‘Man Utd must wait until 2019 to see Mourinho’s finished article’

Date published: Wednesday 24th May 2017 12:15

“Manchester United’s season must be judged on their objectives” regardless of the result tonight, according to one fan in our forum.

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United’s season must be judged on their objectives’

Whilst its always nice to win a trophy, our season must be judged on the basis of our objectives. Our objectives are:

1) Rebuild the team
2) Restore our ability to seriously challenge for the PL CL every year [this means top4 at minimum]
3) Regenerate the fan and player mood, spirit and confidence we had under SAF.

And if we accept we are a “work-in-progress” then we must consider

1) how much progress has been made so far
2) how much longer must we wait till the building work is completed.

The CL (ie top 4) is the competition for the best in Europe. The Europa is the competition for the best of the rest. JM himself did not regard the competition highly …..

“It [the Europa League] is not a competition that Man United wants. It is not one I want or the players but it is a competition where we are and that is the reality.”

If we win it and thereby sneak into the CL through the backdoor it means we are best of the rest, NOT one of the best. I fail to see how a club of the stature of Manchester United can regard being best of the rest as a “success”. This to me, is yet another example of how some fans continually readjust our standards and expectations in order to spin failure into success. That’s is what Liverpool fans used to do when they praised their cup successes and ignored their failure to make top 4.

That said, I hope and pray the lads not only win tonight but win in style. Lets be honest, Ajax aren’t Barca. We are 1/2 favorites against their being 2/1 underdogs. You may not understand betting odds but in a 2 horse race that amounts to us being an almost dead certainty. Failure would be a huge embarassment.



Mourinho’s United will be the ‘finished article in 2018/19’

I’d say the team is far closer to being a finished product than it was this last year. I say that because Jose brought in players he knew would fit the profile he wanted, that will work hard, play through pain and make those around them better.

Now there is still a monumental amount of work to be done but you can’t argue that the team isn’t better with Bailly, Miki, Pogba and Zlatan than it was without them.

Okay, results have been average but with two or three quality signings, and I don’t necessarily mean household names, we’ll be far stronger next season and perhaps the season after that we’ll be a finished article.
I think for the first time since Fergie left we have a manager with a very clear vision of where the club should be going and also the players who fit the mould to get us there.

Very few would argue that this has been a successful season overall, but a win tonight that delivers CL football should be regarded as a success in a season where we’ve been mediocre in general with a few bright points.
Everything has to be looked at in context, we are a good side but I believe we are on the way to becoming a great one, with a few ins and outs, and a win tonight is something to celebrate even though the season overall hasn’t been worthy of celebration.



‘United need to take the game to Ajax’

I agree that we need to control the game tonight.

We need to be on the front foot like we were against Chelsea. No point in trying to nullify their threat we’re better than them and we need to take the game to them.

Get an early goal and then kill the game with a 2nd and 3rd. They need to do the City proud tonight after what happened.



‘Life is never dull at Palace’

Well didn’t see that one coming at all. Thought he was happy and looked content to steer us to a comfortable mid table team for the next 5 years or so.

Either way not too disappointed as I preferred Pardew but if Sam is retiring to spend his $2 mill Bonus then all the best and thanks for keeping us up.

So we now start again, life is never dull at the Palace.

Yes Punch also agree our youth have been neglected and we need to play them to make a decision on their future, at the moment all they do is get sent out on loan year after year then we terminate their contract.


‘Walcott eating up stupid amounts in wages’

Morning fellas.

I’m hoping that Wenger’s comments about needing one or two players was simply a throw away comment, made without too much consideration because one or two, is simply not acceptable.

We can pretty much assume that Kolasinac is a done deal and that’s a positive because Gibbs needs to be moved on. He isn’t good enough and he is not going to get the number of games a player of his age needs. PL standard absolutely, but not top level which is what we should be aiming for.

I have no idea what Wenger will do with the back line. I’m not convinced he will buy anyone. Koscielny needs to be managed better next season. He will be 32 in September and is suffering with chronic achilles issues. Wenger needs to refrain from running him into the ground like he has done for the last 5 years!

