Van Gaal believes United are ‘gone and beyond help’ – Report

Date published: Monday 28th December 2015 9:45

Louis van Gaal: Manager on the brink at Old Trafford

Louis van Gaal: Manager on the brink at Old Trafford

Beleaguered Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal thinks his team have “gone and are beyond help”, according to reports.

The Independent have an Ian Herbert ‘exclusive’ claiming “United are engaged in a desperate attempt to stop Van Gaal walking away from Old Trafford”.

The report suggests Van Gaal is “deeply embarrassed by his losing streak” and is convinced that his team is “gone and beyond help”.


Van Gaal has spoken to United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward since the 2-0 defeat at Stoke on Boxing Day and he has been reassured that the club still believe in him, but Van Gaal “does not know what more he can do”.

United face Chelsea at Old Trafford today and another defeat will be their fifth in a row – something that has not happened for 79 years.

The Times have a similar story, but with no ‘exclusive’ tag.

James Ducker says Van Gaal has been told by United that they still “believe in him for now”. But the 64-year-old Dutch boss, who The Times claim offered to leave after the home defeat to Norwich earlier this month, thinks he is “fighting a losing battle”.

Van Gaal, speaking after the defeat to Stoke, admitted it would be hard to see a vast improvement ahead of the date with Chelsea.

“It’s very difficult. It’s very difficult to recover. It’s very tough, I am aware of that,” said Van Gaal.

Elsewhere, all the other papers on Monday see the situation in a similar light.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Van Gaal is ‘on the brink’.

The Daily Star says Louis van Gaal will be sacked if his Manchester United side lose to Chelsea today, their headline is ‘Gaal Over’.

The Sun go with ‘Bags of trouble’ along with a picture of Van Gaal clutching two sports bags.

‘Game Over’ say the Mirror on their back page, along with a similar image of Van Gaal.

The Daily Mail go with ‘LVG Doomsday’ and claim Van Gaal has been ‘locked in crisis talks’ over his future.

‘Louis Faces Blue Monday’ says The Express and claim that Van Gaal will quit if he cannot halt United’s losing run.

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    Matthew Briggs

    Beleaguered Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal thinks his team have “gone and are beyond help”, according to reports.

    [See the full post at: Van Gaal believes United are ‘gone and beyond help’ – Report]



    The quicker we get rid of this plonker the better.What an idiot.



    Lol u ca say that again.



    LVG needs to go and something needs to be done about Wudwud. Things will not improve with this clown in charge of transfers.


    Rajiv Sobhee

    And they want to appoint someone who is an expert at losing in a row and who brought a team to a low that never happened in ages.



    how dare this man say such thing, he and he alone ripped the heart out of the team, whilst the idiiot woodward sat and watched. Glazers how dare you according to media ask him to stay. put your size 9 in his ass.c he has ruined our beloved united, even moyes had more fire in his belly. this thing sits there and says its a process. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD KICK THE GUY ALL THE WAY TO PORTUGAL AND RETIREMENT. HE IS A LOSER



    The board want him to stay and if UTD beat Chelsea – pray we lose – they will feel a corner is being turned.

    The only corner that should be turned is LVGs car indicating left or right to signal his exit from the club grounds for the very last time.

    The reasons Woodie is championing his retention are teofold:
    1. He is telatively clueless on football matters and is not in tune with what the United fans want on a purely footballing level
    2. Were he to pull the trigger on LVG – which he absolutely should – it would also reflect very poorly on his judgement regards managerial appointments (Moyes who will never reach the level and LVG who was so past his sell by date he was beginning to smell).

    Where the narcisstic Fergie is concerned – mirror mirror on the wall – the longer LVG stays the better he looks; the more the media write misty eyed articles reminiscing on the glorious Fergie days; the more the cameras pan to him in the gallery; the more his memory is kept alive as the last man to win a trophy for the club.
    Fergie has apparently given his full backing to LVG. Another blip thats all.

    Pray we lose this evening.



    Now thats reassuring… for everyone else! So please Man u, keep him as long as possible.


    Big K

    If I was a player reading that I would be so furious I might start playing again just to show the Manager. Has he been taking advice from a psychologist?



    Moral win lose or draw he is resigning



    this man is such a bullllshtting pain in the arse.and when he is sacked he will deny any responsibility.its the players fault for not understanding his philosophy.everyones fault but his own.a detestable fool.



    fergiesarmy – LVG as you pointed out has already decided.He opted out. What bears ill for me is that the main 4 ‘powers’ up there ,Sir Alex,Mr.Gill,Sir Bobby and Woodie, prefer to keep going with their ‘plan’ and therefore keep LVG and then ‘promote’ Giggs after next season.This is understandable as this was their collective plan B after their collective fiasco with Mr. Moyes. They will surely look silly second time round no ? Moral has explained the scenario well in his post,which is very unfortunate as the longer this issue is prolonged,the more it will become a problem,like not solving the midfield problem since Sir Alex time. It is also wrong because they are putting extra pressure on LVG,who is clearly suffering,[just look at his face].



    more negative vibes to support my last post include the ‘suggested return’ as ‘helper’ in the dug out,[how the mighty has fallen], of Sir if Giggs as hugely expected, is tasked to lead United. Woodie it appears ,prefers Jose but is contrasted with the support for Ryan from the 2 Sirs.To his credit LVG has twice offered his resignations but was told to hang on,,,to what ? for what ? No official confirmation following the above of course but there is no doubt that something is/has been ‘expertly’ brewed.The aftermath of the Result against chelsea is being profoundly waited upon as the drama unfolds .

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