week: Origi and Wijnaldum and, boy, how well they both lived up to the billing that I had given them!

Red Herring


Bad decisions from Klopp

I think Klopp is great, but you have to call a bad set of decision when you see them.

We are crying out for width, yet refuse to play Moreno, or TAA on the wing (not as a full back)

We persist with Origi when he has been poor, poor, poor. Better to play Woodburn or even Sturridge.

We make changes with minutes to go – what does he expect players too do in 10 minutes or less?

I think he will come good, but we could have won that game against S’Oton and the one against Palace if we had made some changes.



Mourinho ‘knows our quality is lacking’

Look, the truth is that our team isn’t that great and Mourinho knows it – he knows that our quality lacks behind other clubs in the Top 6 so he’s trying to do what he thinks he can with this squad.

Yes, he doesn’t always do what’s right but ultimately I think that, once he’s had a window or two to clear out the dead weight and get in some good signings to replace to get quality at LB, CM, RW and ST then we will hopefully see a team he can trust and which will go to play the game style Mourinho wants that he knows will get results.

We were never gonna win the league and qualifying for the Champions League was always the priority… yes not making the Top Four sucks but if we win the Europa League it means we achieved the goal for the year and got 3 trophies to boot.

If we don’t win the Europa League however, it will cause us some big issues when it comes to recruitment in the summer.

Sympathy for the Devils


‘Only players Mourinho can trust are…’

@sympathy. I agree with all your points about the quality of the squad and the fact that Mourinho simply doesn’t have the tools there for us to challenge but make no mistake – by going out and picking a weakened side against Arsenal when it is still mathematically possible for us to reach top 4 he has taken a big, big risk.

I fully understand the logic behind protecting players like Bailly, Pogba, and Valencia, Rashford for Thursday and (hopefully) the final of the Europsa League but it still is not guaranteed that we will win. We could get a red card or we could concede a strike as lucky as Xhaka’s yesterday. My point really being that if Mourinho had gone all out for every game he would have left himself blameless but he has now decided to place his eggs in one basket using somewhat agreeable logic.

I guess that’s why he gets paid the big bucks, to make big decisions like that.

The problem for Mourinho is he has now placed his bo****s on the chopping block and is trusting a bunch of gutless players who have a tendency to wilt in high pressure situations. The only players that Mourinho can trust in this situation are De Gea, Valencia, Herrera, Mata, Bailly, and Pogba.

To see him smiling and joking yesterday after taking the gamble of the season shows that he’s got balls of steel. It’s a game of roulette really but I am certain he will have told the Glazers beforehand and will probably keep his job either way.



No fluency or flair

What worries me more than anything else under Jose is the poor quality of football being played.

I see no fluency in this team and little creativity or flair. We had Mata and Miki almost playing fullback yesterday!

That simply has to change next season. It’s not a great team but its much better than the football on show at the moment. We need a cm to complement and allow Pogba to become the box to box attacking cm we need and we desperately need to buy more goals.

Miki has been a big disappointment and Martial has regressed to a shocking level. I’m happy for Jose to get another season but it will be make or break I fear.


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