Holding has shown great promise but again, its important not to expect too much too soon from someone of his age and experience. Personally I don’t think Gabriel is good enough. He does look better in a back 3 but he is never going to command a starting place. As for Chambers….I’ve never been sold on him to be honest. I can’t see him being any more likely to feature next season than last so maybe another loan spell for him?

Absolutely agree that Santi needs to be replaced. Wenger relied too heavily on him and it came back to bite him on the arse. He turns 33 at the end of the year and has had some pretty considerable injury issues. I can’t see him working alongside Xhaka either. A great technician, but one of the slowest and least athletic players we have. That combination would be awful.

The CM is a huge priority in the summer. Personally I would move Wilshere on. I don’t think Ramsey is good enough to be starting for us and Jack simply cannot be trusted.

We need a proper goal scorer up top without question. It isn’t Giroud and it isn’t Danny either. I would sell Theo this summer. He doesn’t work in this system, he is eating up stupid amounts in wages that could be better used elsewhere. Sell him while we still can and use the money towards a top forward.

CF and CM are the big areas to address for me, IF we continue with the current formation. I would argue we should perhaps bring a new CB in and move a couple on. If Sanchez and Ozil stay, I would say 3/4 signings might be enough. Lose those 2 as well and we have enormous issues because there is no one in that squad at the minute pressing to step up in their absence. The thing is, should they leave, I have absolutely ZERO faith in the ability of Wenger to deal with the problem. Hell, I don’t trust him to deal with the problems we have before they leave!



Five new players at Liverpool 

Getting two left backs makes sense if one of them is 17. I don’t want to go into another season with Milner as first choice in that position.

We clearly need a CB to partner Matip. Lovren is not good enough, he came within a hair’s breadth of costing us fourth place on Sunday and makes far too many mistakes.

We also need a central midfielder. Reports of our interest in Keita imply that the club are aware of this. An attacking midfielder and a striker too if we are going to compete in the PL and the CL.

That’s at least five new players in my opinion.



Klopp ‘needs to add pace’

My personal opinion in priority is

Pacey attacker

Whatever happens we need to add pace to this team, when/if mane is unavailable we have none in the team. It is the main reason we struggle when he is not in the side, honestly I would be happy with three big signings and perhaps a few squad players to.

Time will tell, I just don’t think with lovren signing that huge contract we will spend big at cb. Clyne, Matip, lovren and new lb to start next season.



‘Too many players coming in could be dangerous’

I agree even though he did well at times I’d still would like us to bring in an experienced left back. I see we are linked with Casillas. He’s not the keeper he was. Would be play? He could help Mignolet and Karius if they are still here. I wouldn’t mind Salah for the pacey attacker role.

I’d love us to try for Griezmann but I don’t think he’ll come. Carrasco is quality as well. I’ve heard Bayern may want to sell Douglas Costa.

Lucas Moura could be available from Paris St Germain. He has the work rate so would be able to press. Again, he may not come but that’s the type of signing we should be going for. All of these players would add quality to our squad. We could try and get Fabinho for the defensive midfield role.

Monaco may sell if we put in a good bid. We also need a partner for Matip. I think 4 quality additions is enough. Too many players coming in could be dangerous.

Lee Simpson

Liverpool ‘need one winger and two strikers’

I just don’t understand why everyone wants to replace Milner. His age is the least used excuse but it’s the most sensible one for me.

It seems to escape people that Milner is the best crosser of the ball in our team. That might not be our main method of attack but it’s vital for when teams sit back.

He’s fine defensively, he’s probably the most determined player in our tam right now, he’s got vision for a pass when we’re looking to break quickly.

I’d sooner replace Clyne and I’m deadly serious. I still probably wouldn’t replace Clyne (this is another topic worth talking about though) unless we found someone truly special but I’m making a point.

