Van Gaal: United ‘not good enough’ to win the Champions League

Date published: Sunday 6th December 2015 9:37

Louis van Gaal: Says United need to improve

Louis van Gaal: Says United need to improve

Louis van Gaal says Manchester United are “not good enough” to win the Champions League this season.

Van Gaal’s men were held to another goalless draw at home to West Ham on Saturday – their fifth in the last nine games – and they have slipped three points behind leaders Leicester.

The fans are becoming increasingly worried by their negative style, which saw them muster just one shot on target from 21 attempts, but they will have to forget their league form next week when they travel to Germany to play Wolfsburg in the Champions League.

Van Gaal’s men sit in second spot behind Wolfsburg and know that a win will guarantee them a place in the knockout stage, but anything else could seem them eliminated

Should United win at the Volkswagen Arena on Tuesday though, Van Gaal isn’t confident about their chances for the remainder of the tournament.

“I don’t think that we are able to win the Champions League now,” Van Gaal said. “Maybe next year when we strengthen our selection again. But now we have to come as much as possible and maybe we can beat ­everyone, that I am sure.

“And we have proven that already, also in the Premier League. But normally we are not good enough to win the Champions League. You can win, and when we are there we shall try to do everything but you also have to be realistic. I’m happy with my squad now but we can strengthen the selection still in [certain] positions, for example the left-back position is not so [well] covered.”

The Dutchman is sure that his men can get the right result against the Bundesliga side.

“Yes, yes we can win,” said Van Gaal. “Because we have also won at home [against Wolfsburg]. It was also a difficult match. But I know that also Wolfsburg shall not attack too much because with a draw, they continue and we are dependent on PSV.

“Every match, we have chances and, in our European matches, we have created more chances than in the ­Premier League matches, I believe. We have to score in Wolfsburg.

“We have to play against a very good team. I am convinced we can do it but we do not have any luck. Also, we have to be more composed in that situation – especially when you miss chances three metres in front of goal.”

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    Matthew Briggs

    Louis van Gaal says Manchester United are “not good enough” to win the Champions League this season.

    [See the full post at: Van Gaal: United ‘not good enough’ to win the Champions League]



    ha ha ha, maybe van Gaal isn’t as deluded as we thought eh?, we are not good enough to win the champions league?, hardly bloody rocket science was it you dutch numpty! Has he also just signed his resignation letter by saying that?, surely the board of directors won’t want to hear that from their head coach. Surely they have seen the decline in fans cheering and happiness in general and will surely have noticed that it all has conveniently occurred since he has taken over and brought his pre-historic tactics.


    Diabolo Rouge

    @united80. Did you see what he is doing here? His excuse is anyway we are not good enough so we can drop out of the group stage. Maybe the board is still backing him but fans should wave the handkerchiefs now. He has the audacity to say that he dont understand why fans are chanting attack attack attack.. He says that how Van Gaal’s team play. It is very sad to say it but i think we will not be able to go through the group stage. I cant stand him anymore. He thinks he is doing our club a favour. This imposter should be out of this club ASAP.



    Agree @diabolo, we now need to physically show the board how peed off we are mate. This clown should never have made it to his 2nd year of tenure. I have disliked him and his tactics since the last 2 months of his first season.



    I agree that we can’t win it this year as Barcelona and Bayern Munich are too good. but for a manager to say this before a big midweek game is very disheartening to hear as a fan. it shows that van gaal has no confidence in his team which is why we won’t win it even though we should be competing for it every season considering our history in the competition.



    Van Gaal IS NOT good enough to win the champions league !!



    at the moment, van gaal isn’t good enough to win the championship let alone champions league.



    what an absolute waste of space, this guy decimated our strike force, killed the flair.And now he has the nerve to say we are not good enough.Yet he has spent millions and can only come up with NOT GOOD ENOUGH. How the hell can he say we can win at wolfsburg, when we cannot score goals. And the ejit woodentop says the board will back him.

    He is a waste of space get him the hell out.

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