Van Gaal: I don’t do anything…but I earn a lot of money

Date published: Thursday 19th November 2015 10:30

Louis van Gaal: More criticism of the Manchester United boss

Louis van Gaal admits his main role as Manchester United manager is to delegate responsibilities to other members of his backroom staff.

The Dutchman was speaking at the LMA annual management conference, where he revealed how much the job of manager has changed since he first started at Ajax in 1991.

“I’m from a time where you [the manager] did everything,” he said.

“Now I’m the manager and I have a sports science department, I have a scouting department, I have a medical department, I have assistant managers, I have assistant coaches.

“I don’t do anything – nothing! I delegate. I delegate, and I earn a lot of money [Laughs].”

Throughout his tenure as boss at Old Trafford, Van Gaal has been criticised for the often uninspiring style of football Manchester United play.

Many supporters have become disillusioned by the 64-year-old’s unwillingness to adapt his “philosophy”, which focusses on patient retention of possession.

However the former Barcelona manager defended his approach, insisting that it can take time for the players to get used to his methods, while he also hit back at Paul Scholes claims he cannot coach attractive football.

“[At Ajax] we won everything with very attacking football. I don’t say it too much because otherwise Mr Scholes will be very angry,” he said.

“When you see my press conferences, I’m discussing a lot my philosophy. Sometimes, the media is not very proud of it. But, sometimes, they are firmly crazy for it because I explain a lot.

“It takes always a little bit of time to transfer the message. I’m training in the brain – a lot of things in the brain – because football is not a sport of legs, it is a sport of brain, and tactics. So, that takes a lot of time.

“All the players have to sustain that process and that’s not easy. Praise is better than to be negative, it is true. But, sometimes, I’m sorry, you have to be negative also.”

Perhaps less surprisingly the 64-year-old also accepted that he can be arrogant at times.

“Sometimes I have a horrible time because I am too arrogant, I say things how they are. It’s the most difficult way but you shall survive,” he added.

“And I think also that you touch people in the heart. As a leader, you have to touch people, and not superficially but now in the heart.”

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