Wenger: Elneny is ‘not a monster’, but he could be our Tigana

Date published: Saturday 30th January 2016 10:54

Mohamed Elneny: Joined Arsenal from Basel

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has likened new signing Mohamed Elneny to Jean Tigana, but has admitted his move to the Gunners is “a big step”.

Wenger is likely to give his new £5million signing his full debut at home to Burnley in the FA Cup on Saturday and believes despite his slight build he can be a success in the Premier League.

Wenger has high hopes for the Egyptian midfielder, who he claims could be the club’s Tigana.

“It is a big step from him, to come out from Switzerland to go to the Premier League but I think it is the right age for him.

“But let’s judge first how well he adapts, how well he does to see if it is a cheap price.

“He’s not a monster. Usually middle east people are big stamina, agile, lack a bit power sometimes so he is not a powerhouse, he’s more a mobility player. That is why I think he can suit our game.

“Winning the ball is not only down to power, it is to switch on at the right moment, it’s a technique. You have players who are muscular who lose fights against small players who are very slim because small players switch it on at the right moment.

“When do you switch your muscle on, when the guy is in a weak position, it is a real technique. I remember Tigana was 63kgs, a defensive midfielder and he was unbelievable defensively. He had that technique,” said Wenger.

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