With the reemergence of Emre, I wonder if we’ll be signing a top CM at all. Lucas appeared to say his goodbyes in the last game so I guess it’s still possible as we will have more games. . but Grujic has been “promised” more first team involvement next season. . whatever happens, I think Henderson has to give up the captaincy, he can’t play enough games to hold that title.

I think our main efforts in this window will be in attack. You could argue that we need 1 winger and 2 strikers. I don’t rate Origi and I can’t see us wanting to keep Sturridge but if there are no buyers, we may have to :

________, Firmino,_________, Sturridge, Origi, Ings.

That is how I would expect to see our fowards in order of importance for next season. One of the new players would effectively be replacing Sturridge and the other would do the same for Origi, selling to buy where possible.

That may only leave us with 4 FWs going into next season, with one of them maybe not being able to feature much (Ings) but the answer lies in the winger. Brandt or someone like him who is well able to play across the top could provide good cover when needed.

I’d sell Moreno and try and get someone to act as cover for Milner and maybe get in a 5th CB, 3rd or 4th choice. . but besides that i think we’re good to head into next season.

Mr Makaveli


Conte ‘wants to keep Costa’

Allegedly Conte wants Costa to stay and is pushing the club to offer Costa a new contract that will keep him at Chelsea.

Also allegedly Emenalo is pushing for the club to sign Lanzini tbh he looks a half decent player but I don’t think Emenalo should be involved in promoting any targets for the first team squad that haven’t been targeted by Conte.

With the sale of Cuadrado the transfer pot has circa £90m in it which suggests a potentially big summer for Chelsea in the transfer market.

nine nine nine


‘I want Costa to stay’

mtal61 and notnice: we know that Costa has temperament. But hasn’t he shown that he could behave too all along this past season?

For me he’s shown enough for us to trust him. And glad that we have Conte as manager who seems to me to gain his respect.

Costa often scored when the team badly needed someone to score. (Remember against WBA, Middlesbrough, etc)
And for this reason: personally I want Costa to stay.

Not to say that Lukaku is not good though. The guy loves Chelsea. But he scored more when the oppositions were easy and often he did not show up when needed.

About cover of our wing back: we have none on the left. on the right, we have Azpi. But remember that Azpi can cover on the left too, he’s been played left back under Jose for so long. But still I think it’s important to buy a new good wing back to increase the competition and to cover whenever there’s injuries.



Chelsea transfer rumours

I have cleaned the list. I have the left the rumours that have maintained a presence in the press.

Latest updated transfer rumours:

Strong Rumours (In):
CM – Tiémoué Bakayoko (£35m)
ST – Alvaro Moratta (£??m)
ST – Romelu Lukaku (£100m)

Rumours (In):
CB – Virgil van Dijk
CB – Antonio Rudiger
AM – Ross Barkley
AM – Federico Bernardeschi
AM – Domenico Berardi
ST – Alexis Sanchez

Unlikely Rumours (In):
CB – Leonardo Bonucci
ST – Antoine Griezmann

Rumours (Out):
GK – Asmir Begovic
CB – John Terry
CB – Kurt Zouma (Loan)
CM – Cesc Fabregas
CM – Nemanja Matić
AM – Ruben Loftus-Cheek (Loan)
ST – Diego Costa

AM – Christian Atsu (£6.5m)
AM – Juan (Bottle Job) Cuadrado (£17m)



Bernardeschi the pick 

Amz- fair play, reckon Martin van ginkle could do a job and we could do a lot worse. I think he’s just missed his boat with us as he’s had a good season recovering in the eridivisi. As for ake, I’m a fan and keeping my fingers crossed. If he continues his development he’ll be key for us if conte decides to change shape during games.

(Something we’ve not done since the arsenal game and I reckon teams will catch up tactically next season- the shape of city’s attack over the last seven games was pretty fearsome)

Bort. Beenadesci would be my pick from that list. Reckon he’s exactly the sort of player who would adapt quickly. Feels odd seeing Terry’s name on the out list… heavy heart writing it down?

Romansdirty pants


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