Van Gaal bemoans officials as Chelsea grab ‘unfair’ draw

Date published: Sunday 7th February 2016 7:12

Louis van Gaal: Banned first-time shooting

Louis van Gaal: Banned first-time shooting

Frustrated Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal was left to reflect on what might have been after his side saw victory snatched from their grasp in a 1-1 draw against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

United boss Van Gaal was visibly disappointed after his side dropped two points and he questioned the decision from the referee to play six minutes of stoppage time.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the United manager said: “(I’m feeling) deep frustration because we were the better team and again we didn’t win.

“The free-kicks – I don’t think that all of those were free-kicks but this referee gave them a lot of free-kicks at the end of the game.

“I spoke with him (the fourth official) for the second time (in stoppage time). The time was already over the six minutes and then he let (them) kick the corner… and then he whistled. He did it also in the first half.

“So, I think you cannot do that, otherwise you don’t let them kick the corner because the six minutes has been passed.

“I don’t think that is fair.”

Van Gaal also felt his players need to concentrate throughout and added: “I feel we didn’t reward ourselves with a victory because we were the better team. Until the last quarter we played very well and could have scored more goals. But you have to control the game better and we did not do that.

“It isn’t a lack of concentration it is not being composed when you are defending. When we have the ball we have to keep the ball.

“You need to give the right pass at the right moment and we did not do that [before Chelsea scored]. Chelsea are a very good team and you play like we played and don’t reward yourself, it is frustrating.”

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    James Marshment

    Louis van Gaal was left to reflect on what might have been after Man United saw victory snatched from their grasp in a 1-1 draw at Chelsea.

    [See the full post at: Van Gaal bemoans officials as Chelsea grab ‘unfair’ draw]



    The officials didnt bring on Memphis and they didnt ask Blind to charge out of his central defensive position. . .



    All very well moaning about 6 minutes of stoppage time, but we equalised on 90+1 so what exactly is his point?



    He will fool nobody with his excuses.

    The damage has long been done and he will only make people laugh at his childish remarks.

    He,and his ‘aides’ with all their know how and print outs and intelligence and legend status, should have been smarter in his/their substitutions which were the real killers and not the officials. You do not bring Herrera for Mata with around 2 mins left,when everyone could see that Mata had long gone,and hate Felliani as much as you want,but to bring Memphis for him was foolhardy and naive.

    While Chelsea was getting defenders off and adding forwards,United were bringing on attackers instead of extra defenders giving Chelsea the impetus and control for their late rush of blood.

    Above all he or his designated successor should have gotten up from their benches and made their presence noticed as a support to their team which was under the cosh for the last 5 mins or so ala SAF.

    And not for the first time,what a gem of a keeper. Hats off David.



    Depay did not come on for Felliani so makes your moaning moot.



    He was right. The officials performance were really awful. Shame on them. United should’ve won!



    BigAl07 – Fair is fair mate .

    Wanted to put down Lindgard not Felliani. Very smart of you nevertheless.

    However, my typing the wrong name does not take any thing away from in my post .


    Big K

    Instead of moaning about the officials, the press, the pundits and the dissident supporters, LVG should just admit that his philosophy, his process, his signings, his man-management and his substitutions, which almost destroyed the Club DNA, were misjudged. He is lucky that he has had captive supporters because if it had been pay at the gate I believe that the crowd for home games would have dropped below 50,000.



    Apparently it is not only here that people are moaning,and nobody can dismiss this type of moaning.
    ”At least £57 million was wiped off the value of the club today alone as the share dropped 2.6% in morning trading in New York. The club’s New York-listed shares have slumped nearly 20 per cent from, dragging United’s value to below £1.6 billion — a staggering £345m in the last six months”

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