West Ham threaten life bans after fan violence

Date published: Saturday 10th September 2016 9:32

London Stadium: Dark day for West Ham

London Stadium: Teething problems in West Ham's new home

West Ham have stated they will issue life bans to any supporters actively involved in the crowd trouble at their home defeat to Watford.

West Ham supporters fought among themselves, clashed with stewards and Watford fans as they witnessed their side throw away a two-goal lead to the Hornets.

“West Ham United unreservedly condemn the behaviour of the individuals involved in incidents during today’s fixture against Watford,” the club said on their website.

“While these isolated incidents were quickly brought under control, this behaviour has no place in football and West Ham United will work tirelessly to eradicate such incidents.

“We are currently undertaking an immediate full review with all stakeholders. This includes police, stadium landlord and operator LS185, who are responsible for appointing and managing stewards and security, to ensure we eradicate such incidents moving forward.

“Our policy on this behaviour remains one of zero tolerance and we will work with the police and other stakeholders to identify the individuals involved. Once identified, they will be banned from attending any West Ham United fixture for life and we will request the courts serve banning orders to prevent these individuals attending any football.”

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic was surprised to hear about the incidents when questioned by the press after the match.

“I’ve been told about it, and I asked what riot? I really didn’t see anything,” Bilic said.

“I knew that at 4-2 the stadium was not packed because people were starting to go home, but I didn’t see anything so I can’t give a comment on that.”

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    Mark Scott

    West Ham have stated they will issue life bans to any supporters actively involved in the crowd trouble at their home defeat to Watford.

    [See the full post at: West Ham threaten life bans after fan violence]



    This is a very difficult time for westham. I spoke to a few westham fans last night who were at the game and I think they feel they were sold a real dud with the ground move. Most of the trouble wasn’t your mindless football violence, but it was caused by people standing. This seems to be caused by two things, those who stood for years at Upton Park and wish to continue standing but are now scattered around the ground, and those standing to get a better view as I am told the seating levels and distance from the pitch are very poor. I think at most grounds you have areas where those who want to stand can, and those who want to sit will be in different parts of the ground. This doesn’t seem to have been considered with the planning of the London stadium. there also seems to be a lot of day trippers and those who are supporters of other clubs that are not helping the situation. The segregation between home and away fans appears to be non-existent, makes you wonder how Newham council granted the safety certificate. I think westham almost need to start again, maybe declare a ‘singing section’ where you can unofficially stand and allow season ticket holders to switch around tickets and re-allocate themselves to more suitable areas and sit with like-minded fans. just throwing blanket life bans around won’t solve the problem unless you are prepared to ban numbers which could be in the thousands and I don’t get the impression the westham board will want to do anything to jepordise profit. Shame they sold the fans down the river and made them move to a stadium that just simply wasn’t built or designed for football.



    NOLU,well summed up,the stadium was a disaster just waiting to happen,never designed for football even with the work West Ham have done,so so glad Spurs avoided it even though it was given away.
    As for the West Ham fans fighting among themselves ,that is nothing new it was happening in the 70’s and early 80’s,let’s hope for the decent fans it was a one off.



    The ground is amazing, it’s a shame that it’s only from the outside. The inside has an attempt to be classy and comes across as tacky. A family friend frequents a box there and he told me of this disappointment and that he was shocked of the quality of the view from his seat. The distance is too far from the sidelines and the angle isn’t great either, you would assume that for the price of those rather expensive tickets you would get a good experience. It wasn’t built for football and it wasn’t adapted well enough. Such a shame, the fans have been promised something special from a very dodgy deal by Brady,Gold and Sullivan, and yet they have failed to deliver.

    As for the violence, it’s embarrassing when it happens between rival fans and even more so when it’s amongst your own. Hopefully they identify the individuals involved and do issue lifetime bans even though I feel this will not solve the root of the problem.



    Mate to be fair, you will see fighting between ‘own’ fans all over the country. Just not normally in so many pockets of a ground. I agree it’s a fantastic stadium, but it’s just not conclusive for watching football. I will never understand why the Olympic Committee and Newham council did not sit down with westham before it was built and design it, like they did in Manchester for City’s ground so it could be properly adapted for football once the Olympics had finished. Would have saved the taxpayer a fortune and avoided so many arguments.

    To add, I am very impressed with what Liverpool have been able to do with the rebuilding of their new stand. I am always jealous when I see how certain clubs have been able to rebuild their original ground and keep their tradition and I wish mine had been able to do the same, even 20 years on.

    But if you have to move and if anyone wants to see how a ground should be built these days (and this pains me to say it) but look no further than Stadium MK. I have been to 73 grounds across the country now and that’s the stand out. The quality, the views of the pitch, the facilities. It really has the lot. Just apart from supporters of course.

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